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100 Hawaiian Names for Your Baby Boy


While Hawaii may be a US state, it’s still rich in its own culture. It’s the most recent state to be added to the United States of America, and that’s one of the reasons Hawaii has been able to hold on to its ancient cultures and customs.

Names for baby boys in Hawaii are much like the names for baby boys in other cultures. A popular pattern is naming boys after feats of valor or bravery. Hawaii is home to many brave warriors and deities, and these inspire parents to name their children after them. Aside from bravery, there are also lots of Hawaiian names related to happiness, intelligence, and leadership. hawaiian boy names and meanings

However, Hawaiian names are known for being very in touch with nature. Names inspired by nature and natural phenomena are aplenty in this list. You’ll find all sorts of names related to the sky, the sea, the waves, and even plants and trees. Whereas Hawaiian girl names have a strong relation to gentler elements in nature like a breeze or flowers, male Hawaiian names are closely linked to thunder, fire, strong waves, and other powerful natural forces.

Below are some great Hawaiian names and their corresponding meanings.

Ahe means “soft breeze”

Aheahe means “gentle breeze”

Akamai means “intelligent, clever.” A great name to pick if you want your baby boy to   grow up smart.

Akamu means “from the red earth”

Akela means “graceful and noble”

Akoni means “worthy of admiration and praise”

Aolani means “heavenly or distinguished”

Aouli means “blue sky.” A fitting name for a baby boy born on a sunny day with clear, blue skies.

Ekewaka means “protector or guardian of riches and wealth”

Etana means “strong”

Haikili is the Hawaiian god of thunder.

Haku means “overseer”

Hanale means “lord of the manor”

Hani means “happy child.” This is a great name for a child whom you want to grow up happy.

Hanini means “pouring down like rain.” This one is a great name for a baby boy born during heavy rains.

Haulani means “imperial ruler”

Healani means “haze from the heavens”

Iakopa means “a child holding his twin’s heel.” If you have twins and the younger one was born right at the heels of the elder, this is the perfect name.

Ikaia means “God delivers”

Ioane means “favored by God”

Iokua means “God delivers”

Iolana means “to soar”

Kahawai means “river.” This is a great name for a baby boy born near a river.

Kahiau means “extremely generous”

Kahikilani means “the chief’s arrival”

Kahikina means “the east” or “arrival.” This name originates from the east as the origin of the sun. This is a suitable name for a baby boy born at sunrise or in the east.

Kahiko is a Hawaiian god who was once a chief on the Earth. Legend has it that there was a head figure with the ability to speak, and this figure gave this power to Kahiko as the current chief, Waia, lacked to keep up with his responsibilities.

Kaholo means “light-footed”

Kahoni means “the kiss”

Kahula means “dancing.” If you want a baby boy who’s adept at dancing, this is a fitting name.

Kahuna means “wise man.” Kahuna were known to be priests, sorcerers, ministers, or experts in any profession. In Hawaiian mythology, there are forty types of kahuna, with 20 in the healing profession alone.

Kai means “from the sea”

Kaiholo means “moving sea.” This is a great name for a baby boy born on a day when the seas are rolling.

Kaikane means “strong sea”

Kaimana means “power of the sea”

Kainalu means “flowing ocean”

Kaipo means “darling or sweetheart”

Kalama means “tree of ebony”

Kalani means “from the heavens.” This is the perfect name for a baby boy who is heaven-sent.

Kaleho means “cowry shell.” Cowry shells were once used as currency, and they are very abundant in Hawaii.

Kalei means “happiness”

Kaleo means “sound”

Kalino means “beautiful bud”

Kalua means “the second child.” This is a great name for your second baby.

Kamaka means “a child”

Kamalei means “adored child”

Kamuela means “the one who hears god”

Kana means “judgement of god”

Kane is the highest of the four major Hawaiian deities. He’s the chief of the Hawaiian trinity. He is known as the god of wild foods and plants. He’s also the god of forests and jungles.

Kaniela means “God is my judge”

Kanye means “freedom”

Kapena means “captain”

Kapono means “the good and moral one”

Kapueo means “owl.” This would make a great name for a baby boy whom you think will one day be as wise as an owl.

Kapula means “Prayers”

Kaui means “youthful beauty”

Kawai means “from the water”

Kawikani means “strong person”

Keahi means “fire”

Keahilani means “heaven’s fire”

Keala means “fragrant or perfumed”

Kealani means “clear skies” This is perfect for a baby boy born during a day with clear, blue skies.

Kealohi means “bright star.” This would make a great name for a baby boy born during a night when the stars are visible.

Kealohilani means “bright heaven”

Keanu means “cool breeze.” A famous bearer of this name is Keanu Reeves, a Hollywood actor who was born in Hawaii.

Keao means “the light of day.” This is a fitting name for a baby boy who was born at dawn.

Keawe means “thread”

Keikelani means “heaven”

Kekoa means “brave warrior”

Kelani means “heaven”

Keola means “alive”

Keone means “sand”

Kepano means “garland or crown”

Kilo means “observer of the stars” or “daydreamer”

Kilohana means “great”

Kimo means “holding the heel”

Kini means “abundance”

Koa means “fighter or warrior”

Konane means “shining moon.” If your child was born on the night of the full moon, this is a great name.

Kukane means “masculine”

Lanakila means “victory”

Leialoha means “darling child”

Likeke means “courageous ruler.” If you want to instill leadership qualities in your son at birth, this would make a fitting name.

Lopaka means “bright flame”

Makai means “one who goes toward the sea”

Makaio means “God has rewarded”

Makani means “one like the wind.” Choose this name for a child whom you want to share qualities with the wind.

Makanui means “eye of greatness”

Makoa means “bold, brave man.” Makoa is a great name for a baby boy whom you want to grow up to be a warrior.

Maui in Hawaiian mythology was a trickster who created the Hawaiian Islands. He made his brothers fish the islands out of the sea. He was also the one to bind the sun to slow its movement.”

Noelani means “dew from heaven”

Nohea means “beautiful”

Ori means “my light”

Peni means “a homestead near the bent grass plain”

Pika means “rock”

Puna means “a water spring”

Uluwehi means ” abundant plants”

Uluwehi means “well-growing, lush plants”

Tua means “behind or at the back”

Wakea is known as the sky father. He is the husband of Papahanaumoku, the earth mother. Together, they are considered the parent couple of the ruling chiefs of Hawaii.

Did you take a liking to names of Hawaiian deities like Maui or Wakea? Perhaps you prefer gentler names like Noelani or Kealani? Maybe you want your baby boy to grow strong and fierce with a warrior name like Kekoa or Mekoa? Let us know below which of these Hawaiian names for baby boys you like the best!


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