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Happy Weekday Quotes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Ever wonder how we ended up with a week that lasts seven days? We have the Babylonians to thank for that. The seven days correspond to the time it takes for the moon to move through its phases (full, waning half, new, and waxing half). There is a lot more history involved in why we have a seven-day week. The bottom line is that it is a reality and it isn’t going to change – ever! We just have to deal with it!

Here is a phrase you don’t hear very often TGIM or “Thank God its Monday!” Unless you had the worst weekend ever, you won’t find yourself uttering those words. Although, there are people who do have Monday off from work, so maybe some people would say that! Most of us have a job that takes us away from home Monday through Friday and for many people getting through the work week is a challenge. You younger folks out there are in school and understand the struggle of the weekday stretch. The hardest days of the work week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Once you have made it to Friday it is all downhill from there!

Getting through the week takes patience, strength and perseverance! Have you ever wish that the work week was only two days and the weekend was five days?! You are not alone, my friend! Getting through the week is no joke, but having those two days off gives you something to look forward to. Saturday and Sunday are by far the best days you have – the two days you look forward to, the days where you are in control and can do as little or as much as you want with your time!

Staying positive and motivated helps people make it through, one way to stay motivated is to make plans for the weekend. The phrase “Fake it til you make it” comes to mind. Another to survive the work week is to read some inspirational (and often funny) quotes that others who know the struggle have written. There are many ways you can spread the motivation and positive thinking. Write a quote on a sticky note and put it in your child’s lunch box or in their bookbag.

If you have a spouse, put that sticky note in their briefcase, or you could even hang it on the bathroom mirror so they see it first thing in the morning. You could send a well-timed text, or post a message on Facebook. The more positive thoughts and upbeat feelings we can muster can help us survive the dreaded 9 to 5. Although, in this day and age, some people don’t have that luxury of a 9 to 5 either. But that is a whole other topic!

You can find quotes for every day of the week. For some, Monday is the toughest day – it is the first day back after the weekend. You may still be feeling the effects of that tailgate party you went to on Friday and you would rather sleep! Tuesdays can be hard because the weekend is still so far away. Wednesday can give some people hope – it is hump day after all, but it is only the halfway point in the week. Thursday is four days in…it may be a struggle for some to get through, the weekend is so close that you find you can’t concentrate on work any longer!

The collection of quotes has been collected and sorted and arranged for you to enjoy and share! Spread the quotes around to your friends and loved ones. Or you can just keep them to yourself and get through the week! But, it is more fun to share!


The English word “Monday” comes from an old English and is named after the moon-god, Máni. The Latin word for moon, Luna is similar to the English words lunar, lunatic, and lunacy – which is exactly how Monday makes us feel! Monday is typically the first day of the work week. You can see it as a new start or as the first of many long days before the weekend! Of course, you have the traditional quotes: “Have a magnificent Monday” or “Have a marvelous Monday.”

But let’s spice things up a bit and share some other creative and funny Monday quotes to brighten this first day of the week. Inspirational Monday quotes:

1. Mondays are for fresh starts
2. New Monday, New week, New goals
3. Monday is the perfect day to correct the mistakes from last week
4. It’s Monday don’t forget to be awesome!
5. Rise up! Attack this Monday with enthusiasm.
6. Good morning, have a beautiful Monday!
7. Today is “Make it Happen Monday.” Think about your goals for the week and make them happen. Plan well, work hard, and reap your rewards. Always remember that hard work will pay off.
8. It’s Monday, the perfect time to reboot your mind and have a fresh start
9. Make Monday a fresh start. It’s never too late to dig in and start a new journey of success.
10. Mondays belong to the go-getters.
11. Monday is just a state of mind. Be sure to put your positive pants on and get stuff done.
12. It’s Monday. Go, go, go!
13. This is a Monday morning reminder that you can (and will) handle whatever this week throws at you!
14. It’s Monday, time to sparkle and shine!
15. In all of the mania that Monday will inevitably bring, don’t forget to take care of yourself.
16. Out of all of the days, Mondays are simply ripe with potential.
17. The mania of Monday is something that we all know and have lived. Put on your best face and embrace the crazy chaos that Monday will bring. Don’t run or hide from it – you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve!
18. On Mondays, when you have to go back to work, remember to be thankful that you have a job to go to. Not everyone is so lucky.
19. Mondays can be brutal but keep your head up, all your hard work will surely pay off this week.
20. When you conquer a Monday, the rest of the workweek should just fly by.
21. Today is Monday? All I can say is Bring. It. On.

