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He Doesn’t Call Or Text For Days. What Does It Mean?


Ouch, so he hasn’t hit you up in a few days, huh? That’s gotta hurt quite a bit. Especially if you really like this guy. You thought he was different. So why did he just disappear from your DMs like it was nothing at all? Oh, honey, it’s happened to the best of us. We start vibing with this cute boy and then BAM! He runs off for a few days like you never existed. We know it stings, but there might be a reason why he is doing it. Well, actually there are several reasons that he might have run off for that short time. And no, not all of them mean that there is something wrong with you or that he doesn’t like you. Take a look for yourself by reading our awesome list of reasons why he hasn’t talked to you in a couple of days.

Reasons He Disappeared

He Is A Busy Guy: As much as we like to think the world revolves around us when it comes to guys, it definitely does not. Especially if you and him do not know each other that well. Like if the two of you have just met. Or if you don’t have decent conversation. He might just be a super busy guy. It does not mean that he does not have interest in you, but he also does not find it necessary to constantly be texting you back and forth. Or even to be talking to you everyday. Some guys are just like that. He will come back and talk to you when he has the time to you. And surely when the two of you get better acquainted he will try to spend more time getting to know you and talking to you.

He Has A Girlfriend: Sadly, sometimes when a guy just abruptly stops messaging you or calling you it could mean that he has a girlfriend. This could mean that he is ignoring you because his girlfriend has come to town or has decided to spend time with him. Yes, it might be a red flag if he just disappears for days at a time without any reasoning as to why. We suggest asking him what he was doing when he left for those few days. Pay attention to his answers. If they seem shady or unlikely there is a good chance that he is seeing someone else on the side when he is not spending time sending you messages or calling you up.

He’s Out Of Town: We live in a day and age where we can be on our phones almost anywhere. However, some of us have pretty crappy service. So maybe if he goes out into the country to visit family or spends time in another country, he might not be able to reach you. Even if he really, really wants to. We would hope that he would find a way to tell you before he leaves or that he would find a way to contact you. But if the two of you are not that close with each other then there is a good chance that he will not do either of those things. He might just go out of town and then continue your conversation when he comes back without any explanation. Guys tend to be strange like that.

He Is Waiting On You: Have you ever considered the possibility that he might actually just be waiting on you to talk to him? This could be true if you haven’t tried to reach out to him since he stopped talking to you. Some guys don’t like the make the first move, contrary to popular belief. Some like when the girl initiates conversation. He might think that you don’t like him or that you aren’t interested in talking to him if you aren’t talking to him first. So go ahead and send him a text. See if he responds. He might just need a little push to boost his confidence.

He Is Playing Hard To Get: Unfortunately guys like to play hard to get sometimes. Just as women do. He might want to keep a little distance because he thinks it will make you want him more in the long run. It’s probably working if you are looking at this article and looking for answers, right? So keep trying. He’ll come around eventually. Or, you can try to play hard to get in return. Watch him come running back to you!

He Doesn’t Spend Time On His Phone: Some people are not all that fond of digital communication Especially if they are older. They might prefer to talk face to face with someone. So he might just be waiting to continue the discussion when the two of you see each other in person again.


  1. I been talking to guys. Meet online one guys went on date with. Other guy just been talking on phone. Shared with both of them fraustred that my job messed my check up. I was upset about it. Next day nither one reach out to me. I know only one day. Should I call? Wait see if reach out to me. I just got out of 4yrs bad relationship. Is it too soon to date. We broke up 5months ago. Or is it blessing these guys had not called. Because don’t care about my feelings.

    • If someone in your life shows you that they are not interested in speaking with you, then they have shared their thoughts and feelings. They may be unable or unwilling to speak with you. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. You may find benefit in developing a relationship with someone that you spend time with. Have a great day, JoAnn!

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please feel free to share your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Lacey!

  2. I have been dating this guy for two years he cares and lives me by his actions but sometimes when he goes and play gigs and different cities and not to mention he works for the military… I have never been to any of his shows but he always say that he will bring me to one of his shows. He calls but there have been times I don’t hear from him until he is on his way home. How do I handle this should I ask questions or let it go!

    • Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Determine what you believe is acceptable for this relationship. It is possible that he is highly busy. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Pearl!