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80 Hippie Baby Names


While hippies may be associated with the 1960s era of free love and peace, their ideas are still relevant today. Creativity, non-violence, civil disobedience and protests are still inspired by this decades-old tradition. Today, you can choose hippie baby names for your little boy or girl. To help you get started, we have a list of 80 hippie baby names for boys and girls.

40 Hippie Baby Names for Boys

1. Buzz

Buzz was a popular pastime in the 1960s era of drugs and free love. It was also the name of the astronaut who was the second man to walk on the moon.

2. Rain

Rain is an amazingly popular hippie name for a baby boy. Many nature-inspired names like Rain, Rainbow or Summer remain popular hippie names today.

3. Wolf

As we just mentioned, many of the hippie names are inspired by nature. Originally, Wolf was actually used as a nickname in Israel and Germany for Wolfgang.

4. Lake

This beautiful sounding name easily combines with many different middle name options.

5. Sparrow

Sparrow is a beautiful boy name, although it was more recently popularized in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with the character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Many bird names make for wonderful baby names for little girls and boys.

6. Alchemy

Alchemy was once a process where alchemists would try to turn other metals into gold. This mystical art form is ideal for parents who want an unusual sounding name for their baby.

7. Zappa

Zappa was the name of an anti-establishment musician known as Frank Zappa. While Frank might not be a hippie name, you could always call him Zappa. Later on, Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit and his son Dweezil.

8. Arlo

Arlo was the name of the singer known for protesting social injustice during the 1960s. Today, it would be an unusual and pretty sounding name for a baby boy.

9. Indigo

Indigo is a name of a purple-blue color that is one of the colors in the rainbow. It was never really a baby name until the 1960s when it suddenly rose rapidly in popularity.

10. Rowan

In ancient Celtic culture, the Rowan was a tree known for enhancing clarity, giving visions, protecting and healing. Associated with the autumn, this is also a Gaelic word for the bright, red berries that cover this tree. This could be a girl or boy name.

11. Krishna

Krishna is a Hindu name. It is one of the human incarnations of the famed Lord Vishnu. The name Krishna means black and is represented by concepts like love and joy.

12. Birch

Birch is another nature-inspired name. In nature, it is a tree with white bark and tall, elegant limbs. This name was popularized by a sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment, Birch Evans Bayh.

13. Huckleberry

Huckleberry was a popular name with hippies in the 1960s and can be shortened to the nickname, Huck.

14. North

North (or any of the cardinal directions) is a beautiful name for a baby boy. More recently, this name hit the headlines because Kim Kardashian gave her daughter the name North.

15. Karma

Karma is a popular name for a baby girl among hippies. It is the concept in Buddhism that your actions in this life determine how good your next life will be. Basically, it is the idea that what goes around comes around.

16. Jack

Jack was a name popularized by the famed writer, Jack Kerouac. He wrote On the Road and also inspired the Beat Generation.

17. Marley

Marley is an adorable name that stems from the no-worries, spiritual musician, Bob Marley. While he became popular in the 1960s, his music is still commonly heard today.

18. Leaf

Leaf would be a wonderful name for a baby boy.

19. Robin

Robin is another bird inspired name that is commonly heard among actors and celebrities.

20. Quest

Quest would be an excellent name for a baby boy. He would be inspired to go on adventures, fulfill his dreams and find his own quest in life.

21. Dharma

Dharma is the right way of doing, thinking and living in Buddhism.

22. Orion

Orion is the constellation in the sky known as the hunter. In ancient Greek mythology, Orion was the hunter who was banished to the sky. Today, it is the brightest constellation that you see in the sky.

23. Skye

This name has been popular for decades. Variations of it include Sky, Skylar and Skyler. Some parents choose this name as a way of naming their baby after the Isle of Skye.

24. Arrow

Arrow is a popular baby name (or, at least, it soon will be) that easily combines with middle names because of the “o” sound at the end of it.

25. Elm

Elm is a type of tree that is known for being sturdy and solid. During the summer, it has beautiful leaves.

26. Prairie

Prairie calls to mind nature, but it also hearkens back to the pioneers who once struggled along the Oregon Trail as they journeyed west for a new life.

27. Nirvana

Nirvana is a concept in Buddhism and is the ultimate attainment that you can make. It also happens to be the name of a popular 1990s grunge band led by Kurt Cobain.

