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How Often Should You Text A Girl?


Texting a girl, especially a girl that you like, has got to be one of the best feelings in the entire world. But that doesn’t mean that the feeling of excitement can’t turn into an awful feeling of dread. Why? Because you start to get nervous about if you are doing it the right way. You start becoming overly neurotic and asking yourself things like:

Am I texting her too much? Am I getting annoying? Is she going to stop replying because of these types of things?

It’s okay to be a little bit uneasy about it, because you definitely don’t want to blow your chances. But letting those thoughts overrun your mind can totally mess things up for you if you are not careful!

Although texting is the easiest way to communicate with someone nowadays, it is also one of the trickiest ways of talking. That is because texts can be misconstrued. They can be taken the wrong way. And if you text too fast or too much it can also be taken negatively. So how do you go about this the right way?

Well, just follow our simple rules when it comes to texting a girl and you will be golden.

You may not have realized that there were rules on the subject, but there most definitely is. But you came here to figure out one thing:

How often should I text a girl?

Well buddy we have all the information you could possibly need to help you answer that question.

Rules For When You Should Text A Girl

When you first meet: So you just met her, huh? That’s awesome! Good job for scoring those digits in the first place man! That is never an easy feat it seems. So now that you have her number you are probably wondering what comes next? Do you text her right away or do you wait? If you wait, how long is long enough before pressing send? Those are good questions to have and we have the answer for you right here. When you first meet a girl it’s important to remember that timing is everything. Text her too quick and you might come off as a little desperate. Text her too slowly and she might start to think that you do not have any interest in her. We suggest that after your first meet you wait at least one to two hours before sending her the first text. However, it is important you do not go more than ten hours without hitting her up. At the very, very latest twenty four hours. That would be really pushing it though.

After you have a date: After the first date is a little bit different than after the first time that you meet one another. How so? Well, it is socially acceptable to text her almost right away after the date. We said almost for a reason! Texting immediately might come off as a little strange. You just saw each other. She might need a second to get her thoughts together and process the date before her phone starts going off. Within a couple hours is totally fine, though. Telling her that you had a great time is a great way to initiate a conversation for the rest of the night. We recommend saying something a little more exciting to her. Talk about something you really liked from the date. It could be something funny that you saw or something cute that she did. Spice up the boring old, “I had a really good time” and make it something that will make her smile.

You can try, “That date was so fun! Especially when the waiter tripped and spilled that coffee! I know I’m so bad for laughing, but it was hilarious lol. Don’t you think?”

When you haven’t seen her in awhile: So the two of you haven’t been hanging out much (or at all) and you have been itching to text her. That’s great. She might actually be waiting to hear from you. You never know unless you give it a shot! But it’s important to be careful of your timing when it comes down to it. Messaging her in the morning is a good idea, because you never know how busy she might be throughout the day. Sending a good morning text is always a sweet way to spark some back and forth convo. That will also give her a chance to let you know whether or not she will be busy throughout the day. But what if she does not respond? Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in you. She might be asleep or already at work! How long should you wait before trying again? The golden rule about texting someone who hasn’t been responsive is to wait as long as you possibly can. However, if it’s been over six hours, then it is absolutely fine to try again. What if she doesn’t respond again? Sorry buddy you will now have to wait until the twenty four hour mark has come and gone. Three texts before that would be way too much and might freak her out.

When you want to hang out: There are going to be times that you are going to want to text her because you want to schedule a hangout session with her. First you must ask yourself this: Have you asked her to hang out already and she hasn’t responded? If so, we suggest only asking one more time. If she avoids the question or doesn’t respond to it then it is safe to say that she probably isn’t interested in spending time with you. We are sorry to say, but that’s just the harsh reality of it all. However, if you haven’t already asked her and you have a fresh slate then it is a different story altogether.

Ask her the first time. Make sure that you keep in mind the things that she enjoys doing (if you know them) and use them to your advantage. So if you know that she really enjoys coffee or skiing, you can use those to try and get her to hang out with you.

I.E: “Hey Rachel, I was just thinking I was going to hit the slopes this weekend and remember you said you love to ski. I have room in my car if you want to come with?”


I.E: “Brrr, it sure is cold out. I could use a cup of coffee to warm me up. Would you join me?”

And then you should wait. Wait an entire day before you even think about asking her out again.

Asking her to hang out twice in a row could come off as overwhelming. She gets it from the first text. She knows you want to hang out. So it is best to let her decide in her own time whether or not she wants to take you up on the offer.

We recommend waiting twenty four hours before talking to her after that, but we recommend waiting much longer before you ask her to hang out again. The prime number of days to wait before asking for a date or hang out session again: 2 minimum and 1 month maximum. If she hasn’t taken you up in 1 month on the offer to chill then she probably doesn’t want to hang out with you.

And those are the rules when it comes to knowing how


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