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How Do You Guys Feel About Innocent Girls?


While some guys do not want innocent girls, other guys deliberately seek out girls who seem more innocent. There are a variety of reasons why guys might do this. Some guys do not want a party girl who has one-night stands because they are looking for a relationship. Other guys want a fairly average girl-next-door girlfriend and think that an innocent girl will fit that type.

how do you guys feel about innocent girls

There is a difference between an innocent girl and a shelter girl. When most guys think of dating an innocent girl, they are looking for a girl who is nice and has only had a couple (or less) boyfriends. They do not want a girl who is too sheltered because this type of girl can be difficult to date.

Basically, guys who want an innocent girl are trying to avoid the “bad girl” stereotype. They want a girl who will be a nice girlfriend and won’t be a lot of stress. At the same time, most guys do not want to be bored. They might fantasize about finding a nice girl with a bad streak that they will be the first guy to explore.

Should You Ever Be Worried?

There are certainly times when you should be worried. Some players deliberately go after nice girls because nice girls won’t suspect that they have a string of other girlfriends. Other guys deliberately date nice girls because they like to take a girl’s virginity or think that they will be “cleaner.” Obviously, you want to avoid any guys who fit these descriptions. The type of guy who does this uses women to satisfy their needs and moves on. There is nothing wrong with having one-night stands, but only if both partners are aware that the relationship will be a short, primarily sexual one.

Why Do Guys Like Innocent Girls?

Every guy is different, so there is no single reason why a guy might want an innocent girl. If he is a nice guy, he may just be looking for a nice girl to date and didn’t put any more thought into it. There are also other reasons why an innocent girl can be enticing, and we will cover some of the more common reasons.

1. Promiscuity

A number of guys do not want a promiscuous girlfriend. They might be afraid that they will get cheated on, or they are afraid that they won’t live up to her past sexual experiences. Either way, a guy might go for an innocent girl because they want someone who has roughly the same sexual experiences and relationship expectations as they do.

2. They Don’t Take Bad Girls Seriously

When a “bad” girl or a party girl approaches, the guy has no clue if she is genuinely interested. He might think that she is just flirting for fun. In the best case scenario, he assumes that she is just looking for a fling. Because of this, most guys won’t think that a party girl will ever settle down with them.

3. They Want to Corrupt Her Innocence

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common reason why guys might date innocent girls. There is something enticing about corrupting an innocent girl and getting her to let her hair down. Each experience is the first one for her, which can be a tantalizing prospect. Plus, he gets to be he leader in new experiences since he has already been through the process before.

4. He Has Control Issues

An experienced woman knows what she wants out of a relationship and what actions cross the line. In some cases, guys who date innocent girls have control issues. They want to have the relationship on their terms, and they know that the innocent girl has nothing else to compare the relationship to.

5. They Feel Intimidated

This is another fairly common issue. Guys, like girls, can be intimidated by someone who has a lot of experience. Being with a crush is already stressful enough. You can never tell if you are saying the right thing or if they are interested in you. The stress is even higher if you are pretty certain that your crush knows exactly what they are doing in bed, and you have no clue how to please them. While it really is less of a problem than you would imagine, it can still be intimidating to think about at first.

6. They Want a Little Mystery

There is something extremely seductive about a girl being covered up. You imagine what she would look like when she lets her hair down or dressed in lingerie. With a less innocent lady, you never wonder. You know exactly what she looks like because of the clothes she wears. While she looks good in them, it does detract from the mystery.


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