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Hot vs Cute Girls


There’s this unanswered, unspoken debate going on between cute and hot girls. Many men have two different type of women they are attracted to physically: cute and sexy. Neither one is bad, they’re simply different. But what is cute? What is sexy? These two words carry a huge meaning and are based usually on personal preferences. Some men prefer a cute woman while others are looking for a woman who is sexy.

Sexy women are usually considered to be somewhat intimidating while cute women have that “girl next door” vibe. But again, what does cut and sexy even mean! At the end of the day, most girls have these attributes, some more than others. You may be wondering what you like more, cute or sexy? Well, this is why you’re here. If you want to know the difference, well, keep reading!

How to tell when a girl is cute

Cute girls are the ones that make you feel warm inside, the ones that are your best friends. She loves Star Wars just like you, she doesn’t have a problem hanging out with your friends and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Cute girls are sweet and when you see them, you just want them in your arms. But what are the characteristics of a cute girl?

She’s playful

She isn’t afraid to playfully tease you and crack jokes. Playfulness is where the bonding comes from. She wants to make you laugh, she wants to see you smile and enjoy yourself around her. Though sexy girls are playful, there’s a different energy to a cute girl. She’s not trying to conquer you, she’s trying to be your friend, trying to have a deeper connection.

She’s friendly

This girl doesn’t want to make you feel intimidated and honestly, that’s not on her agenda. Many men stay away from overly sexy girls because they intimidate them. However, cute girls are playful and want to chat with you. They make you feel safe and comfortable when you’re around them.

She’s witty

She may come across as being sweet and innocent, but she knows when to be cheeky. She isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, though, she won’t do it with the intention to hurt you. She’s smart, comforting but she’ll also challenge you intellectually.

They’re comfortable with their inner geek

Everyone has an inner geek inside of them whether it’s Star Wars or Harry Potter. What’s great about cute girls is that they aren’t scared to embrace it. They’ll dress up as Hermione for Halloween or go to the opening of Star Wars in costume. Sure, they want to look feminine but wearing make-up and getting their nails done isn’t a top priority. So, if your inner geek is strong, you’ll love hanging out with a cute girl.

They laugh, hard. 

They love to laugh and arent’s scared to let out a cute little snort in front of you. As a guy, you love to see a girl you like laugh at your jokes. Cute girls love to have a good time. She knows what makes her laugh and she also knows how to make you laugh – a perfect combination.

Okay okay, now you have an idea about what is cute, but do you know what sexy is? Here is what makes up a sexy girl.

But what about sexy girls?

Though sexy girls also like to laugh and be playful, they do it with a different vibe. What makes a girl sexy, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

She’s hella confident

Remember when I said sexy girls can be intimidating? This is why. Sexy girls are extremely confident. Now cute girls are also confident, however, they carry themselves in a different manner. Sexy girls demand attention when they walk into a room, they want all the eyes to be on them. Regardless of who’s looking at them, male or female, the more people who stare at them in awe, the better. How do you know if her confidence is due to her sex appeal? You’re too scared to approach her.

They don’t need you

Cute girls give you the feeling of comfort while sexy girls make you feel like you don’t need them. This is what many men find extremely sexy, the fact that they’re not needed by a woman. This makes guys want a sexy girl even more because it’s a challenge. Hindependencence gives guys the feeling that she can take care of herself whether she’s single or taken.

She shoots you the look

There’s a look that all sexy girls give a guy. It’s a slightly arched eyebrow but everything is said in the eyes. Her eyes will pierce you down and make you feel naked. There may be a moment where the guy will think that he can’t handle her, but that’s the test. If you fight for those eyes, you’ll get them.

She’s confident without make-up

Now, this is something that both cute and sexy girls have in common. They both look beautiful being natural. However, sexy girls have tossed hair, they’re wearing your t-shirt in bed and their hair is this beautiful chaotic mess. Though they look amazing in make-up, they’re not hiding behind a pillow when they aren’t wearing any make-up. They embrace their natural beauty and show you that with or without make-up, they rock it.

They’re all about passion

They’re extremely passionate about who they are and what they like in life. Whether it’s their hobby, job, family, friends or intimate relationship, they’re fully invested in it. Passion is extremely sexy in a girl because this is when you see them at their best, this is them being in their happiest state. They don’t care about anything else except what’s in front of them at that moment.

They’re smart and they’re not afraid to show it

They’re not scared to show you their intelligence, in fact, they’ll tell you when you’re wrong. A girl who is free to speak her mind and is knowledgeable is extremely sexy. They do not rely on a man to give them topics to talk about, they challenge you with their thoughts and ideas on whatever the topic is.

They know what they want

And they have no problem trying to get it. Girls who know what they want in life is sexy. There’s no bullshit, they’re not interested in playing games, they’re moving towards the target. Though this is intimidating for many men, it shouldn’t be. This type of girl is strong and sexy, ready to take on whatever is in her path.

Now that you know the difference between cute and sexy girls, what do you think? What do you find cute and sexy in a girl? It’s not that easy when you think about it, women are much more complex than you think. All us girls have a little sexy and cute in us, it jsut depends on the girl. If you’re a guy, you’ll soon see what I mean.