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140 Hipster Baby Names


Finding the perfect name is not easy. You want something unique that no one else already has. If that is the case, then these hipster baby names can help. If your goal is to have your baby born with a desire for unknown bands and plaid shirts, then this list of 140 hipster baby names is right for you.


70 Hipster Baby Names for Girls

1. Unica

If you want a unique baby name, then Unica is the one to choose. In Latin, this name means unique and sole. This name first appeared in England back in 1552, although it is much less common to hear today.

2. Beatrix

Beatrix is a pretty name that is fairly traditional. This name is said to mean she who brings happiness, and it is the perfect name for a little girl.

3. Dixie

Dixie is such a saucy name for a little girl. In Latin, this name means tenth. Unfortunately, this name is also associated with the Confederacy, so it is not always the best choice for a little baby.

4. Florence

Florence is well-known as a city in Italy. This name actually means prosperous and was the name of the renown nurse, Florence Nightingale.

5. Bay

Bay is such a short name, and it is easy to combine with just about any middle name. This name comes from the bay laurel tree. This tree is prized for its many medical and culinary benefits.

6. Lulu

Lulu was popular in the 1960s, but it declined in popularity for a while. This name means pearl. While it is still less common today, we think that it will start to grow more popular in the next few years.

7. Piper

Piper comes from an Old English word that means pipe player. More recently, people may recognize this as the name of the main character in the Netflix television show, Orange Is the New Black.

8. Isla

Isla comes from the Spanish word for island. It conjures up images of sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

9. Elsa

Elsa started as a diminutive form of the traditional name, Elizabeth. It has become more popular in recent years because of the hit Disney movie, Frozen.

10. Raina

You are unlikely to hear this name on the playground anytime soon. It is a prettier version of the name Rain.

11. Enid

Enid sounds like an old-fashioned name that is less common today. It became more popular after the name appeared in Ghost World. This name means life.

12. Clementine

We love this name because of its connection to a hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange. This name is said to mean mild and merciful.

13. Hazel

Hazel is such a pretty name and a pretty color. We think that this would be a lovely name for a baby girl.

14. Clover

Clover is a lovely plant, and it is certainly a less common plant name than other girl names like Lily and Rose.

15. Xena

Xena is like a female version of Xavier. This name also appeared in a television show about a warrior princess.

16. Adelaide

Adelaide is a lovely name that was once the name of a saint. It is also the name of a place and has been the name of members of the royal family. You can also shorten it to the nickname, Addie.

17. Fia

Fia is a shortened form of the Irish name, Fiadh. It is much easier to spell and pronounce though, which might explain its heightened popularity.

18. Ione

Ione is both a Greek color and a flower. More famously, you may recognize this name from the popular actress, Ione Sky.

19. Rebel

Rebel may have been popularized by Rebel Wilson, but we think that there will be many other baby girls who end up sharing this moniker.

20. Maise

Maise is such a pretty name. It has a certain old-fashioned charm to it and is said to mean pearl.

21. Iris

Iris is well known as the name of the goddess of the rainbow. As such, this simple baby name would be the perfect hipster name.

22. Finley

Finley is a name that originally came from Scotland. It means fair warrior.

23. Eabha

This lovely name would be a perfect hipster name since it is so rare to hear it right now.

24. Arizona

Many people like to name their children after a state, city or location. While names like Brooklyn or Dallas are extremely common, Arizona would be a much more original choice.

25. Tallulah

This is an Anglicization of a traditional Irish name. Tuilelaith would be too hard to spell, but Tallulah is a pretty, modern update.

26. Beckett

We love this saucy, sport name. This name means bee cottage, but we think that it wold be a great hipster baby name.

27. Kai

This Japanese is exotic and can be used for both boys or girls. Since it is so short, it is easy to combine with just about any middle name.

28. Ethel

Ethel is a lovely name, and it happens to be the name of the Ugly Duckling from Archie. It would make a great hipster name.

29. Valencia

Valencia is such a pretty name, but you rarely hear this name today. It also happens to be the name of a city in Spain.

30. Teagan

This beautiful name is said to mean attractive.

31. Phoebe

Phoebe is a goddess in mythology, but it also happens to be the name of a main character in the television sitcom, Friends.

32. Odette

Odette was a popular name during World War II. Back then, it was the name of a popular heroine of the French resistance, Odette Brailly.

33. Frankie

Frankie might have started as a boy’s name, but we think that it deserves some attention as a girl’s name as well.

34. Astrid

Astrid was the name of a member of the Scandinavian royal family. This also happens to be the name of the writer of the Pippi Longstocking books.

