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What Does It Mean If He Texts Me Every Day?


If you keep getting texts all the time, there might be a reason why. When someone texts you all the time, it can mean a number of different things. Normally, girls have to worry about guys never texting them. They wait for days after a date and agonize over whether they should text their date first.

The opposite problem is when the guy is texting you everyday. Your first instinct is to assume that he likes you. After all, those texts must be happening for a reason, right? While your first instinct is probably the right one, there are other reasons why he might text you every day as well.

if a guy likes you will he text you everyday

What Does It Mean If He Texts Me Every Day?

1. He Likes You

The first option is that he really, really likes you. Although he wants to avoid messaging you too much and scaring you off, he can’t himself. He is infatuated and just wants to spend every available moment texting you over and over again.

If he texts you too often though, you might want to be worried. One to five texts a day probably is not a crazy amount—especially if you are responding to texts and having a conversation with him. If he texts you more than that and you haven’t responded to any of them, then there might be something else going on.

2. He Is Clingy, Manipulative or Needy

These are some of the possible reasons why he might text you over and over again without you ever actually texting him back. He might have some type of emotional issue that makes him become clingy and needy too fast. On the other side of the scale, he may even be trying to unsuccessfully manipulate you. Whatever the case, it is clear that he wants something from you and is a bit unstable, so run the other way.

3. He Does Not Want to Be Tied Down

This explanation is for when he only texts you—he never calls or sees you in person. If this is the case, then he might have commitment issues. A text is easy. It is just one or two sentences, and he can respond to you whenever it is convenient for him. Calling or talking to you in person requires effort and is a first step in building a relationship net. When this is the case, the texts are a sign that he is not ready to commit yet to the relationship or to the time spent on the relationship.

4. He Loves to Text

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the right one. Some people love to text or talk on the phone. He might just be the kind of person who feels comfortable texting on a phone and likes to do it. If so, his texts every day are nothing to worry about because this is just how he communicates.

5. He Gets Bored a Lot

I once had a work-study job at the college cafe. They wanted a safe place for students at night, so the cafe was open until 2 AM. From 9 PM to 2 AM, I sat and did nothing because no one ever bought coffee. The only people who ever showed up were friends I bribed to come sit with me for five hours. If your crush is in a similarly boring environment, his texts might not be about you at all. He could just be incredibly, unbelievably bored. The good news? When his mind wanders in boredom, you must be at the top of his thoughts.

6. He Wants an Ego Boost

Even when someone seems extremely confident, they can secretly hide insecurities and a low self-esteem. In the case of your crush or boyfriend, he may be sending you these texts to boost his ego. Each time you reply, it shows him that he is worth the attention. Unfortunately, this is not a good reason. If this is the cause of the texts, then you probably are not the only girl that he is texting. Most likely, he has a list of ladies that he texts when he needs to get his daily ego boost.

he texts me everyday does he like me

7. He Is Shy

Do you remember how you felt with your first crush? When you were around him, you could barely talk or say hello. While most people gradually grow out of this, there are some people who are shy for life. Plus, it is easy to be super shy if you really, really like someone. If he has a major crush on you and is naturally shy, talking to you in person may be completely impossibly. If he could not text you or message you online, then he would never be able to actually say what he thinks and try to win your heart. If this is the reason why he texts you every day, then give him a chance. With any luck, he will come out of his shell before long.


  1. We were together for 3 years but not officially cause he was older then me but he still texts me all the time “ wyd “

    • Do not allow the difference between your ages prevent you from developing a relationship, unless that age difference is influenced by the law. He is interested in nourishing this relationship. Determine what you want for your future. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Maria!


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