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He Never Apologizes For Hurting Me


When someone that we care about hurts us, it can change our lives. And for the worse, not the better. Coping with that can be difficult. But what can be even more difficult is when the person that we love who hurt us doesn’t apologize for hurting us in the first place. Can you say ouch?

boyfriend refuses to apologize

Yeah, it stings a little… Or a lot in some cases. Now you are having a hard time wrapping your head around the ‘why?’ of it all. Why would he hurt you in the first place? Why wouldn’t he apologize for hurting you after he does it? This can be awful and confusing all at once. Two very bad feelings to combine. But you have certainly come to the right place for answers. We know exactly why he never apologizes for bringing you so much emotional distress. There is a few different things that could be leading him to participate in this type of behavior… Or lack of.

If He’s Hurting You Physically

We want to make sure that you are okay, reader! If your partner is abusing you physically then this article is not for you. This article is geared towards people being emotionally hurt by their partners. If your partner is physically hurting you, please seek out the help of someone you trust. Please also consider talking to the authorities. Domestic violence is a global issue and should not be ignored. We do not want to see any readers getting hurt continuously in a physical fashion. Please, do no let it continue and seek help!

boyfriend refuses to apologize

Reasons He Never Apologizes

From cheating to saying mean things to do things to cause you discomfort… There are many reasons a man might not apologize for doing these things to you. And we know exactly what they are! We researched this topic just to help you understand his behavior a little better.

He Truly Isn’t Sorry

We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but most likely he isn’t saying sorry because… Well, because he isn’t sorry. He doesn’t feel bad about hurting you and probably honestly never will. Yes, it’s terrible, but it happens all of the time. Sometimes people don’t feel remorse for the bad things that they do to us. It sucks, but such is life. And if that is the case, you might want to consider letting him go for good. There is no reason to stay with someone who hurts you and can’t feel remorseful about it. You deserve much, much better. Even we know it. You should, too.

He Plans On Doing It Again

He might not apologize because he has no good intentions regarding the subject. Meaning he is intending on continuing to hurt you over and over again! What’s the point in saying you are saying if you are just going to do it again? There isn’t one. And that is exactly why he hasn’t let you know he regrets hurting you in the first place.

He’s Selfish

Self involved people often have a hard time owning up to anything. He might believe that he is in the right here and that he didn’t do anything to you that should warrant an apology.  He is too caught up in how he feels to realize how you are feeling! It’s a crappy situation all around. Be loud about your feelings with him. Let him know just how much he has hurt you! If he doesn’t come around after that then he is definitely a lost cause.

He’s Too Proud

Pride can make us do a lot of silly stuff. It can prevent us from saying we are sorry to those that we have hurt. Because the moment you say you are sorry, you are admitting that you were wrong in the first place. Prideful people have a hard time admitting they are wrong. Therefore they tend to avoid apologizes. They are not ones who like to be humbled! Again, we suggest telling him how this is affecting you and seeing how he reacts from there. We are hoping that he will be able to swallow his pride and say he is sorry after hearing how you feel!

how to make your husband apologize

He Doesn’t Know How

He might be so ashamed of what he has done that he doesn’t even know how to go about starting an apology. It might take him time to figure it out! Giving him a little help by telling him how to make it up to you might help if this is the reason! Let him know what he can do to fix this, if he can do anything at all that is.

He Thinks He Has Apologized

He might have already tried saying he is sorry, but you might not have caught on to it. This usually happens when he doesn’t directly say sorry. Instead he beats around the bush. He might have thought you heard his tone or how he was acting remorseful without saying an apology.


  1. i was blocked on facebook and instagram by two people who were my friends i never hurt or offend them if they do not unblock and apologize i will call the police

    • There is no reason to call the police one someone who has blocked you. Frivolous calls to the police interrupt law enforcement when dealing with serious crimes. You may face legal repercussions if you decide to call the police. Your best option is to attempt reach out to your old friends in real life. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Have a great day, Andrea!

  2. After giving a comment on how he will improve his new song or how he will improve his vocal technique, my BF called me moron for giving such comment, because he treated my comment as a form of insult. According to him, his band worked hard for it and I only insulted their song.

    After our argument, he blocked me on Facebook and Viber, and few days later, he messaged me and insisted that I’m really a moron for giving that opinion. He further said that he lost all his respect to me and I’m nothing to him now.

    After 3 weeks, he sent me a random message and told me about the TV series he just watched on Netflix. I don’t want to initiate a small talk to him because he said hurtful words to me, and I guess he owe me an apology for doing that. I am also torn between giving him a second chance and leave that guy and move on with my life.

    • Your partner has made the decision to abuse you. He then made the decision to block you. You should not give him a second chance. His behaviors were wildly inappropriate, and he was aware of that at the time that he used those words with you. Determine what you want for your future without him, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Elle!


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