28. Sage

Sage is a popular plant among hippies. A sage is also a wise person. The sage plant is used for cooking and healing. Burning sage is also thought to dispel negative influences from the environment.

29. Jerry

Jerry was the name of a founding member of the Grateful Dead who was known as Jerry Garcia. As such, it was a fairly popular boys name.

30. Peace

Peace, Harmony, Justice and Liberty are all popular baby names among hippies. If you want something more unusual with the same meaning, go with Pax. In Latin, Pax means peace. The Pax Romana was a time of 200 years of Roman peace.

31. Phoenix

In ancient myths, the Phoenix was the symbol of reincarnation. It had gorges red and gold plumes during its life. When it died, it would burn up in an all-consuming fire. The ashes of this fire would give birth to the phoenix again and it would continue this cycle every 500 years. In ancient Egypt, it was the symbol of immortality.

32. Bear

Bear is another nature inspired name that was used by Bear Grylls.

33. Indio

Indio sounds like a hippie name, although it does not carry a lot of meaning in today’s world. Most people know Indio as the name of a small desert town located in the state of California.

34. Rebel

Rebel is the ultimate hippie name since it is by nature counter culture. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that someone may misinterpret this name in the South as being a supporter or the Confederate (Rebel) cause.

35. Benjamin

Benjamin was a popular hippie name. The famed Dr. Benjamin Spock marched in peace rallies, supported draft evaders and wrote about attachment parenting for hippie mothers.

36. Ocean

Ocean comes from a Greek word known as Okeanos. In ancient Greece, Okeanos was the name of one of the gods.

37. Dusk

Dusk is a beautiful name that calls to mind the beauty of the setting sun. It hit the top 200 chart in the 1960s, but it has rarely been heard since that time.
38. Jackson

Jackson is a fairly square sounding name, but it actually has hippie origins. Jackson Brownie once wrote lyrics for the Eagles and the Nitty Gritty Dirty Band. He set up rock concerts that would support the anti-nuclear movement.

39. Liberty

Liberty means the state of being free and is commonly associated with the Statue of Liberty. While it was a popular hippie name, it was also a common name for babies born in 1918.

40. Cedar

Cedar is another plant-inspired name that is perfect for hippie parents. The jazz pianist, Cedar Walton, is a popular example of this name.

40 Hippie Baby Names for Girls

1. Moon

You can’t go wrong with a name like Moon. This name comes from the moon that orbits the earth and was the name of Frank Zappa’s daughter, Moon Unit. If you want a less obvious version of the name moon, go with Luna.

2. Serenity

Serenity is not just a hippie name. It also calls to mind the peaceful tranquility sought by practitioners of Buddhism.

3. Clover

Clover is an absolutely adorable name for a little girl. This sweet smelling flower can also become the name of a baby boy as well. It is thought to be the symbol of comfort and wealth.

4. Carly

Carly was the name of Carly Simon, a famous songwriter and singer who is often remembered for her song, You’re So Vain.

5. Topaz

Topaz is a golden colored stone that happens to be the birthstone for children born in November.

6. Crystal

Crystal would be a wonderful hippie name because of the healing crystals movement. It comes from the word krystallos which is a word for colorless glass that is cut to form the shape of a gemstone.

7. Willow

Willow is a beautiful tree that often appeared in ancient stories.

8. Celeste

Celeste is certainly a heavenly sounding name. This ethereal name would be a lovely way to name your baby girl.

9. Stella

Stella is a star inspired name that has a sassy sound to it. Modifications of this name include beautiful options like Etoile, Estelle and Estrella.

10. Ziggy

Ziggy has a hip, trendy ring to it. Bob Marley popularized this name when he gave his son, David, the name as a nickname.

11. Daisy

Daisy was once a nickname for Margaret and was popular during the Victorian era. After Harry Dacre produced the song Daisy Bell in 1892, it topped the charts. Today, it calls to mind daisy chains and pretty flowers.

12. Essence

Essence is a beautiful name that would be wonderful for a hippie baby girl.

13. Breeze

Breeze sounds like the name for a baby girl who is prone to day dreaming and has a gentle, tranquil soul.

14. Autumn

Autumn is one of the seasons of the year and it is a popular name. If you have several children, you could round out all of the seasons by naming your other children Spring, Summer and Winter.

