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How to attract rich men


If you’re looking for a boyfriend or husband, you want a man that’ll be able to support the both of you – that’s normal. And usually, you’ll easily find a man that is able to financially support you but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be rich. If you’re looking for a man that comes with a fat wallet, it’s going to take a little more work than just batting your eyes. Rich men are very well experienced when it comes to women that just want to mooch off of them. You don’t want to be that woman or else your relationship won’t last. This means you’ll have to learn how to attract a rich man.


Be yourself

Listen, rich men aren’t different men other men. At the end of the day, they want a woman who is her own person. This means if you’re pursuing your dreams, continue doing so whether there’s a rich man beside you or not. You have to keep your standards high and don’t compromise them for a rich man. They’re used to getting what they want and you falling for all their tricks to get you living in their city or traveling where they want to go isn’t good. If you how them that you have goals and dreams, they’ll want you more. Why? Because you’re not giving them what they want. Remember, men like the challenge and the chase. So, if you manage to catch the attention of a rich man, don’t be so easy to compromise your goals for him.


Be an expert at something that he isn’t an expert at

In a relationship, you want to be mentally stimulated. Rich men do not want a woman beside them at isn’t her own being. Whether your talents are in art, dance, math, or sports, become the best you can bet at that activity. You’ll gain a massive amount of respect and admiration if you do what you love and do it well. This also gives you something to discuss and try out together.


Take care of yourself

The competition is fierce if you’re looking for a rich man. Every woman wants to be with a rich man, which means they have a larger choice of women. Rich men are looking for women who take care of themselves and value their bodies. Many men have a fear that their woman after they get married, will let herself go and wear sweatpants until retirement. Rich men aren’t looking for women who aren’t going to keep up with appearances. Now, you don’t need to go under the knife, you just have to want to maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Don’t chase him

If he shows you his wealth, the worse thing you can do is chase after him. You look hungry and desperate and any rich man can spot that behavior a mile away. So, if you see he’s rich, don’t become desperate. Treat him as you would treat any other guy. He’s not looking for a woman who’s money hungry, he’s looking for a partner that actually wants him, not his money. So, just be cool.


Have your own network of friend

Men, rich or not, aren’t looking for a woman who’s going to cling onto them all day, every day. They want to see that you have your own group of friends and that you’re independant. The same goes for you, you want a man who has friends and goes out with the guys. A healthy social life shows that they have a healthy mind and personal environment. A rich man doesn’t want the responsibility of having to entertain you all day long. He wants you to have your own life as well.


Don’t be high maintenance

If you’re high maintenance, you’re probably known as someone who takes hours to get ready and won’t get their hands dirty unless it’s digging for diamonds. You’re always taking selfies and if there is a mirror, you’re in front of it. However, to look as good as you do, it takes time and effort. Rich men don’t want a woman who’s going to take hours to get ready and who demands the best of everything. They want a woman on their arm who is beautiful, however, is natural. You don’t have to look like you’re wearing the entire Gucci spring collection to look classy and beautiful. Dressing comfortably and feeling sexy goes a long way – and you don’t have to have plastic surgery to get to that point.


Show interest in what he does

No one wants to feel like they’re being used because of their money. If that is what a rich guy wanted, he would just hire an escort to go out with him for an evening. If a rich man is interested in you, then he’s not looking just for someone to have sex with. A rich man who’s looking for a partner is looking for someone he can trust, talk to and who shows interest in what he’s doing in life. This man spent a lot of time getting to the place where he is now, so he wants to be with someone who’s equally as interested in what he does. He’s looking for someone who’s going to be active in the conversations about his business and won’t yawn the minute he opens his mouth. His business should be of interest to you because it’s what supports you as well.



A rich man isn’t looking for a partner who’s just going to talk about her day at pilates and how she needs to lose ten pounds. Men do love women who can hold a conversation, but they don’t want a woman who runs the conversation. So, instead of controlling the conversation, take some time to listen to what he has to say. Ask him a question and let him go from there. You may discover things about him that you didn’t know. Many rich men learn to be listeners and observe their surroundings, but around you, they don’t have to be shy.  

Hang out where the rich are

If you want to find yourself a rich man, the best places to be are in areas where the rich men are. Usually, you end up being with people who are in a similar environment as you. For example, if you’re a DJ, you may date one of the waiters/waitresses or if you’re a banker, you’ll date someone in your bank. So, if you’re looking for a rich man, you’ll want to branch out of your typical environment and go to charity events, volunteer programs, and galas. Rich men love to socialize so that they can network. That being said, they’ll be at these types of events because other businessmen will be there. Instead of going to a public beach, pay extra and go to a private one at a 5-star hotel. Go to expensive restaurants or lounges and take up sports lessons at private clubs.This may seem like a lot, but it’s not. It’ll cost you a little bit of money, however, you’ll be surrounded by the people you want to be with. The point is, if you want to have a rich man, you need to hang out where the money is.  


Own your financial situation

Many people have no clue what their financial situation is like. They simply take out their credit card and pay off as they go, not knowing how much they actually spend in a month. A rich man isn’t interested in a woman like that. They don’t want a woman whose reckless with her own personal finances. They want a woman who takes her personal finances seriously, this shows her intelligence and independence. If your personal finances are in check and you’re up-to-date on them, any rich man who’s looking for a partner would pay attention to you. This isn’t really about the money, this shows that you’re in control of your own life and that’s a turn on.


Be fair

You’re looking for a rich man so that you can be financially secure, however, you need to show him that you’re not looking to leech off of him. Pay for drinks, offer to buy dinner – these are small gestures but they show him that you don’t consider him better than you. You appreciate spending time with him, so why not buy his drink? If you show your fairness and appreciation, any rich man would fall to his knees for you. These gestures are extremely rare to see from a woman who is looking for a rich husband. Remember, if he wanted to be with someone just because he’s rich, he would hire an escort.


Now that you know how to attract men, it’s time you put these tips into action. Make sure to be yourself and don’t focus on the fact that he’s a rich man. Just enjoy the time you have and see where it goes.


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