Funny Monday quotes:

22. If Monday had a face, I’d punch it!
23. There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Monday!
24. Rise up and attack this day with enthusiasm.
25. Dear Monday, go step on a Lego
26. If each day is a “gift.” I’d like to return Mondays.
27. Is it Monday? It’s nothing that a cupcake can’t fix.
28. Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and Dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.
29. Dear Monday, just hand over Friday, and no one gets hurt.
30. Monday should be optional.
31. May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short!
32. Mondays can be rough. The best you can do is be the fruit loop in a world chock full of Cheerios.
33. Monday has been canceled. Go back to sleep!
34. We should look at the bright side. At least Monday only comes around once a week.
35. There should be a day between Sunday and Monday.
36. Monday is another day that you should be killing it.
37. I swear it was Friday like five minutes ago.
38. Monday. I have my sassy pants on, and I washed my hair. Bring. It. On.
39. Nope. Not feelin’ this whole Monday thing.
40. Warning: If you go sleep on Sunday will cause Monday. Please note that staying up all night does not prevent Monday. There is no cure.
41. Smonday. The moment your Sunday stops feeling like Sunday, and the dread of Monday creeps in.

Ok, great! You made it through Monday. You were able to go home and have some time off from work or school (hopefully). When you wake up, you will now be faced with Tuesday!
The word Tuesday is also from Old English and from Tiw, the Norse god of war. In Latin, Tuesday, dies Martis, is from Mars, the Roman god of war. Wonder why Tuesday is named after gods of war? Maybe because it is a struggle to make it through?

Inspirational Tuesday quotes:

1. Tuesday is a terrific day because it means that I got through Monday.
2. Have a great Tuesday. Choose to love. Choose to smile. Choose to be happy.
3. Happy Tuesday! Keep your circle positive. Speak good words. Do good deeds. Think good thoughts.
4. Smile it’s Tuesday!
5. Good morning Tuesday. Today is going to be an awesome one!
6. Happy Tuesday! Hang in there, Friday will come before you know it.
7. Hang in there and have a terrific Tuesday.
8. Today is Thoughtful Tuesday. Try doing something nice for someone else whether it is a kind gesture or a positive remark.
9. Hello, Tuesday, my Monday was good, Tuesday will be so much better!
10. This Tuesday, choose to make a difference. Every little action counts.
11. On this wonderful Tuesday choose love, choose peace, and choose acceptance.
12. Take a chance this wonderful Tuesday and don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. Don’t hold yourself back. You’ll never know unless you try.

Funny Tuesday quotes:

13. Come on baby, let’s do the Tuesday twist!
14. Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing that it’s only Tuesday
15. Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister
16. It’s Tuesday, and this ain’t my happy face!
17. Wait! It’s only Tuesday?!
18. Tuesday would be a lot cuter if it were Friday!
19. I hope your Tuesday is as nice as my butt!
20. It is only Tuesday?! I can’t deal.
21. Forget Tacos, can we have a tequila Tuesday instead?!
22. Me during lunch on Tuesday: “It has been a long week.”
23. It is Tuesday and my ‘get up and go’ got up and went elsewhere!
24. After Monday and Tuesday, even the rest of the days say WTF!

Hmm, seem to have fewer funny ones for Tuesday, could it be that people have lost their sense of humor so early in the week?!
Finally, Hump Day is here! We are halfway through, only a few days more before the weekend! Read on to find more inspiration!

