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He Never Asks Me Questions About Myself


When you are dating someone, you naturally expect them to be curious about you. After all, you want to know everything about your boyfriend. You want to know what his childhood was like, what he wants out of life and how his day was going. When you are dating someone who never asks you questions about yourself, it can be worrying. You want to know what it means and if you should be troubled. To find out what it means when, “He never asks me questions about myself,” read on.

There are a number of reasons why he might not ask questions about you during a date. If you have just started dating, he may just think that it is too soon to ask personal questions. He could also still be nervous around you. If you experience this problem later on in a relationship, it could also be a sign that you are dating a narcissist.

1. He Is Shy

People never realize how shy their date is. You are so worried about how nervous and shy you feel that you don’t realize that he is probably feeling the exact same way. If you just started dating, he may still feel intimidated by just being around you. When he sees your beautiful smile, all of the thoughts instantly leave his mind and he cannot think of anything to say to fill the silence. If this is the reason why he never asks questions about you, I would not worry about it too much. As you continue dating, he will start to relax and feel more comfortable about asking you questions.

2. He Is Afraid of Getting Too Personal

This is another common reason that happens at the start of the relationship. You were just friends, or he may have just met you. Whatever the reason, he feels uncomfortable making things too personal just yet. He may be afraid to ask questions because he does not want to pry into your life. He may be worried that you will leave him if it seems like he is committing too soon. If this is the reason, just be patient. If the relationship continues, he will gradually feel more comfortable about getting to know you.

my boyfriend talks too much about himself

3. He Is a Narcissist

Unfortunately, there are many narcissists in the world. Their common trait is that they are self-centered. While they can learn to mimic empathy and social interactions, they really only care about their own image, goals and feelings. Because of this, a narcissist rarely thinks of asking someone else personal questions. Unless he needs to know these questions to win your heart or to accomplish another goal, he might not bother to ask anything.

Whether you date a narcissist or not is entirely up to you. In many cases, these are people who are difficult to date and form a long-term relationship with. They just do not understand the feelings and desires of others. He would never be your shoulder to cry on or the person to support you through difficult times. In many instances, it is probably better to just move on.

4. He Wants to Have a Fling

There is nothing wrong with a sexual fling as long as both partners are aware of what is going on. Judging by your statement, “He never asks me questions about myself,” you probably are not interested in an impersonal fling. Unfortunately, there is a chance that a fling is exactly what he wants. If you only plan on sleeping together casually, you do not want to get to know the other person too deeply. If you do get to know him or her, you end up falling for them and developing feelings. He may be avoiding any personal questions because he wants to keep your relationship as a fling instead of anything more.

5. He Is Afraid of Commitment

If you have been dating for a while now, you naturally expect him to be curious about you. While he asked questions about you at first, it seems like he no longer makes an effort to get to know you. In some cases, this is because the guy is afraid of commitment. If he gets to know you better, then he will fall for you even more. You will also fall for him more, which would make the relationship even more serious. If he is afraid of commitment, he might avoid these kinds of questions just to keep the relationship from getting too serious.

6. He Wants to Break Up

This is not the reason in every case, but it does happen from time to time. If someone is thinking about a break up, they are already checked out of the relationship. They no longer care about how you think or feel. They also do not want to get to know you better because that makes it even harder to do the break up. Because of all of these reasons, he might stop asking you questions about yourself.


  1. I think I should walk away because I get treated poorly by someone who i care for. Unfortunately he does not love me and has been quite blunt and upfront about this for a long stretch of time. I’m just a booty call. He withholds number when ringing. I can’t text. He takes days to reply to emails. I am not allowed to ask personal questions. I don’t know where he lives. I don’t know where he works. I don’t know his surname. He got angry when I asked his daughters name and told me to stop asking personal quest ions.

    • It sounds as though you are not in a relationship with this person. Allow thoughts of this person to fade. He is not interested in nourishing a relationship with you. It is certainly possible that he is currently in a relationship. Determine what you want for your future without him. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Rachel!


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