35. Ivy

Ivy is such a pretty flower name, and it would be perfect for a beautiful baby girl. Jay Sean actually named his baby Blue Ivy.

36. Delilah

Delilah means to flirt. In the Bible, Delilah is the one who removes Samson’s superhuman strength by secretly cutting off his hair.

37. Cleo

Cleo sounds like the name of Cleopatra, but this name is said to mean glory.

38. Ysoria

You are unlikely to hear this baby name on the playground any time soon. It comes from the Latin word Isaura, which was actually the name of a region in Asia Minor.

39. Siun

This lovely name would make a great hipster baby name for a little girl or a little boy.

40. Louise

Believe it or not, this name has not hit the top 20 baby names list since the 1920s, so it would certainly be an unusual name pick today.

41. Sia

There is an Australian singer called Sia, but the name dates back centuries into the past. This Old Norse name is said to mean helper.

42. Billie

We love this name for a girl because it was once the name of the famed jazz singer, Billie Holiday.

43. Logan

Logan may have started as a boy’s name, but we think it would be a unique name for a baby girl. This name is said to mean a little hollow.

44. Blair

Blair is a such a cute name for boys and girls. This name is said to mean a dweller on the plain.

45. Penelope

This name peaked in the 1990s, and we love the diminutive Penny. It also dates back to the wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology.

46. Sadie

Sadie is such a sassy, hip name.

47. Leonora

This is a variation on the Italian name Eleonora.

48. Zooey

This is a name that is quickly growing in popularity. It was made famous by the New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel.

49. Ella

This feminine name is so adorable. If you name your daughter this, don’t be surprised if she develops a love of Cinderella later on.

50. Cadence

This Latin name means rhythm, and it certainly has a cadence of its own.

51. Willa

This is a variation on the more common hipster name, Willow.

52. Callie

In Greek, this comes from a name that means the most beautiful.

53. Idony

Idony comes from an old Icelandic name for the goddess of apples and youth.

54. Edie

Edie is a lovely name that is said to mean prosperous in war.

55. Oak

This pretty name is one of the best plant- or flower-related names on this list.

56. Cora

This lovely name appeared in Downtown Abbey, which probably explains why it is growing in popularity.

57. Wylde

This is a lovely, wild sounding name. It was also the name Lily Cole gave her daughter.

58. Inez

Inez is a Portuguese name that means pure.

59. Stevie

If you want to channel the gypsy-like beauty of Stevie Nicks, choose this name.

60. Roxie

We love this hipster name that means dawn.

61. Edith

This Anglo-Saxon name means joyous.

62. Bijou

Bijou would be such an unusual, adorable name for a baby girl.

63. Romy

Romy is a variation on the name Rosemary, but it has a much hipper feel to it.

64. Aubrey

In German, this name means elf ruler.

65. Zoete

This unusual sounding name comes from a Middle Dutch word that is said to mean sweet and adorable.

66. Cherubina

This name first appeared in Rome in 1527. It was said to be a variation on the word cherub.

67. Anais

This beautiful name is actually the name of Anais Nin. She wrote the 50 Shades of Grey.

68. Daisy

Daisy has a certain old-fashioned, retro appeal to it.

69. Maple

Maple is another beautiful, plant-related name.

70. Cadhla

Cadhla is an Irish version of the more common name, Kayla. It means beauty that poetry can capture.

70 Hipster Baby Names for Boys

1. Gulliver

This literary name would be perfect for your child.

2. Jasper

Jasper is a kind of semi-precious stone. It also appeared in the writings of Sir Walter Scott and James Fenimore Cooper.

3. Roenwallon

This unusual name comes from Old Breton words that meant royal and valorous.

4. Willulf

Willulf comes from a 9th-century Latin name that was originally Willulphus.

5. East

If you like the cardinal directions, try using East as a name.

6. Hank

Hank was popular in the 1950s, but it is finally starting to become more popular again.

7. Franklin

Franklin was the surname of the famed politician, diplomat and inventor, Benjamin Franklin. This name is said to mean free man.

8. Leo

Leo is a sign in astrology that is associated with lions.

9. Everly

Everly became popular because of the 1950s band, the Everly Brothers.

10. Neville

It was once a nerdy name, but a character in Harry Potter has changed this perception.

11. Hainfroy

This lovely name first appeared in France in 1388. It comes from Old German words that mean enclosure of peace.

12. Clive

Clive is an English name that means lives near a high cliff.

13. Elvis

While this name has certainly been overdone at times, it has dropped enough in popularity to be somewhat unique today. You may also know this name because of the king of rock, Elvis Presley.

14. August

In German, this word means majestic and venerable.

