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How Men Think in Relationships


Just about every comic strip or comedian has made fun of the way women think. They say that it is impossible to know what women are thinking or what they want in a relationship. While this may sometimes be true, the opposite is true as well. Many women wonder what guys are wanting in a relationship.

Finding out how men think in relationships is not always easy. When you try to get your guy to open up and express his feelings, you get a one or two sentence response that does not help you in any way. As you start dating, you may constantly wonder what men are thinking about you, the relationship and what they want. If you could just understand how most men think in a relationship, it would make your life easier. You would know how to flatter him, impress him and ultimately win his love.

   How Men Think in Relationships

How Men Think in Relationships

Whether you just want to make a good impression or you want to win his love, you want to know how men think in relationships. You do not want to transform him into some idealized, impossibly perfect man. You just want to find someone who loves you back and cares for you. If you want to know how men think in relationships, read on.

Men Are Easily Impressed

This might seem impossible, but it is actually true. In many cases, all you have to do is smile a bit and flirt with him. He thinks that personality and intelligence are needed to impress him, and they are needed if you want a serious relationship. In the initial stages, you just have to smile and make him feel like he is the only man for you. Even later on in the relationship, flirting and being complimentary can really help you get what you want.

Men Like Sex

This statement should be fairly obvious. Men and women are both mammals, and sex is necessary to procreate. It is a biological impulse that is difficult and sometimes impossible to tamp down. Men, in particular, seem to be especially interested in having sex. This could mean that he is just looking for a fling, or it could mean something else.

Studies show that couples who have sex more frequently are more likely to be satisfied in their relationships. What this means is that you have to find a careful balance. You want to make sure that the guy you are dating wants more than just sex. Once you have ascertained this, you have to also make sure that he feels sexually satisfied with the relationship.

Men Think That They Are Emotionally Strong

Men like to think they are strong. From the moment that they are born, western culture has told them not to have feelings, be strong and protect the people around them. Because of this upbringing, men can think that they are far more emotionally strong than they actually are. They can develop gigantic egos, but these egos can be easily shattered. Once their ego is broken, it can take a long time to nurse it back to good health.

What this means is that a man can take time to bounce back to normal when his ego is shattered. You don’t have to flatter and lie to him though. You just have to avoid completely shattering his ego by saying hurtful, mean things. For a healthy relationship, both partners have to support each other and work toward mutual happiness. If you keep this goal in mind, you should be fine.

Men Always Believe Compliments

There are occasions when this is not true. If you tell him that he is the fastest runner in the world, he can look at any record book and easily see that the compliment was a lie. As long as you do not go overboard though, he will believe just about any compliment that you throw at him.

As we mentioned in the last tip, men often have decent egos. They already think that they are awesome, so they are not surprised to hear that you think the same way. While you might doubt if the compliment about your thinness or prettiness is true, he will never doubt it. Tell him that he is gorgeous, and he will smile.

You can obviously manipulate this if you want to. If you love his shoulders, but wish he worked out more, run your hands along his shoulders. As you do, tell him that you never realized how strong he is because there is just a little fat covering his muscles. We personally feel like you shouldn’t do this because a) it’s manipulative and b) it’s a little mean. If this is the way you want to go though, mention this as a compliment and he will soon be working out to show off just how strong his shoulders really are.

Men Think They Want a Woman to Make the First Move

How Men Think in Relationships

Making the first move is terrifying. You don’t know how the person will respond or if they will reject you. Many men hate making the first move, and they just wish that the woman would do it for them. In many cases, they would secretly rather the woman to wait for them to make a move. If he makes the first move, he has to “earn” your love and values it more. If you make the first move, then a part of him may wonder if no one else was paying attention to you.

This is obviously not always true. As gender equality becomes the norm across the world, more women are making the first move. Making the first move shows that you are a confident, independent woman who knows what she wants. It can also be incredibly flattering for him to find out that the impossibly attractive lady across the room wants to buy him a drink.

Men Never Understand Hints

How Men Think in Relationships

Like all generalizations, this one is sometimes not true. In many cases though, you will find that men do not understand hints. If your goal was to leave out advertisements with circles around the birthday presents you want, don’t be surprised if he tosses the ad out without realizing why you left it on his side of the bed.

When it comes to relationships with men, one of the best things you could ever do is just tell him what you want. Don’t play games with him because he probably won’t even notice or understand what is going on. If you want something, tell him. If he needs to change one of his behaviors, tell him. If you try to use hints to change him, don’t be surprised if it never works. You can still try, but keep in mind that he is probably not going to notice a subtle hint. You need to be obvious and honest about what you want.

Men Are Straightforward

How Men Think in Relationships

In general, you can take a man at his word for most things. If he says that he loves steak and potatoes, he isn’t angling for anything other than his favorite dinner. Men do not generally like mind games or anything like that. If you are open and honest with him, then he will reciprocate. He can only know how to behave or act if you tell him what you want, so just talk to him about your feelings.


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