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100 Hawaiian Names for Your Baby Girl


Hawaii is a land rich in both culture and nature. It is the 50th and most recent state to join the United States of America. Unlike the other US states, Hawaii is far off in the pacific, which means its culture is still very much Hawaiian.

Hawaii is a state made up of hundreds of islands spread over 2,400 kilometers. And within that area, there are lush forests, breathtaking beaches, and awe-inspiring volcanoes. Hawaii is home to many different types of flowers, which you may notice is a recurring theme in Hawaiian names for baby girls.

Aside from flowers, Hawaiian baby girl names are also very much inspired by nature. You’ll see a lot of names related to the ocean and waves, since Hawaii is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. You’ll also see names related to volcanoes, fire, mists, and the sky. And as with most cultures that have a strong relationship with nature, there are also a lot of girl names related to different types of flowers and plants. Of course, there are also numerous names related to desirable traits for women like beauty, intelligence, calmness, and femininity.

Below are one hundred Hawaiian names and their meanings. Some have literal translations in the Hawaiian language, while some names are inspired by Hawaiian deities.

Aelan means “a beautiful flower”

Ailani means “high chief”

Akamai means “smart, intelligent and wisdom”

Akela means “graceful and noble”

Alikae means “protector”

Allanna means “serenity, calmness, tranquility”

Aloha means “loving and kind-hearted”

Alohi means “brilliant, shining”

Anuhea means “cool mist”

Apikaila means “my father’s delight.” This would make a beautiful name for a beloved or long-awaited daughter.

Apikaleah means “my father’s delight”

Ele means “the black, shining one.” A great name for a baby with a rich, warm complexion.

Elikapeka means “promise of God”

Haumea is the earth-mother goddess who is known as the great source of female fertility. She is the goddess that presides over childbirth. She is also known to be the mother of Pele, the volcano goddess born as a flame in her mouth.

Healani means “heavenly haze”

Hoku means “star”

Hokulani means “divine star”

Honalei comes from Honalei, Hawaii. It literally translates to heavenly land. This may be a good name for a baby girl born in Honalei, or for one born to parents from that area.

Iekika means “one who can foresee”

Iolana means “soaring bird.” This is a pretty name for a baby girl whose parents want her to soar high.

Iwalani means “royal seagull”

Kahealani means “the call of heaven” or “the heavenly mist”

Kahlia means “keeper of the keys”

Kaia means “the sea”

Kailani means “sea and sky”

Kaileah means “clear and bright”

Kaimana means “power of the sea.” A very fitting name for a baby girl born near the sea.

Kakalina means “chaste and pure”

Kala means “princess” or “ladylike.” If you want these features for your baby girl, this would make a fitting name.

Kalea means “filled with joy”

Kaleia means “curled flower or twisted flower”

Kalena means “chaste and pure”

Kalona means “the sky”

Kamalei means “beloved child”

Kamaya means “precious one”

Kamea means “the one and only.” This is a great name for a baby girl who is the first and only child.

Kamelei means “beloved child”

Kanani means “the one who is beautiful.” A famous bearer of this name is Natasha Kanani Janine Kai, an Olympic gold medalist for soccer.

Kani means “sound”

Keao means “the light of the day.” This would be a fitting name for a baby born at dawn.

Kehau means “heavenly dew”

Kehaulani means “dew from the sky”

Keilani means “skies and the sea”

Kekala means “she is chosen”

Kekepania means “woman with crown.” For a touch of royalty for your baby’s name, choose Kekepania.

Kekepania means “the name means crowned in victory”

Keola means “alive”

Keone means “God’s gracious gift”

Keonaona means “soft aroma”

Keone means “the sand.” This name is fitting for a baby girl born near the beach.

Kiana means “divine and heavenly”

Kiele means “fragrant blossom”

Kiely means “garden of flowers”

Kina means “vindicated”

Kini means “abundance”

Kinipela means “wave”

Lahela means “innocent lamb”

Laia means “sweet-speaking”

Lailani means “the name means heavenly flower”

Lani means “sky”

Lei means “garland of heavenly flowers”

Leia means “heavenly child”

Leiko means “a petite flower.” Choose this name if your baby girl is small, but as pretty as a flower.

Leilana means “a flower that grows in the heaven”

Leilani means “heavenly woman”

Leimomi means “daughter of pearls.” Pearls are precious and beautiful, traits that you may want for your baby girl.

Leinani means “gorgeous child”

Lilinoe means “goddess of mists.” Lilinoe is a Hawaiian goddess known to come down from the mountains.

Lokelani means “divine rose”

Loni means “sky”

Lua means “relaxation and joyfulness”

Luana means “happiness, pleasure”

Mahealani means “divine mist”

Mahina means “moon; moonlight”

Maile means “serene”

Malei is the lei used for memorable occasions. It’s known to many as the lei of royalty, and is only given to signify respect and honor.

Mailee means “a vine plant”

Makamae means “precious one”

Makana means “a gift to the world”

Makani means “wind.” This is a great name for a baby girl whom you would like to have traits like the wind – swift and strong.

Malani means “she who is from the sky”

Mallu means “peacefulness”

Milani means “a soft and gentle affectionate touch”

Milinani means “love from heaven”

Moanna means “from the ocean.” A famous bearer of this name is Disney princess Moana, who is the lead character in the movie Moana.

Nalani means “the head, or the chief” or “the heavens or quiet skies”

Nalanie means “the calm sky.” This would make for a fitting name for a baby girl born during a calm, cloudy day.

Nanea means “heavenly land.” Nanea is also the name of an American Girl doll.

Napua means “resembles flowers”

Noelani means “fog from paradise”

Nohealan means “prettiest woman from paradise”

Oline means “joyful or merry”

Palila means “a rare and small bird”

Pauahi means “the fire is over.” A famous bearer of this name is Bernice Pauahi Bishop, a Hawaiian philanthropist whose advocacy is in education.

Pele is the Hawaiian fire goddess. She is also the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes. She is known as the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. According to legend, she lives in the Halema’uma’u crater in Kilauea.

Poli-ahu is the beautiful snow goddess of Mauna-kea, who is known to have quenched the fires of Pele, the volcano goddess. Her husband was seized by a jealous rival, but she enveloped them in waves of heat and cold until they separated.

Puanani means “gorgeous flower”

Waiola means “violet flower”

Wikiola means “woman of victory”

Waulani means “the king’s messenger”


Which of these names call out to you as a possible name for your baby girl? Do you like the strong names for victorious women and Hawaiian goddesses? Do you like the names related to beauty, grace, and femininity? Or perhaps you’re drawn to names related to nature such as those that literally translate to the heavens, the ocean, or flowers?

Let us know which of these names you like best by leaving a comment below!


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