15. Roscoe

Roscoe comes from an old Norse name that means deer forest.

16. Arlo

Arlo is an adorable Spanish name that is said to mean barberry tree.

17. Fallon

Fallon is actually an Irish name that is said to mean leader.

18. Aspen

Aspen is a type of beautiful tree. The name is said to mean quaking tree, which certainly makes sense if you have ever seen aspens in a windstorm.

19. Theodore

This name can be turned into nicknames like Theo or Teddy. It also happens to be the name of the American president and adventurer, Theodore Roosevelt.

20. Hopper

Hopper is an adorable and unusual name. Sean Penn and Even Robin gave their son this name.

21. Magner

This name comes from an Old High German word that was said to mean mighty army.

22. Arthur

The legendary King Arthur may have popularized this name, but it became more popular due to the movie the Great Gatsby.

23. Colton

Colton is a strong name that is said to mean from the coal.

24. Byron

This name is still heard today because of the famous poet, Lord Byron.

25. Waldo

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a famous existentialist writer. The name actually means to rule.

26. Homer

This name was the name of the Greek Scribe who wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad.

27. Felix

This name means happy and fortunate. We think that it would be the perfect hipster name.

28. Gryff

If you want a more modern, hip version of Griffin, go with Gryff or Griff.

29. Frost

Robert Frost was a famous poet, but this name was actually first recorded in 1420. Either way, it is an attractive name for a hipster baby boy.

30. Dries

Dries is an unusual name that comes from a Greek word that meant brave.

31. Ked

Ked is such an attractive, easy name for a baby boy.

32. Dexter

We love this name. Diana Krall and Elvis Costello named one of their sons this.

33. Brax

Brax is a more hip and unique version of the name Braxton.

34. Banksy

Naming your child after the United Kingdom’s leading stencil and graffiti artist would certainly be a hip choice.

35. Bear

If you like animal-based names, choose this option.

36. Linus

This name is a blend of trendiness and old-fashioned charm.

37. Ansel

This name comes from French and means a follower of a nobleman.

38. Snorri

This unusual name comes from an Icelandic word that means a smart or sharp-witted person.

39. Duke

Duke is a term for the nobility, so it is unsurprising that this name is popular today.

40. Edison

Edison was once a surname and the name of the inventor Thomas Edison, but we think it would be a great first name as well. This name is said to mean son of Edward.

41. Gus

Gus may be a little old-fashioned, but it is becoming increasingly trendy.

42. Juniper

Juniper is one of our favorite nature-related names on this list, and it could work for a baby boy or girl.

43. Otis

Otis has such a strong, hip charm to it.

44. Auden

This name means old friend.

45. Galicius

This name comes from Latin and was a term for a Celtic tribe that once lived in Galicia, Spain.

46. Salinger

This lovely name calls to mind the writer, J.D. Salinger and would be an unusual name choice.

47. Ajax

Ajax was once the name of a character in Greek mythology and would be a great name choice.

48. Levi

Levi is a name in the Bible and is said to mean attached.

49. Ezra

Ezra is a Biblical name, but it has a hip, funky sound to it.

50. Milo

Milo is such an adorable baby name. We think it will quickly start to rise in popularity in coming years.

51. Wren

We absolutely love the name Wren for a baby boy.

52. Atticus

Atticus was the name of a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, which makes this a wonderful literary name.

53. Lazlo

This Hungarian name means glorious ruler.

54. Etta

This name is said to mean estate ruler.

55. Enoch

This Biblical name was the name of Jared’s son. It is said to mean dedicated.

56. Frank

This name has started to rise in popularity in recent years.

57. Monty

Monty is a diminutive of Montgomery.

58. Django

This name originated with the gypsies and was the name of the jazz musician, Django Reinhardt.

59. Landwin

This name comes from early medieval France and means land friend.

60. Panther

This is the name of a Marvel superhero and an amazing feline.

61. Grover

This English name means from the grove.

62. Zen

Inspired by Zen Buddhism, this name would be a perfect hipster name.

63. Tyke

This clever name would be an adventurous choice for a baby boy.

64. Everbern

This Old High German name means bear.

65. Cormac

This Irish name means charioteer.

66. Dashiell

This hipster name comes from literature and was the name of the detective novel, Dashiell Hammett.

67. Butch

This name is old-fashioned, but it is rising in popularity again.

68. Aylward

Aylward is a spelling variation of older names that is a bit easier to spell and pronounce.

69. Eisley

This modern name was inspired by a brand, which makes it an unusual choice for a baby boy.

70. Jagger

This would certainly be a creative first name for a baby boy.


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