Wednesday stems from the Old German and English word, Woden, the name for the Norse god Odin. Odin was the ruler and father of all – gods and mortals. Odin, according to the BBC, was also the god of learning, poetry, war, and the dead. He reportedly had only one eye because he traded one so he could drink from the Well of Wisdom.

Inspirational Wednesday quotes:

1. Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday.
2. Happiness is Wednesday – half way through the week.
3. Wednesday. Beautiful minds inspire others.
4. Happy Wednesday! I thought that I would stop by with a smile and well wishes to brighten your Wednesday.
5. May your Wednesday be absolutely wonderful.
6. Happy, Wacky Wednesday to you!
7. It is Wednesday, be happy!
8. If you allow yourself to have a good Wednesday, everything else will fall into place.
9. Here’s hoping you have a ridiculously amazing Wednesday!
10. It is Wednesday. Be amazing and unstoppable!
11. Quote from SJ Hastings:
“Push! You have made it halfway through the week. You have the strength to finish strong. Take the first step and believe you will conquer today’s challenges and they will make you stronger.”

Funny Wednesday quotes:

12. Wednesday: it’s almost, sorta, kinda, just, close to, about, nearly the weekend!
13. Today is like a cross between “It’s only Wednesday” and “Is it Wednesday already?!”
14. Happy “Hump” Day!
15. Wednesday – loosely translated from Latin as “Almost Friday.”
16. You should always have a bottle of wine chilling for special occasions. Like Wednesday.
17. Keep Calm. We still have two days of work left.
18. Look on the bright side today – it could be Monday.
19. Screw it, It’s wine Wednesday!
20. Woo Hoo! Only two more days until Friday!
21. Oh, since it is only Wednesday, I will need more coffee!
22. Seriously?! It is only Wednesday!
23. You’ve got to be kitten me, it is only Wednesday!?

Finally, Thursday has arrived! You can feel fantastic because you have made it this far – but let’s be real here – we still have to survive Thursday (and Friday) before we can enjoy the weekend. Here are some quotes to help you make it through Thursday!

The word Thursday comes to us from the Anglo-Saxon name for Thor, a Norse god – Thunor. Thor was a red-headed god that ruled the skies and controlled thunder and storms. Seems appropriate to have Thursday named after Thor – although, the skies seem to brighten up on Thursdays (not fill up with storm clouds and thunder).

Inspirational Thursday Quotes:

1. It’s Thursday, you’ve got this!
2. If you can’t find inspiration this Thursday – you be an inspiration.
3. Think happy thoughts this Thursday. You have made it through the entire week and tomorrow is Friday! Well done! You are almost there!
4. Have a terrific Thursday!
5. On this Thankful Thursday, we should focus on the things we are grateful for in life.
6. This Thursday, I will embrace each moment with thoughts of joy, happiness, and peace.
7. Good Morning! Have a Be-YOU-tiful Thursday!
8. Hang in there, tomorrow is Friday. You are doing great!
9. Give thanks, today is Thursday!
10. Have positive intentions on this day. Better yourself and the lives of your family and friends.
11. Be thoughtful this Thursday. Your actions and words will affect those around you. Think before you speak.
12. Today is Thursday – make it fab!
13. It is Thursday, have an awesome day!
14. You can make it one more day!

Funny Thursday Quotes:

15. Yes! Friday just called, she will be arriving tomorrow and will have the wine!
16. It’s Friday!! (Sorry, just getting ready for tomorrow)!
17. Today is Thursday – payday is so close, I can smell it!
18. I see it approaching – the long-awaited weekend!
19. Start planning now! The weekend is in sight!
20. Thursday is such a wannabe – it wants to be Friday, but isn’t!
21. Happy Thursday! P.S. It’s almost Friday!
22. Oh, Thursday, how we like you so because you are sitting next to Friday!
23. Smile! Tomorrow is finally Friday!
24. Happy Frid…Wait, you mean it is only Thursday?! Son of a…
25. Oh, better days are straight ahead – we call them Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
26. YES! Tomorrow is Friday!
27. It is Thursday, how can today not be awesome!
28. When you stand on your tiptoes today, you can see Friday!
29. Thursday is really just Friday Eve!
30. Let me see if I am getting this straight – 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. So, shouldn’t Thursday be the new Friday?
31. Super happy it is Thursday!

