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14 High School Stereotypes


We all like to believe that stereotypes don’t exist, especially when it comes to being in high school, but that’s just simply not true. Stereotypes do exist and they are very prominent. So how do you tell which person belongs to which stereotype? Check out the guidelines below to help you figure it out!

The Preps

Let’s start by discussing the group that generally rules the school. These are known as the preppy kids. They will usually be well dressed, but modestly. They tend to have a lot of money and they aren’t scared to flaunt it in anyone’s face. They like to be known as the best of the best. This can make them come off as a tiny bit snobby, but they never have trouble making friends. The preps are almost friends with everyone. They pride themselves on taking the homecoming queen and king titles or being a part of every committee the high school has to offer. The preps are large and definitely in charge.

The Jocks

Although the jocks are typically a part of the preps, they also have a group all to their own. Jocks are the athletic kids in the school. They are in sports and that’s what they base their entire lives around. You might always find them chilling in the gym and wearing athletic wear. Even when it’s off season. Some of them are total preps, but others are just simply known to be good at sports and nothing more. Jocks can be nice, but some can be mean. Being good at something, especially sports, can give them a big head and make them seem arrogant.

The Outsiders

The outsiders are a group of mismatched kids who got together to form their own group. They couldn’t find a spot in any inside of any of the other groups, although they have tried, so therefore made their own. Some of them are total degenerates, while others are just plain weird. Some of them just don’t like the idea of belonging to a specific group, but little do they know that once there is four or more in a group, it becomes a clique. This clique is known as the outcasts, outsiders or the degenerates.

The Punk Rock Kids

The punk rock kids tend to dress all black, listen to loud music with a lot of drums and consider themselves ‘anarchists’. An anarchist is someone who bends to no rules! So, in theory, these kids are kind of the bad-asses of the school, but they are not very popular. The emo kids usually float towards this group. They are kind of depressing about their views on life, but they always have something crazy interesting to say!

The Nerds

Nerds are a whole classification of their own. You might have thought that geeks, nerds and dorks are all the same group. If you do think that, you’re wrong. They are totally, weirdly different. Crazy, right? But it’s true.

So what separates the nerds from the geeks and the dorks? Nerds are the smart ones. Of course, we aren’t saying that dorks and geeks are not intelligent. But nerds are the ones that live for education! They study like no other and the usually have some obsession with robotics or software. Nerds are also very productive. They like to build, research and/or create. There is never a rest when it come to their great minds at work.

The Geeks

Now we can talk about geeks. Geeks and nerds can sometime intertwine, but they are very different. Geeks can be smart, but they are more known for liking the odd stuff that not everyone else seems to like. They become part of ‘fandoms’ which are a collective group of people that are obsessed with something; Such as a show, a book, a game, etc.

Geeks are the ones that you might find at your local Comic-Con every single year. They will wake up at 2:00 AM to camp outside the theater when the next Star Wars film comes out. Geeks sometimes have large collections of memorabilia from the stuff that interests them. They also usually play a lot of video games. So you might find one sitting in the hallway during lunch period every day playing his Nintendo D.S.

The Dorks

Dorks, ah, yes the last one in this trilogy. Dorks can be confused with geeks and nerds, or even have some qualities of both. However, they have their own category entirely. They kind of seem like the people that you don’t want to hang around. They are clumsy, sometimes unkempt and very full of useless information that they pride themselves on. They seem like the prior two categories, but they are not as smart. Dorks are generally really sweet and good people, but they are totally, well, dorky.

The Teacher’s Pets

A.K.A the overachievers. These people strive to be the best at everything in school. They always turn their papers in first, bring the teachers presents and fight their way into the valedictorian spot. The crummy thing about the teacher’s pets is that they are overtly competitive, which makes them come off as sort of snide and rude. They think that they can do better at anything than anyone else. These are commonly ‘type-a’ personalities. They are very well-groomed, but super obnoxious.

The Stoners

Yes, every school has a group of stoners. These are the kids who come in and sit down with a cloud of marijuana still hanging around them. They never raise their hands in class.You might find them to disappear on a ‘drive’ every day when the lunch bell rings. And come back with very squinty eyes. These are the people that are also known as hardcore partiers. They always throw the sickest ragers on the weekends when their parents aren’t home, but they end up passing out before anyone else because they get so messed up. These are chill peeps to be around, but they might be bad influences.

The Bullies

Now, we know that bullies can be a part of any group, but there is usually a separate group of bullies all to themselves. These are the kids who will taunt other kids just for kicks. They also like to participate in pranks, but only the kind that makes someone else look foolish. They spend a lot of their free time messing with other’s heads and don’t really focus much on their schoolwork. The only time they stop being so crude is when a pretty girl is around. Then they put on their best face.

The Mean Squad

A.K.A the mean girls. Occasionally there might be a guy in there, usually one of the mean girls’ boyfriends. These are the girls who don’t outright bully people, but will spread rumors when they want to see someone crash and burn. They also play pranks, but they are much more subtle and demeaning. Of course, everyone who has seen Mean Girls knows exactly what we are talking about. These are the girls that dress well, but spit venom in their words. They don’t take crap from anyone, but sure love to dish it out.

The Jokers

These are the type of kids that are always clowning around in class. They seem to have a joke prepared for each and every moment. They’re always in a good mood and full of smiles. They never use their jokes to really make fun of people in a super harmful way. Instead they poke mild fun at others, but ensure that the people they are poking at know that it’s all in good fun. The jokers are pretty popular with all of the groups, but stray away from the super weirdos.

The Goth Kids

The goth kids, oh boy, where do we start. All we know is they really love the color black and wearing excessive makeup. Sometimes they might claim they are wiccans or satanists and pride themselves on such. Generally the goths are harmless, although their appearances may be startling for the rest of the school.

The Drifters

And last, but certainly not least, we have the drifters. There are only a few of these, if that, floating around the school. These are the kids that blend into any group and bounce around. They don’t stay with a certain group for too long. They love to get to know everyone and will spend time with different people every day. Although not extremely popular, they are fondly liked by almost everybody.


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