15. Sequoia

This name is from a kind of evergreen that grows commonly in Northern California. If you want to encourage your daughter to be outdoorsy, this name would be a good one to choose.

16. Joan

Joan was the name of Joan Beeze who was known as the Queen of Folk. If you want your daughter to be a feminist, this is also a good name since it was a name of the saint and military leader, Joan of Arc.

17. America

America has been a popular name off and on for hundreds of years.

18. Harmony

Harmony is a wonderful name for a little girl. It comes from a Greek word that meant a musical sound. In ancient Greek myths, Harmonia was the daughter of the goddess Aphrodite and served as the goddess of order. Today, harmony means understanding, unity or agreement.

19. Bluebell

Bluebell is the name of a beautiful flower and has an air-like quality to it. Skip the standard flower names like Rose and Lily by choosing Bluebell as your daughter’s name.

20. Cayenne

Spice-related names like Clove and Saffron are popular choices for babies. Cayenne is just another spice name to add to the list.

21. Ambrosia

Ambrosia is from an ancient word that meant food of the gods. It was a common name in myths from ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

22. Raven

This beautiful name is of a dark, intelligent bird. More recently, it was popularized in Disney’s television show, That’s So Raven.

23. Dawn

Dawn evokes the beauty of the morning sunrise and is a beautiful name for a baby. This free-spirited name is like other sunshine-related names like Soleil, Sol and Sunny. It is the perfect throwback to hippie culture.

24. Ray Sunshine

If you want to find a name that actually combines several names, modify the phrase Ray of Sunshine into Raya Sunshine.

25. Gypsy

Gypsies entranced hippies and the counter culture movement. Naming your daughter Gypsy will inspire her to have an eclectic, spiritual quality.

26. Freedom

If Liberty was not the right baby name for your child, then you can always name your daughter Freedom instead.

27. Sierra

Sierra is the name of the mountain range, the Sierra Nevadas, which makes it one of the prettiest nature-inspired hippie names. It first hit the top 100 list in 1993, and it has been popularized in more recent years with Pepsi’s drink, Sierra Mist.

28. Ode

An Ode is a type of poem that is sometimes sung. You could nickname your daughter Odie for a cute variation on this very poetic name.

29. Saffron

Saffron is one of the spice names on this list. It was popular in the 1960s, although it is far less common today. Saffron is known for also being the spice that dyes monks’ robes the pretty orange or red color.

30. Meadow

Meadow is another nature-inspired name that is extremely beautiful to think about. It is one of the ultimate non-conformist names and calls to mind a tranquil, peaceful field.

31. Jane

Jane may be a traditional name, but it was also the name of Jane Fonda. Long ago, Jane Fonda was a critic of the Vietnam War and made a controversial trip across the world to Hanoi, Vietnam.

32. Blossom

Blossom is one of the more unique flower names on this list and is absolutely adorable for a baby girl.

33. Genesis

While some hippies avoid biblical names, this is one of the cooler names from the Bible. You could also turn it into a hip nickname like Genny.

34. Janis

Janis Joplin popularized this psychedelic sounding name.

35. Juniper

Juniper is a reference to a gorgeous evergreen shrub. This plant is well known for being the source of a citrus-flavored, sharp gin.

36. Summer

Summer is another one of the seasons that can be turned into a beautiful baby’s name. Like Spring, Autumn and Winter, this name is becoming a more popular choice for a beautiful baby boy or girl.

37. Sonny

Sonny was certainly a popular name in the 1960s. It first rose to prominence because of the pop stars, Sonny and Cher. While Sonny was the guy in the duo, it could also be a beautiful name for a little girl.

38. Light

Light certainly calls to mind enlightenment, sunshine and happiness. It would be a good name for a carefree little girl with a revolutionary attitude and a sparkling nature.

39. Spirit

Spirit is another name that was popular among hippies. It could reference the soul of man or the sacredness of the world. For some, it also calls to mind the courageousness and individuality of the phrase free-spirited.

40. Rainbow

Rainbow is certainly considered a hippie name. Since it is less popular today, your little Rainbow will probably be the only girl with this name in her class.


  1. Good list but I would do a bit more research next time Wolf is also diminutive of Adolf and was one of Adolf Hitlers nicknames not really a hippie name.

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