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He Avoids Looking At Me. Does He Like Me?


It is a known fact that when it comes to emotions, women have no issue expressing them. Whether you want to hear them or not, a woman will let you know what is on her mind and how she is feeling. On the other hand, it becomes a bit more complex when it comes to men. Unfortunately, men are grown into a society where expressing themselves is not a “manly” thing to do which they then repress them.

Now if you think you are some guru on reading people, do not get too ahead of yourself. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to read a man and how he is feeling because he is trained to remain neutral at all time. No gift on the planet and crack down men. So how can you tell if he likes you? Well, the best way is to read his body language. if a guy doesn't make eye contact with you

Since we are little, we are taught to always look people in the eye when speaking to them or if you are listening to what someone has to say. It is a sign of respect and when it comes to romance, we use it to the fullest extent to let someone know we are interested in them.

When a man tries to maintain contact with you, this is the biggest sign women take as someone who finds her interesting. But not every man on the planet is built with that ability to maintain eye contact. Does that mean he doesn’t like you? Here are the few things that it can mean.

1. He is shy

Do not misread his inability to look at you in the eye as him not being interested in you. This can mean that he is too shy. Shy men becomes uncomfortable speaking in large groups, now image him speaking to someone he has feelings for. The best thing to do is make him feel as comfortable as possible.

2. He is intimidated by you

Just like shy men, sometimes confident men become intimidated by women they find attractive. It is like the presence of the woman is too much for them to handle and they are afraid they will do something silly. So when you actually get the chance to sit down with him, he feels pressure to remain calm. His mind is focused on staying cool so if he looks at you, that might break his focus.

3. He can’t look anyone in the eyes

There are those few people who genuinely cannot look anyone in the eyes. This does not mean that they are disrespectful in any manner but something within them does not let them keep eye contact. He will either look off into the distance when talking to you or he will look at you in small glances.

Other Signs To See If He Is Interested

As mentioned, body language is a huge indicator to see if a man is interested in you but that is not the only way. Here are a few other way to see your potential with him.

1. He moves closer to you

he avoids eye contact up close

Sometimes eye contact does not work when figuring out if someone is into you. Here, his body language will determine how he feels about you. It is common within humans to want to be close to things we desire. Therefore, if you feel him move closer to you, it is a sign that he is interested. You can see if he leans into you, moves his chair in closer to the table or physically moves closer to you.

2. He pays attention to the small details

It fair to say that it is so nice when people pay remember and notice that small things that we do. That is exactly what a man will do when he is interested. Not only does he do it to let you know that he is paying attention to you but because he wants to maintain these small details. It is common to want to know everything about a person you are interested in so do not be surprised if he comes one day with your favorite candy or flowers.

3. He goes the extra mile

Let’s be real, we do not go the extra mile for just anybody. When we do someone extra, it is for someone we really care about. That goes for men who are interested in you. Men are known to be a bit aloof most of the time but when he does something out of the kindness of his heart for you, better believe he likes you.

Of course doing something nice is not something to be praised for because nice gestures should be done all the time. But in this case, he will give you his coat if he sees that you are cold or he will volunteer to drive you home and wait until you get into your house to make sure you are safe.

4. He mirrors you

Humans are known to mirror the actions of those they find interesting or are attracted to. Of course, this is a subconscious manner – do not think that he is making fun of what you are doing.

If you find him holding his hands together after you have done so or taking a sip of his drink after you done the same, this can be a major indicator that he likes you. Be on the look out for these actions.

5. He includes you in his schedule

This is the most obvious action a man can do to let you know you have his complete attention when it comes to his love life. When a man starts including you in his plans, he is adding you into his days ahead meaning he wants to see you – consistently. He is also making time for you which is a big deal! The saying goes, “When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you”. So here he is, clearing a part of his life to spend time with you.


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