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How To Approach A Shy Guy


Approaching someone is easy of course, but when they are shy is it really? It may be simple to go up to someone with confidence and ask them out or strike up a conversation. However, when someone is traited with shyness it might be a little more unsettling. They might not react in a way that you understand. Or they might shy away from your attempts. You have to be pretty careful when you approach people like this. They tend to act like a deer in headlights when confronted. Especially when they are confronted by a girl. Girls are a lot of the reason that makes a guy shy in the first place. So how do you go about going up to someone who is really shy? Keep reading to find out now!

how to make a shy guy comfortable

How To Approach Shy Guys: A Step By Step Guide

Step One: Talk To Him

The first step in getting the attention of a shy guy is talking to him. We know you are scared, but all you have to do is be careful about how you talk to him. Don’t corner him. The last thing you want to do is scare him off by getting him alone and interrogating him about anything. Take things very slowly. Start off with a hello. Maybe do it around friends so he doesn’t feel nervous with a one on one conversation. Tell him about yourself first. Asking him about himself might make him even more nervous than he probably already is because you are there talking to him. But don’t flood him with information. Keep it simple. Talk moderately about yourself and don’t reveal too personal of information. When he starts responding he should just start telling you about himself in turn. If he doesn’t, just keep talking about things that you might think he finds interesting. Do not ramble! They always say, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

This is one of the cases where this statement is true!

Step Two: Use Social Media

Besides talking to him in person, you can use social media to your advantage. If you want to grab more of his attention add him on a platform. Preferably one where you can message him to start up a conversation. Talking to him over instant messaging (or even texting if you aren’t huge on social media) is going to be an easier way of getting to know him. Why? Because he won’t feel as scared to talk to you. He will have a little more confidence because you aren’t there to intimidate him. Use this as your gateway to getting to know him. And it is important to get to know him if you ever want to ask him out. You don’t want to ask him out first, because it will make him feel pretty nervous.

Step Three: Find Common Interests

When you are trying to approach anybody it is important to find common interests that you two share. Then it is crucial to use that information to bring you closer together. He is going to feel less shy around you and more comfortable if he feels like you two can bond over things. Don’t you start to feel as if you can open up more to someone when you feel like you have something to talk about? Yeah, we do too and that’s why we think this is an important step in approaching a shy guy. Especially if you ever want him to ask him or if you to ask him out.

how to get a shy guy to open up

Step Four: Flirt With Him

Yes, flirting is going to be a crucial step here! It really, really is. So read up on this next part, because without it you aren’t going to get anywhere with a guy who is shy. Flirting is needed when it comes to trying to woo anybody that you like. But it is extremely important when it comes to guys who are a little more nervous in general. After you have completed the last three steps and started making good conversation it is time to flirt. This is what is going to make it easy to approach him. Flirting not only breaks down barriers, but it also gets him to become more comfortable around you. Be careful about laying in on too thickly. You can really scare a shy guy off if you flirt too much. Keep it easy. Only flirt a little bit at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm him. Try flirting with your laugh, smile and touch. Touch his arm or knee softly when you are talking. Laugh at all of his jokes. Smile a lot. Flirting will make things much easier. We promise!

Step Five: Ask Him Out

Now here is where you other steps all come together. You want to use the information that you have found out about him and use those common interests to set up a date with him. You will also want to use the flirting to your advantage to make this smoothly! Just remember to be confident and take your time with him. He might be shy, but he isn’t impossible!


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