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He Only Texts And Never Calls. What Does It Mean?


Getting texts from the guy you like is truly magical, isn’t it? Yes, we agree, it totally is! But that magical feeling can come to an abrupt end when you realize one thing… He never calls you. Not even once. He hasn’t taken the time out his day to pick up his phone, ring your line and hear your voice. This might be causing you some worry, correct? Yeah, we can understand that! You might be thinking that if he might not really like you if he hasn’t called you by now. Well, don’t worry your pretty little head too much. Because there is a plethora of reasons as to why he might not be hitting your line. Not all of them are bad! See for yourself by continuing to read below.

Reasons He’s Not Calling You

He Is Shy: Let’s face it- The major, number one reason that a guy might only be texting you instead of calling is because he hasn’t worked up the nerve to do so. You might just be that intimidating to him. Yes, it happens more often than you think. Even if he seems like he is playing it cool so far. It is probably because he feels as if he has a lot more confidence behind a screen sending texts. However, calling you would put a lot more pressure on him. He wouldn’t have as much time to carefully plan out what he is going to say to you. Whereas with texting he has all the time in the world to play it cool with you. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself just yet. So he’s just going to play it safe and stick with texting you.

He Doesn’t Know You That Well: It is not very uncommon for someone to wait until things are a little bit more comfortable before they start calling you. Calling isn’t something that is done often nowadays. Not with all of the instant messaging apps or direct messaging. Even snapchatting is more comfortable than calling someone on the phone. He doesn’t know you well at this point, right? Well, that might be exactly why he hasn’t gotten around to actually calling you up and hitting your line. He might just be waiting until the two of you are a bit more familiar with one another. That’s understandable if you ask us.

He Doesn’t Have Calling Service: As weird as this may sound, some guys (and girls) do not actually have calling services any longer. They might use an alternative texting application to send and receive messages. However, some of these apps do not come with a calling feature. Because in this day and age not everyone feels as if they need a calling service. Yes, unfortunately it is true. Honestly, these days you can even text your work. So some people might be thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ When it comes to securing a calling service.

He Doesn’t Know Phone Etiquette: Well, it is safe to say that not everybody knows how to call someone on the phone anymore. Texting and instant messaging has taken the world by storm and is the main form of communication. Especially when it comes to young adults or teenagers. He might be nervous because he does not know what he would say to you. He might be skeptical when it comes to thinking of responses so quickly or not being able to use emojis. He might just feel more comfortable staying behind the keyboard.

It’s Not That Serious Yet: He might be waiting until you two become something a little more official. Calling might be a privilege that only special people in his life have earner. People like his girlfriend or his family. He might only save calls for important people in his life. Unfortunately, you haven’t gotten to that point with him. He does not feel that you have earned a spot in his call log just yet. Wait until the two of you are a little more serious and then if he still is not calling you, you can definitely be worried! However, take it easy. If you two are still unofficial don’t lay into him too hard about it. He might just have a personal preference as to who he spends time talking to one on one on the phone.

Calling Is Outdated To Him: He might be a little too young to understand how important calling was back in the day. Back in the day you had to call someone to talk to them. There was no other way around it. Unless of course you took to writing each other letters! So he might just have the mindset that calling is no longer the way to do things. Most people spend a lot of time texting or snapping or instant messaging. It could be that he is just too young for calling anymore unless it is for something important.

He’s A Player: There is a good chance that if he never calls you, even when you are official, that he might be playing the field. He might want to keep you out of his call log because he is entertaining other females when you are not around him. He might just like to text a bunch of different girls. At this point he doesn’t want to call you or talk to you because he is busy possibly calling, texting or talking to other girls.

He Is Socially Awkward: Or he might just know that he is terrible when it comes to public speaking. He might think you are way out of his league and being on the phone with you, hearing your voice, might just make him much too nervous to carry on a normal conversation without stuttering or losing his train of thought.


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