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He Never Texts First But Always Replies. What Does It Mean?


So, you meet this guy. He’s cute, funny and seems interested. You exchange phone numbers with him and end up texting a bit back and forth. Then, you notice something a little strange. YOU are the one who is always texting HIM.

He never initiates his texts, but he always replies when you text first. If you’re trying to figure out what that could possibly mean, you’re not the only one. This is a common enough problem that girls from all over are turning to the internet to figure out what solution. So what does that mean?

Well, there could be quite a few reasons. Men aren’t all that mysterious, so here’s some tips on what it could possibly mean when a guy answers your texts, but never takes the initiative to text first.

1. He’s just not interested

Let’s get the hard one out of the way first. If a guy doesn’t send you a text first, but always seems to be able to respond, it could possibly mean you’re not really crossing his thoughts until he see’s that text notification from you.

He’s probably happy to string you along and make him seem interested by always replying, but he most likely has something- or someone -else that has his attention more than you. If you stop texting him and he doesn’t reach back out to you, then he’s definitely not worth it.

In reality, he’s probably got a few girls that he’s got texting him and think the exact same thing as you. You’ll be better off finding someone who can’t wait to text you first.

2. He’s shy

When you send out that first text, do you feel that little flutter in your stomach, maybe feeling a little nervous? Guys totally get that too, no matter how much they want to pretend that they have a range of one-to-three emotions. Men get shy, too.

Sometimes, sending that first text is so daunting that he just doesn’t take the leap. He might feel like he doesn’t want to bother you, or that he’s annoying you if he texts first. You can try alleviating this by making sure he knows that you’re interested in him, and that you would love it if you two could get closer and spend more time together.

Once he knows that you’re interested and that he’s not actually annoying you, he might loosen up and start sending a few texts first.

3. He’s interested, but he’s playing hard to get

If this is the case, he’s doing it pretty poorly, or he just doesn’t know the fine and subtle art of playing hard to get. You can try sussing out if he’s really interested by refusing to text him a few days and see if he caves.

If he’s really interested and just seeing how hard you’ll chase him, he’ll probably break after the first day. Or, if you’re not into games, you can just make it clear you’re interested in him. If he’s really interested in you, too, he’ll probably give up his game.

If he doesn’t, then he just doesn’t know when it’s time to put games away, and you’ll probably be better off with a guy who’s straightforward with you about his feelings.

4. He’s a gentleman and wants to let you take the lead

Possibly, this guy isn’t sending you texts first because he wants to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of conversation. Some guys can be really self aware, and this is totally a good thing.

He could be very interested in you, but doesn’t want to pressure you into anything and has decided that the best way to do that is to make sure you’re the one initiating contact.

Again, being able to openly communicate how you feel with him will make him more comfortable with texting you first a few times. This is the reason you want to hope for when trying to contemplate why he doesn’t text you first.

5. He’s just forgetful

Maybe he isn’t maliciously ignoring you, and maybe he isn’t playing a game. The reason for his lack of first texts could be as simple as this: he’s just forgetful! What type of job does he do? Does he work hard every day, consistently going over the 40 hour work week? Or maybe he works on his feet all day.

It can be hard to remember what your phone even looks like when you have a hundred different things going on around you all day. I’ve definitely meant to send several texts throughout the day and having them end up unsent due to a busy schedule.

So, try to cut him some slack. He’s probably super interested, but there’s a lot of things competing for his attention.

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