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How Do Shy Guys Act When They Like You?


It’s pretty to easy to tell when somebody has a big stinkin’ crush on you, right? Sure, but only if that person has the confidence to tell you so or make they make an effort in getting themselves noticed. But this isn’t so simple nor true when it comes to people who possess the trait of being shy. Shy people simply do not have the ability to always make it apparent when they have feelings for you or an attraction towards you. Being shy can really interfere with someone’s dating life. Mainly because it is hard to get the ball rolling when you literally shy away from doing so. However, there is a way to tell when a shy guy likes you. You just have to know what to keep an eye out for. Subtle, yet revealing things that they do will give away whether they have a crush on you or not.

So, are you ready to figure out what those things are? Are you ready to know how a shy guy acts when they like you? If so proceed reading below!

how do shy guys show interest

Things Shy Guys Do When They Like You

They Blush:

Yes, even men blush! Everyone blushes when they are nervous or embarrassed. It’s a natural reaction for any human caused by signals sent to the brain that rush blood to your checks. Just because they are man doesn’t mean they don’t have the seemingly natural responses to certain situations. Blushing will give away what someone is thinking. Either you really made him feel shamed or you are simply making him nervous (but in a good way). Want to know which it is for sure? Test it out by telling him something flirtatious or make him laugh with a cute joke. See what his reaction is and if he blushes or not. Then you will know if you have the awesome ability or bringing a nervous blush or not.

They Avert Their Eyes:

You will know that a shy guy is up to something underneath that mask or nothingness by paying attention to see if he is constantly looking away from you. He might even just look sideways or down. Especially when you are putting your focus on him or bringing attention to him. You may even see him put his eyes elsewhere as you are looking him in the eye. These are definite signs of being pretty nervous. Making eye contact with someone who you like can be really hard to do. And unless you did something to make him upset, if he is averting his eyes then there is a good chance that this shy guy has a big, fat crush.

They Have A Hard Time Speaking

Most of us have a pretty difficult time getting words out when we feel like we are under a lot of pressure. And when we are talking to someone that we like we tend to feel like we are under pressure. We feel overwhelmed and it’s exciting, but a little nerve-wracking. This means that a shy guy might stutter or have a hard time making full sentences if he really likes you. It’s a typical thing that anyone does in front of their crush. Keep listening to how he speaks to you. Does he sound a little bit off? He might even go a little more high pitched or softer toned when he is talking to you. This is a sign that he likes you as more than just a friend, too.

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They Might Word Vomit

Although it is true that some shy guys have a hard time speaking, there are other types of shy guys out there. These are the shy guys that have a hard time shutting up when you are around. They are rambling on and on. It might feel as if they are talking your ear off. This could be because they are trying to impress you or fill the silence because they feel awkward. However, it might be a little bit incoherent because their nervousness has completely taken over their brains. They might blurt out silly things or say things randomly at weird times.

They Will Always Be Around

A lot of guys will make an effort to hang around the person that they like as much as they possibly can. And this is also very true for guys with the shy characteristic. Do you ever notice that he is always at the same party as you? Or that you ran into him at your favorite coffee shop? Or even if he is always at your group hangs? This might be because he listened when you tell him about these types of things and he goes out of his way to be at them. He just wants to hang out with you, but he is too shy to make that known in the first place!

Like we said, there are a lot of different things that shy guys do when they like someone. With this list and good observation skills you will certainly know whether he likes you or not! Yes, even if he is shy!


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