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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant


Dogs are so sweet and precious; they are our best friends in this world and always there for us when we need them. Perhaps you’re thinking about breeding your adorable little dog to have some precious little puppies bouncing around your home, or you may even think your dog has wound up pregnant already. You’re probably itching for more information and loaded up with questions about dog pregnancies, but the biggest question running through your head is probably: how long are dogs pregnant?

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to figuring out how long a dog is pregnant for. These factors can determine the size of the puppies, the size of the dog carrying the pups, and also what the average pregnancy length is in the family line. But to keep things simple, the average length a dog is pregnant for is anywhere between 58 to 67 days, with 63 days being the most common labor date for dogs around the world.

Litter Size Plays a Big Role

The litter size plays a huge role in how long a dog will remain pregnant. If your dog is having a smaller sized litter (only a few puppies), then they will probably be pregnant a little bit longer since there is a lot more room in the uterus for the puppies to grow healthy and strong. However, if your dog is pregnant with a large-sized litter, they are more likely to give birth at an earlier date as there is not a lot of room for the puppies. As the room runs out, this will trigger birth much earlier.

Breed of Dog is Also Important

Size of the pregnant dog is also an important factor to consider when trying to figure out your dogs due date. It is common for a smaller sized dog to carry their litter a little bit longer than larger sized dogs, although this is not ALWAYS the case. The best way to determine the length of time your dog will be pregnant is to factor in the size of your pregnant dog along with the size of the litter they are having; this will give you the best suspected due date.

Family History of Due Dates

This may be a bit harder to determine if you do not know the mother or grandmother of your dog. However, if you are able to track this information, it would be wise to find out how long the mother and grandmother were pregnant with their pups. More than likely your dog will follow in the footsteps of the family line, although every dog is different and they may end up being pregnant for a longer or fewer amount of time.

Discovering the Due Date

If you know the exact date in which your dog was bred it will be easiest to determine their due date. All you need to do is count 63 days forward from the day in which they were bred, as 63 is the ultimate average length of time in which dogs give birth; however this is not an exact date and it may be off by a day or two.

What if Puppies are Premature?

Unfortunately, if your dog gives birth before 57 days, you may end up with some premature puppies. You can tell if a puppy is premature by looking at their paws: they will be a very bright pink colors, and your puppy will also be lacking a lot of fur. Puppies born before 57 days have not had the necessary time to develop their lungs, and unfortunately premature pups are either born stillborn or only have a few days to survive before they ultimately pass away.

Dogs are typically pregnant for 58 to 67 days, although every dog is different and several factors can change their delivery date.


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