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20 Hobbies for Women in Their 20s


Your 20s are an exciting time. This is the stage of life where women finish college, find their soulmate and start a family. Whether you are in family mode or want to remain single forever, you have to find some way to spend your time. Having a hobby makes your life feel more fulfilling. Plus, it gives you something to do at home or with friends instead of just hitting a new bar every weekend. If you need some “me” time, check out these 20 hobbies for women in their 20s. We have tried to compile a diverse list, so there should be at least one or more option that interests you.

From fitness enthusiasts to meditative yogis, these hobbies for women in their 20s will ensure a vibrant, rewarding lifestyle. Pick one or more of your favorites and try out the latest hobby.

1. Go Karting 

Go karting is an unbelievable amount of fun. If you have never driven a go kart or a dirt bike, you are in for a surprise. Since buying an actual dirt bike is a decent upfront expense—and you would still need somewhere to ride it–, we vote that you try out go karting first. You get to pick your vehicle and race around the track for a set fee. This is also an extremely fun event to do with friends or with a group. If you really fall in love with go karting, consider buying your own go kart or dirt bike so that you can hit the trails whenever you want to.

2. Create Your Bucket List

There is a reason that successful people accomplish their goals: they have a goal in mind when they started. It is hard to know where you are going in life unless you deliberately set out to accomplish something. Your plans will surely change along the way, but studies show that creating goals leads to more success. Start by sitting down and figuring out exactly what you want to accomplish. When it comes time to die, which activities would you regret not doing? In your free time, plan out ways that you can fund and accomplish your bucket list. With each goal marked off the list, you will get a renewed sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

3. Geo-Caching

This is one of the goals on my bucket list that I still have not tried out. My friends go geo-caching, and they say it is an unbelievable amount of fun. Basically, think of a treasure hunt without any treasure. There are items left in certain places around the world that you can only get to by deciphering clues along the way. You can download a mobile app, sign log books and leave tips for the people who are searching for the same cache. It is essentially an adult form of hide and seek.

4. Caving

This hobby for women will take a bit more legwork to do. Most areas have at least a couple of caves hidden away that you can check out. If you are really lucky, you may live near a major cave system like Carlsbad Caverns. At these sites, you can arrange a tour of the cave that is as easy or messy as you want it to be. On one caving trip in West Virginia, the “tour” involved tip-toeing around yawning pits, scampering over boulders and crawling through tiny tunnels in the ground. Don’t bring your best clothes with you because this kind of hobby can get messy!

5. Rock Climbing

For outdoor enthusiasts, this is another fun option. Rock climbing might sound dangerous, but it is actually quite safe if you do it right. If you are rock climbing with a group, you will always be harnessed in and supervised. This type of hobby helps to boost your physical strength and is a good chance to get over a lingering fear of height. Plus, it trains your mind and body in overcoming obstacles and conquering goals.

6. Gaming

Gaming is a nearly universal way to relax after a long day at work. Best of all, the games aren’t just car racing anymore. While we still love Mario and Pacman, the newer games certainly have better graphics and options. You can play video games about just about anything and for any purpose. Recently, there was even a video game designed to help people conquer depression.

7. Baking

Baking and cooking are always popular hobbies. While you could just dash in to your neighboring fast food restaurant, food always tastes better when it is made from home. Baking is a fun way to make sweet treats. Best of all, these treats tend to freeze and defrost fairly well. Once you make a few loaves of banana bread, you can freeze them and eat them whenever you need a sweet treat. If you like gourmet cooking, there are also programs like Blue Apron that provide you with gourmet ingredients and recipes for amazing meals at home.

8. Calligraphy

Calligraphy was once called one of the six arts by Confucius. Even today, many cultures believe that learning calligraphy is a way to train the mind. Some people even use it as a type of meditation, so this is an ideal option for people who want to combine a new form of meditation with making art. Interestingly, it isn’t just monks and artists who learn calligraphy. Steve Jobs famously based the typography in his programs off of a calligraphy class that he took in college.

9. Dance Meditation

Sitting meditation is so last year. In the West, we tend to think of meditation as something that you do in a peaceful refuge in the woods, adorned in robes and in perfect silence. In reality, you can meditate in just about any activity. As long as your mind is “in the zone,” you are helping to train your brain. The mental activity in Olympic athletes is remarkably similar to the way the mind looks in meditating monks. This is because being in the zone and meditation have fairly similar qualities. Dancing meditation is exactly what it sounds like. You use the movements of dance to focus your attention, train your body and meditate. There are music tracks, programs and even classes dedicated exclusively to dance meditation.

