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40 Birthday Wishes for My Awesome Brother


A big brother is like having the best of both worlds – he is like a parent who makes sure you’re always safe and protected; and he is also like a friend that you can confide in whenever you need someone to listen.

Your brother is someone you’ve shared so many memories with. He was there to egg you on when you first partied all night with alcohol. He was there to cheer you up when you had your first heartbreak. And he was also there to guide you and help you through the other challenges in life – whether it’s talking to a girl or boy you liked, dealing with friends, and perhaps even when you’re all grown up and need advice with being a father, a mother, a husband, or a wife.

So for his birthday, make sure you have some sweet and maybe even hilarious birthday greetings for him. Here are a few you can give him on his special day.

To Your Big Brother from a Little Brother/Sister

1. I’ve always looked up to you as the “cool dad” who could let me get away with being young wild and free, but you were always there to protect me at the end of the day. Thanks, big bro! And happy birthday!

2. To the big brother who always threatened all the boys who dared to have a crush on your baby sister, thank you for clearing the way and helping me learn what to look for in a man. Happy birthday!

3. Even if you made fun of me all the time, it’s that sense of humor that I miss now that we’re all grown up and living on our own. Happy birthday!

4. Looking back at our childhood is like looking at the future that I want for my children. Thank you for being the best big brother in the whole world!

5. You’re the coolest big brother any girl could ask for! I know I used to make fun of you for your “uncool” taste in music and movies, but I have to admit that you shaped my perspective on the world. Happy birthday to the big brother who made me who I am today.

6. Knowing that you’re around always makes me feel so much safer. Happy birthday!

7. To my one and only brother, and my reluctant best friend in the whole world, happy birthday!

8. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been so glad to have such a cool big brother like you. Don’t ever change, big bro!

9. To the awesome big brother who held my hand through my first party, my first heartbreak, my first driving experience, and all the adventures we had together, happy birthday!

10. My childhood would have been absolutely boring without a fun-loving big brother like you. Happy birthday!

11. You’re the best friend I never knew I needed. Friends come and go, but big brothers are there forever and ever.

12. You used to always get on my nerves when we were young, and now it’s my turn to get on your nerves by asking WHERE THE PARTY AT?! Happy birthday, ya party animal!

13. When we were young I used to always borrow money from you for ice cream. But now that we’re all grown up, it’s my turn to return the favor. So leave your wallet at home because it’s all on me tonight!

14. It’s always a great feeling to know that no matter how old I feel, you’re still older by a couple of years. Thanks for making me appreciate how young I am now that you’re another year older!

15. To my big brother who’s always young at heart. You’re everything I hope to be when I reach your age. Happy birthday and may you have many, many, many more to come!

16. I’m so glad you’re my brother because even if you bully me sometimes, I know you can be an even bigger bully to anyone who dares to pick on me. Happy birthday!

17. I may be young little sister/brother, but now that the couple of years between us don’t seem so big, you know that you can always count on me for anything. I’m just a call away. Have a great birthday!

18. You know why I’m here? Because mom and dad took one look at you and thought they could do better. Happy birthday, from your awesome little sibling.

19. They say that little siblings will always be following in their big brother’s footsteps. I’m so happy that I get to follow yours because you’re everything I’ve always wanted to be and more. Happy birthday, big brother!

20. To everyone else, you are my older brother. What they don’t know is that all these years, you were more than just my big brother – you were and will always be my hero. I love you, and happy birthday!

To Your Little Brother from a Big Brother/Sister
1. Picking on you was so much easier when you were little, but now that you’re just about as big as me, maybe it’s time to treat you for a beer instead. Happy birthday, little bro.

2. I wish time would stop so that you could be my baby brother forever. Alas, you grew up and far exceeded my expectations. Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable brother! May you have more adventures in life!

4. I’ve never been so proud to have a little brother like you in my life. Thanks for all those wonderful childhood adventures, and may we have more in the future.

5. When we were young, I used to dread having to babysit you. Now I look forward to seeing you every chance I can get. I miss you, and happy birthday, little bro!

6. The warmest wishes on this special day, little brother. I hope you have a blast!

7. Can you please just quit getting older? It only reminds me of how old I’m getting each year!

8. I never thought that the little runt I used to pick on would be one of the best people in my life. Happy birthday, little bro!

9. It’s cheesy, but I guess your birthday is the only time I can get away with saying it: I love you, little bro.

10. Who’d have thought that I’d be related to someone as handsome, smart, and wonderful as you? Life really is unfair!

11. To the man who has always been there for me through all the trials of childhood, adolescence, and our dreaded teenage years. Happy, happy birthday!

12. Even though you’re my little brother, I sometimes feel like it’s you taking care of me. Thank you for being such a caring little brother. Happy birthday!

13. Don’t show this to our other siblings, okay? But you’re my favorite sibling out of all of them by a long shot! Happy birthday to my favorite bro!

14. No matter how old you are, you’re always going to be my baby brother. Happy birthday!

15. It’s that time of the year when you can get away with doing absolutely nothing. So sit back, grab a beer, and let me take care of everything!

16. You deserve only the best in life, especially on your birthday. I guess that’s why you deserve an awesome sibling like me!

17. We’ve grown up so different, and yet we have that bond that no amount of time or space can sever. Happy birthday, my baby brother!

18. No matter what life throws in our way, I’ll always have your back. Happy birthday!

19. I know that your birthday is the time when you should get a gift. But I always feel like the day you were born was the day I got the best gift that life could give. Happy birthday!

20. When the going gets tough, you know you have a big sister/brother you can always count on to bail you out. You’re the best little brother in the world, and I’d do anything for you! Happy birthday!

Show your brother some love on his special day!


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