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He Ignored Your Text – Should You Text Him Again?


We all reach a point where we have happily been texting a guy that we have been crushing on hardcore, right? Of course! It happens to everyone. And that is all fine and dandy… Until suddenly one day he doesn’t respond. Immediately we think, ‘Ouch, what’s going on here?’ And with good reason. We might not know exactly what to do at that point. He has suddenly ignored our texts and now we are at a loss. What is the next course of action? Do we text him again? Do we just let it go? Do we wait to see if he responds?

He Ignored Your Text Should You Text Him Again

The answer: There isn’t a solid one. Actually, it honestly depends on the situation that the two of you have. What do we mean by that? Well, each relationship (even if it’s not a serious one) has a specific background to it. So that means you can’t just lump each set of people into one group. All in all, what we are trying to say, is there is no set answer to this unless we know the specifics. Confused? Understandable. We will help guide you through this no problem! Take a look below and we will help you out as much as we possibly can.

The Situation:

We mentioned that each situation is different. That is very true! Every set of people has a different bond and an individual backstory. Say that you two barely know each other and you never hang out. This would mean that the two of you are not that close with each other. If he is ignoring your message(s), in this case, it might be safe to say that he has lost interest in you.

However, if the two of you do know one another pretty well and have spent a lot of time together then we suggest not jumping to any conclusions!

It’s crucial to think about how well you know this guy.

If you’re close: If you and him are pretty well acquainted with each other, as in you see him all the time and talk on a daily basis, you would probably be in the green to send him another text. Now the question is… When? We suggest giving it some time. You might be surprised and actually get a text back from him sooner than you think. He may have just been busy or not had time to see your message(s) yet. You don’t want to jump the gun and double text him too quickly. Give it at least five hours. After that, go ahead and press send on text number two. Then it’s all about waiting. What happens if he ignores that one? Give it twenty four hours before you get all sad. Like we said, he might be busy or maybe does not have his phone with him. If he does not respond in twenty four hours, we are sorry to say it might be time to move on. It’s his loss boo!

If you’re not close: So the two of you don’t really know each other well? You just started talking and haven’t really hung out much in person? This would be the case where we would suggest not texting him again. Why? Because you are probably just wasting your time. He might have given up on texting you because he lost interest or got busy with another girl. It is a sucky, sad situation, but it happens all the time in the world of ‘getting to know each other’. Some people do not seem to make it past that phase at all! Sometimes you just know you aren’t meant to keep messing around with a specific someone. He might have made that decision already. If you two are just getting to know each other, it would be crucial for him to continue the conversation with you to keep you interested. Therefore, if he’s already ignoring you, it means he has no interest in keeping your interest.

what to do if he doesn't text you back

Reasons He Might Ignore Your Text:

He’s Busy:

Hey, we all get busy! He might have left you on read because something important came up. Did he mention having plans? If so, try to take those into consideration. He might get back to you later or the next day! You just have to be patient.

He’s Working:

Hopefully he has a job and if he does, that might be to blame for him ignoring your text. See if he comes to reply after his shift would be over or not.

He’s Entertaining:

He might be entertaining guests and be a gentlemen. That means he would feel it proper to shut off or ignore his phone for this time! Nothing wrong with that!

He Forgot About It:

We all have those moments where we see a text and tell ourselves that we will get to it later. This might have happened! Sending another text to him will clear this up.

He Lost Interest:

And lastly, yes, he might have just lost interest in pursuing you. He might think that ignoring you is the best route. He might not have the courage to let you down with his own words.


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