10. Lego Building

This is a hobby that is on my personal bucket list. A couple of years ago, I went to a Lego art exhibit. Using just Legos, the artist made amazing pieces of art that I still remember. Ever since then, I have meant to try my hand at Lego artwork. Your Lego pieces can be as simple as a miniature fort or a Grecian sculpture. In one YouTube video, Astonishing Studios was even able to make an entire Starbucks hot coffee maker machine with just Lego sets. You can also make your own birdhouses, gadgets and phone holders out of just Legos.

11. Podcasts and Sewing

One of the nicest things about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere. Unlike television, your hands and eyes are free while you are listening. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to curl up with a podcast and start sewing. Whether you want to make a steampunk costume or a winter quilt, you can enjoy the process a little more while listening to podcasts. My favorite podcasts are about history, current events and economics, but there are podcasts available on literally every topic.

12. Hiking and Kayaking

If you want to be in physically good health in 50 years, you have to start taking care of yourself today. If you are like me, traditional workouts like aerobics and weight lifting do not seem like a lot of fun. Instead of paying for a gym, maximize your budget with free, outdoor workouts. For a few hundred dollars, you can get a kayak and hit the lake. During certain times of the year, we use our kayaks to harvest seaweed for snacks and soups all year. If buying a kayak is too costly, there are plenty of free hiking trails that you can explore.

13. Contortionism and Hand Balancing

Contortion is like extreme yoga. It is a kind of art form where you use extreme physical flexibility to adopt certain forms. If you have never watched it before, check out a Cirque du Soleil video on YouTube to see what it is all about. It takes years of training to do all of the contortions, but we think it is worth it. If you want to see some results sooner, try out hand balancing. Many contortionists are also good at hand balancing because the contortion moves are done in a handstand. You can learn how to walk around a room, walk downstairs or do push-ups while you are in a handstand.

14. Check Out Martial Arts

Martial arts is a good hobby for women in their 20s for a number of reasons. In addition to being fun, it helps to get you in shape. Plus, it provides you with a boost of confidence and strong self-defense skills. While we are all in our youthful years for now, the body becomes less flexible as we age. It basically takes the body longer to learn new physical routines at 50 than it does at 20. Because of this, the best time to try out new fitness routines is while you are still young enough and healthy enough to learn it quickly.

15. Scrapbooking

If working out sounds like too much work, try out scrapbooking. While your photos are already stored online, they are certainly more fun to look at in a book than on a screen. In addition, there is no guarantee that your Facebook or other social media account will be used forever. When I was little, everyone used MySpace before Facebook came out. After everyone made the switch to Facebook, a number of my photos were lost into the ether forever. If I had been smart enough to make a scrapbook, I wouldn’t have lost all of my photos to the abyss.

16. Sand Mandalas

Have you ever tried binge-watching the House of Cards on Netflix? After a recent binge-watching experience, I came away with two realizations. One: I hate politics. Two: sand mandalas are awesome. In one of the episodes, Buddhist monks were creating a mandala using different colors of sand. The entire process is a type of meditation. At the end, the mandala is blown or swept away as a representation that all aspects of life are transitory.

17. Canning

This is another hobby on my bucket list. In theory, you can grow massive amounts of veggies and store them for the entire winter. Canning means that all of those extra green beans can be stocked away instead of getting thrown out. While it costs a bit of money to initially buy the cans and lids you need, you can reuse just about everything next year.

18. Bowling

While bowling might make you think of a 1960s film, it is actually a lot of fun. Even today, there are still bowling leagues at bowling alleys across the country. This is a fun group hobby that anyone can do. Plus, it is fairly affordable if you are looking for a fun hobby on a budget.

19. Jewelry Making

This can be another costly hobby, but you can find ways to get the cost down. Most bead shops have sales that you can use to stock up on beads when they are at a fairly low price. With the right book or guide, you can find ways to design unique jewelry made of precious stones or beads. If you are extremely good at it, you could even try selling your jewelry online or at craft fairs as well. At the very least, you will be able to create the necklaces of your dreams without having to hit your local big box store for cheaply made options.

20. Origami

Origami can be extremely frustrating and rewarding at once. Figuring out a new origami pattern is annoying at first, but you can quickly learn the easier patterns. This type of hobby is a good lesson in attention skills, co-ordination, patience and temporal spatial skills. One of my favorite origami projects is the Japanese crane. According to one legend, you can have a wish come true if you make 1,000 origami cranes in a set amount of time (generally, one year). I am still waiting for my wish to come true, but I know have 1,000 cranes hanging from the back deck as decoration.


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