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How Many Dates Until A Relationship?


So you aren’t sure how many dates you need to go on with someone you like before you dive into actually getting into a relationship with them. That’s absolutely understandable. You might feel like you have strong feelings for this person, but you don’t want to mess it up by coming on too strong. Trust me, we’ve all been there!

You definitely have the right idea if you are thinking that. Coming on too strong, too early can absolutely push someone away from you. Especially if that someone has underlying issues that we don’t know about yet, like a fear of commitment! It’s best to take things slow and easy.

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Unfortunately, you are asking the wrong questions here. Why is that?

Well, we hate to break it to you but there are no actual set amount of dates that you have before you decide to be in a relationship. Timing actually varies for every person. One person may be excited to start dating someone after two dates, while another person may not feel it’s proper to commit to someone until after a dozen dates. Each and every couple, as well as individual in the pair, is different!

What you should really be asking yourself is what are some signals your love interest is ready to take things to the next level? Whether it’s one date or fifty, you will start seeing signs that will lead you to believe things are ready to mature.

Signs You’re Ready For A Relationship


You Think About Them All The Time

When you start harboring some heavy feelings for someone you generally tend to think about them all of the time. You will think about them when you first wake up in the morning. They will be the last thing on your mind when you are going to bed at night. Whatever you are doing, they will always be sitting in the back of your mind. This is a serious sign that you are totally ready to be with them.

They’re The First Person You Tell News To

And speaking of having them on your mind, you will also always think of them when something good or bad happens in your life. You will want to text, call or meet up with them in person as soon as you possibly can to talk with them about whatever is happening in your life. This is something that we do with people that we truly like.

You Spend A Ton Of Time With Them

When you are ‘dating’ someone, you might only see them on your dates. But there might be a point where you start spending quality time with this person outside of those dates. You two may just ask each other to hang out everyday or come watch movies or go shopping with each other. This is a major sign that you are ready to step into a relationship with one another.

You Aren’t Seeing Anyone Else

Exclusivity is a major signal that you are ready to date this person for real. A gateway into commitment is not seeing any other people and devoting all of your attention to this one person.

You Think About The Future

Thinking about a future with this person might make you think that you are ready to commit to them. You would be right for thinking so as this is one of the more prominent signs. You can picture a future with this person. That’s a pretty big deal, because you don’t see them going anywhere, anytime soon!

You Feel Ready

It may seem silly, but you can actually base whether or not you are ready for a relationship off of when you truly feel ready. You will just know when you want to make this person yours. That’s the one thing that is super important when making this decision, because if you don’t feel ready, then you definitely aren’t ready.

Signs They’re Ready For A Relationship

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They Mention It

When someone is ready for a relationship, they will almost let you know subtly. They will bring it up every now and then. Dropping hints here and there. You just have to pay attention and really listen or else you might miss it. That’s because it’s not always obvious. They might be too nervous to be extremely straightforward.

They Communicate With You Constantly

They will always be keeping in touch with you. They’ll send you good morning texts, call/text you on their breaks at works and they will text you goodnight when the sun goes down. They will make sure to let you know what is going on in their life. They will want to tell you their good and bad news first, before they tell anyone else. Communication is key in a relationship. So if you notice an incline in communication, you might be headed to relationship-ville with them.

They Open Up To You

Vulnerability is a major factor in deciding whether or not they are ready for a relationship with you. When they let their guard down it means something special. They are trusting you in every way possible if they are doing that. They won’t just do that with a simple friend.

They Introduce You To Important People

They might be ready to commit to you if they have started bringing you around the most important people in their life. They will start introducing you to their family and closest friends. That might be because they plan on keeping you around for awhile.

They Discuss The Future With You

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding whether they are ready to date you for real or not is whether or not they mention the future… With you in it. If you notice they refuse to discuss the future, it’s a bad sign. However, if they make plans for you in the distant future or talk about doing things with you later in life, it is definitely a good sign!

Signs You’re Not Ready For A Relationship

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You Can’t Picture A Future With Them

When you can’t picture a future with them it is a huge red flag. You want to be able to see things going somewhere. Otherwise there simply isn’t a point in getting stuck in a relationship with them.

You Think Of Other People

Thinking of other people or hanging out with others is a definite sign that you are not ready to commit to one person. You want to have full exclusivity to make it work.

You Prefer To Be Alone Rather Than On A Date With Them

When you would rather be by yourself than on a date with them or hanging out with them it’s a bad sign. This means that you don’t appreciate spending time with them. Have you ever heard of a healthy relationship where that is the case? Probably not.

You Don’t Feel Ready

Your gut will tell you whether you are ready or not. Just listen closely!

Signs They’re Not Ready For A Relationship

They Close Themselves Off

A person that closes themselves off to you completely is a negative sign. This means they have no interest in you getting to know them any better than you already do. To be in a relationship, you both will need to let your guards down and make yourselves emotionally available to one another.

They Don’t Communicate

Communication is so important when you are trying to date someone.  Without it, you will not be able to build a healthy, stable relationship. You want to have open lines of communication to make things work smoothly.

They Flirt or See Other People

Flirting with others or seeing other people is a major indicator that they are not ready to commit to anyone. They would focus solely on you if they were. They are not committing to anyone at all if they are seeing several people.


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