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How Should I Respond To A Man Who Stood Me Up For A Date?


Ouch. Getting stood up has got to sting. More than a little… Try a lot. It is one of the worst feelings to stumble into when it comes to the dating game. Even breakups sting a little less, because at least you know why it’s happening (usually anyways), but when it comes to being ghosted before you’ve even met you’re always left wondering what went wrong!

He Stood Me Up - Being Stood Up on a Date

Hey, no one ever said dating is easy. It’s like going to war. You have to always be prepared to come out with some battle wounds. In this specific situation these wounds would be caused by embarrassment and total anger. Who wouldn’t be angry after being stood up? But more than anything you will be a little taken aback that this could even possibly happen to you. And if it has happened before then you are probably wondering how this could happen once, let alone twice to you!

Dating shouldn’t be so stressful. Dating is supposed to be fun, right? It is all about having fun with people that aren’t you until you finally come across someone that you want to settle down with. Unfortunately it isn’t always so much fun. Especially when you get sent home alone to lick your wounds after you have been stood up by some guy.

As if that wouldn’t be bad enough, sometimes the man tries for a second time with you! How horrible, right?

What are you supposed to do in that situation? How do you respond to the man who left you high and dry when he stood you up for a date?

Let us tell you.

Think deeply before doing anything. Critical thinking is important. Especially when you have so many emotions involved. Like anger, embarrassment, shame, frustration, etc.

Because the last thing you want to do is let those emotions control how you react. So it’s best to first take some time to yourself before responding in any way, shape or form.

Now that you’ve taken some time to think and calm down you can start thinking about how to respond to this guy.

Don’t give him a second chance! Unless of course he gives you a good reason as to why he did not show up for your date. But honestly if he had a good reason he probably would have told you beforehand instead of leaving you to keep guessing at your dinner reservation all by yourself. You would at least have gotten a text of some sort, right? If he didn’t give you a warning and didn’t get back to you about it until way after the scheduled date then there’s a good chance that he is just making up an excuse. Don’t fall for it. Be a strong, independant woman and let the world know you won’t be messed with.

How do you do that?

Well, you’ve already been stood up, but you are all dressed up with no place to go. Get a place to go. Make different plans. Don’t waste the night sulking over some bozo you barely even knew.

Even if you have to go home for a wardrobe change, don’t find yourself staying in and crying. It is totally not worth it.

Call a friend instead. Because if there is anything on the planet to raise your confidence again it is spending some time with one of your, or several of, best friends. Ask one of them to go out hit the club with you or ask them if they can make it to your dinner reservation. Have a girls night. Remind yourself that you don’t need a man to feel good about yourself!

Be honest with your friends and yourself. No doubt it can be super embarrassing to get stood up, but it happens to the best of us! There is definitely no reason to hide the truth or face the music. Tell your friends what happened. Being honest and open about it is going to make you feel so much better.

Don’t drink your feelings. You might want to hit the bar up and chill with your friends. You might even want to get a little tipsy and find a rebound. However, try not to drink your feelings. You don’t want to compensate your rejection with alcohol. That never leads anywhere in good. Instead focus more on meeting someone new and putting your dancing shoes on to have a good time!

What should you do if he keeps texting or you run into him? Just be honest with him and tell him how getting stood up feels. Don’t try to get back at him by setting up a date and then standing him up. You don’t need to be down on that low level with him. Instead keep your head high. And let him know that you are not that type of girl. Let him know that you don’t wait around for anyone and that he should be sad that he blew his one and only chance with you!


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