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80 Hawaiian Dog Names


Known for their beauty, the Hawaiian Islands are paradise on earth. While some parts of this paradise are quickly becoming overpopulated by tourists, there are still many natural vistas and beaches that visitors can go to. If you love everything about this tropical paradise, then Hawaiian dog names are right for you. To get you started, we have compiled a list of 80 different Hawaiian dog names that you can use.

Hawaiian Names for Dogs

80 Hawaiian Dog Names

1. Manele: This is one of the smallest towns on the island and home to a beautiful resort.

2. Ahi: This is actually the name of a delicious tuna that is found around Hawaii.

3. Hibiscus: This is the official flower for the state of Hawaii and is found all over the islands.

4. Lei: This traditional necklace would also be a pretty Hawaiian dog name.

5. Kane: This is the name of a major Hawaiian god,but it would also be one of the coolest Hawaiian dog names.

6. Milani: This means gentle touch in Hawaiian.

7. Bane: This means long-awaited child.

8. Poi: This is a staple food in the Hawaiian diet that is made out of taro root.

9. Hawaii: This is an obvious option for a Hawaiian dog name.

10. Pikake: This is another plant that has beautiful flowers that are used for leis.

11. Aloha: This word means love and is used to say hello and good-bye.

12. Ku: In Hawaiian mythology, Ky was the god of war.

13. Nalani: In Hawaiian, this name means the heavens.

14. Kaipo: In Hawaiian, this adorable name means sweetheart.

15. Kauai: This is one of the islands of Hawaii that was once home to many sugar plantations.

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16. Waikiki: This name comes from the world famous Waikiki Beach.

17. Milo: This type of tree is common in Hawaii.

18. Liliuokalani: This was the last queen to rule the Hawaiian Islands before they were taken over by the United States.

19. Haikili: Long ago, this was the name of the god of thunder.

20. Olina: In Hawaiian, this name means joyous.

21. Kanoa: In Hawaiian, this means the free one. It would be one of the most adorable Hawaiian dog names.

22. Diamond: Diamond Head is a famous volcano that you can see from Honolulu.

23. Coco: Coconut or Coco would be great food names from Hawaii.

24. Pele: This was the god of the elements who was responsible for making the islands.

25. Kamehameha: This was the royal family in Hawaii during the late 18th to late 19th centuries.

26. Naupaka: This is a beautiful plant with delicate, pure white flowers.

27. Akela: This Hawaiian name means lucky.

28. Lui: This means well-known warrior.

29. Maui: This is one of the larger islands in Hawaii.

30. Niihau: This small island only has about 200 people on it.

Best Hawaiian Dog Names

31. Io: This is a type of hawk native to the islands. Its name rhymes with the name, “Rio.”

32. Mele: These are poems or songs performed in the Hawaiian language.

33. Kapo: This was the name of the goddess of fertility.

34. Kailani: This name means sea and sky.

35. Pika: This Hawaiian word means rock, but it is also the Hawaiian version of Peter.

36. Kona: This is a large town on the Big Island that is home to many beautiful beaches.

37. Pineapple: This is an obvious Hawaiian dog name.

38. Nene: This is the official state bird of the islands, and it is only found in Hawaii.

39. Hula: This is a popular Hawaiian dance that is used to tell myths and stories.

40. Laka: This was a legendary hero in Hawaiian myths.

41. Keola: Keola means the life.

42. Loke: This is the Hawaiian version of the English name, Rose.

43. Kahoolawe: This is the smallest island that only has a diameter of 11 miles. Access to this island is restricted because it was once a naval testing site.

44. Macadamia: This is a kind of nut that is grown in Hawaii.

45. Seabean: This is a type of bean that has seeds that are often used as decoration.

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46. Ukelele: This is a Hawaiian instrument that is similar to a small guitar in appearance.

47. Hina: This was the Hawaiian goddess of the moon.

48. Iune: This is a Hawaiian version of June.

49. Aouli: This Hawaiian name means the blue sky.

50. Pearl: This is the name of the famed Pearl Harbor, which was attacked by the Japanese in 1941.

51. Molokai: This is the island placed in the center of the Hawaiian Islands. It gets less tourists than its more popular neighbors.

52. Kukui: This is the state tree of Hawaii. Normally, leis are made out of the flowers of this tree.

53. Akamu: This means the red earth in Hawaiian.

54. Kapu: This is the name for a set of ancient Hawaiian laws.

55. Hannale: This means lord of the manor.

56. Anela: Anela means angel in Hawaiian.

57. Koloa: This is a historic town on Kauai that was the site of a sugar plantation in the 19th century.

58. Lanai: This island was once the site of many pineapple plantations.

59. Honu: This is the Hawaiian name for turtle.

60. Luau: In Hawaii, this is a kind of party that includes traditional food, dancing and singing.

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61. Namaka: This was the name of the goddess of the sea.

62. Malo: This means winner or victorious.

63. Keala: This means path.

64. Oahu: This is the home of Honolulu and the most populous of the island chain.

65. Poke: This might sound like a dog name, but it actually a popular appetizer in Hawaii.

66. Tua: This Hawaiian name means behind.

67. Lilo: This means generous one and was also the name of the main character in the Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch.

68. Kai: This name means ocean or sea.

69. Meka: This Hawaiian dog name means eyes.

70. Keanu: In Hawaiian, this name means a cool breeze over the mountains.

71. Opah: This pretty name is actually a picturesque name for the moonfish.

72. Manoa: This is a suburb outside of Honolulu that is known for having many rainbows every year.

73. Hilo: In Hawaiian, this name means the first night of the new moon.

74. Mano: This name is said to mean shark or lover.

75. Kala: This means princess in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Dog Names

76. Kapena: This means captain.

77. Kamea: This adorable Hawaiian dog name is said to mean the one and only.

78. Kaliko: This name means a bud of a leaf.

79. Lana: This pretty name is said to mean floating.

80. Naia: This means dolphin in Hawaiian, which would make it a great Hawaiian dog name for a puppy who loves to swim.


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