After all those quotes, it seems a little unfair to leave the best days of the week out! Really, we only tolerate Monday through Thursday so we can enjoy the weekend! So, here are some weekend quotes to finish off our list!


Friday – named after the Norse godness, Friia (or Frigg). Frigg was Odin’s wife and represented love and beauty! Perfect! To many of us, Friday is lovely and beautiful! Frigg’s star was the Norse name for Venus – the planet that outshines all the others. Again, aptly named, since Friday is the day that outshines the others!

1. TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday!
2. If Friday had a face, I would certainly kiss it.
3. Always be sure to give 100% at work (here is a suggestion):
14% on Monday
25% on Tuesday
26% on Wednesday
32% on Thursday
3% on Friday
4. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!
5. High five, you survived!
6. You made it – it’s Friday!
7. Friday, my superhero!
8. Who’s got that Friday feelin’? I DO!
9. Raise your hand if you are glad it is finally Friday!
10. It’s Friday! What more is there to say?!
11. Today is Friday, the day we go make stories to tell on Monday!
12. Boom shakalaka is the legitimate synonym for Friday!
13. On this Friday, remember the worst decisions will make the best stories!
14. Shake those pom poms, girl! It is Friday!
15. Since today is Friday, I will be as useless as that “g” in Lasagna!
16. It’s Friday, so all those plans to be a productive person get thrown out the window!


Saturday is the only day named after a Roman god, Saturn. Saturn was the god of agriculture, time, and fertility. We do have a lot of time to ourselves on Saturday, maybe working out in the yard when the weather is nice!

1. Hip, hip, hooray! Saturday has arrived!
2. Saturdays are for big shirts, coffee, and messy hair!
3. Get jiggy with it – it is Saturday!
4. Saturday, please don’t go!
5. Knock, knock. Who’s’ there? It’s Saturday!
6. Get you happy on – it’s Saturday!
7. Good morning, sexy Saturday!
8. I love Friday, but Saturday is my boo.


Sunday is named after the Sun. Historically, many societies worshiped the sun and sun-gods. The pagan name for Sunday, in many languages, was changed for a Christian one. In Italian, Sunday is Domenica and means “of the Lord.” Sunday in Russian is voskresen’je (or воскресенье) which means “resurrection.”

1. Each Sunday should have a pause button.
2. Sunday, the day we make big plans – but actually, do nothing.
3. Sunday is the day to refuel your soul.
4. On Sunday, you should sleep until you are hungry and then eat until you get sleepy.
5. On Sundays, a girl and her bed are and endless love affair.
6. Make it a lovely, lazy Sunday.
7. I really need a day that fits in between Saturday and Sunday.
8. Who doesn’t love a day without the alarm?

So, there you have it, a list of quotes to help you through the week. You have inspirational quotes and quotes that will make you laugh and hopefully smile. You are quite blessed if you have a job or go to school five days a week. Some people don’t have that ‘luxury’. Some families struggle everyday to make ends meet and parents often work more than one job.

Can you imagine having to work seven days a week? You are lucky if you have a day or two off each week to relax and refresh! Of course, there are also those lucky folks who are retired and don’t have to work anymore! Every day is like a weekend for them! Just think, one day, you too will be retired and can enjoy Mondays for a change! But until then, we march through the weeks one day at a time! Be sure to share this funny and inspirational quotes will all your family and friends. The struggle through the week is real, we have to help each other make it to the other side!


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