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How To Be A Good Girlfriend


In order to have that golden relationship everyone admires and is jealous of, girls often put the burden and challenge to their guys. But it certainly takes two to tango! If you are challenging your man to be a better boyfriend to you, be a better girlfriend for him too.

Whether you are just starting out your relationship and doesn’t know where to start or whether you are already celebrating your seventh anniversary next week, there are still a lot of ways in which you can be a good girlfriend for him. Others will tell you that it’s about the cooking and gift-giving, but we have collated tips that focus more on the long-term rather than the short one. We have created this special cheat sheet for you!


Open up to him

When boys are asked about what they hate the most about being in a relationship with a girl, it’s about their not knowing. I’m sure it already happened (and probably more than once!) that something ticked you off and you took it out on your guy, giving him the death stare and silent treatment without you even telling him why you’re mad. It will then be followed with the famous “Are you okay?” question, deliberately answered with a “yes” when you are clearly seething. You may think that it’s insensitive of them to not know, but often, guys just don’t have a clue about something they did that made you so mad.

Instead of keeping him guessing, why don’t you try telling him what it really is? You will be surprised with how quick you can resolve things when you just open up. Besides, how will your guy fix things when he doesn’t even know what to fix? So the next time that something made you mad, be an adult and don’t keep it to yourself. Just tell him and it will save you both the time and hard feelings.

Do not be too clingy and give him enough space

That’s right, you are in a relationship and that the two of you should not live single lives anymore. But bugging your guy 24/7 will only wear him out. Guys need their personal space too. They need a room to breathe. It’s not that he doesn’t like you being around, but in order to grow as a couple, you need to give both of you some time to grow individually too. Do not take it personally, it’s just how guys deal with things.

Being away for some time is healthy too. It will give you a chance to miss each other. Tagging along on all of his appointments and plans will just give him additional stress as he won’t have any idea how to explain individuality to you without you being offended. Do not be too much obsessed and learn how to do your own individual thing as well. If you can happily give your man enough space that he needs, he will be more than thankful and he will begin to feel that what you have is a mature relationship.

Do not make him jealous

When you enter a relationship with a guy, he might become a bit complacent because he is not in the stage where he has to pursue you anymore. You are already his. And I get that sometimes, a girl may yearn to feel that way again. You may miss the feeling of being wanted and pursued. But making you feel that way should be your man’s job and not for you to initiate. Never make your boyfriend feel jealous just so you’ll feel wanted and beautiful again.

What you might not know is that most guys are the jealous type and that jealousy is never a great feeling to have. It focuses on what you don’t have and it makes a person feel resentment towards another. Do not put your guy under this emotional torture. Do not make him feel threatened and unsure because he will deal with it negatively. Do not make him feel like you don’t appreciate him and that you appreciate another man’s efforts more. This is the ultimate path to destroying what you have.

Be partners with him

Remember that you are in a relationship and that he is your partner, and not your enemy. It’s so easy to think of your partner as someone who antagonizes you each time that you don’t agree with something. But it is that line of thinking that begins to spoil a wonderful relationship.

It’s not about who won and who lost in an argument. It’s about finding that balanced spot where the two of you are willing to compromise. Remember that this spot may not necessarily be in the center. It maybe nearer than him or nearer to you at times. When you think of your boyfriend as your partner, you will also think that everything you’re doing and saying shall benefit your relationship and not just you. Do not be selfish. Do not be silly!


Be supportive and encourage him

Girlfriends should be the personal cheer leaders of their guys. It’s an unspoken rule! Guys may have hobbies and interests that you won’t understand in this lifetime and the next, but it is still your job to support your boyfriend and let him know that you believe in him. When he is on a personal endeavor whether big or small, encourage him to keep him going.

A good girlfriend helps his partner grow and achieve more. She becomes an instrument for her guy to achieve his full potential. They say that behind every man’s success stands a woman. Be THAT woman for him.

Appreciate your partner

It is true that when your partner did something for you, he might not be expecting something in return. But it will make him feel loved and wanted if you appreciate him. A simple word of gratitude goes a long way. Appreciate his simple gestures more importantly. Picking you up from work after a long day might look like something small but you have no idea about the traffic he endured and the effort he took so that he won’t be late and won’t keep you waiting. Appreciate everything that he’s doing for you and you will live a loving happy relationship.

Always give him a chance

Our society has this prejudice that men are sinful creatures. Whenever there’s an instance that looks like your guy did something he’s not supposed to, give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance to speak and explain himself. This will let him feel like you trust him and trust is a good foundation in any relationship. Do not be the psycho girlfriend that calls his man and assumes the worst after 5 minutes of him not responding to your text. Give him a chance to speak up and don’t pre-judge him.

Love yourself and work to improve yourself as well

They say that the real sign that you love someone is when you love yourself too. After all, you cannot give the love that you don’t have. Having this said, being a good girlfriend means that you continuously improve yourself in order to improve your relationship.

When people get into relationships, they become too comfortable sometimes. They stop working out, they tend to eat unhealthily and they don’t take the effort to get properly dressed. This is a sure way to lose the spark that has been burning fiercely before. It’s true that if your partner truly loves you, he will accept you for what you have become but this is certainly not an excuse to stop taking care of yourself!

Your partner fell for the passionate attractive girl, don’t start slacking around in the belief that your guy will accept you no matter what. It’s very important to maintain (surpass, if possible!) taking care of yourself in the same level as when you first met. After all, how can you improve your relationship when you refuse to improve yourself?

Final Thoughts…

Being a good girlfriend doesn’t actually have to be that hard. Your man fell in love with you and he is not actually expecting someone perfect. Being that good one is a work in progress. You can’t be a lousy girlfriend one night and be a good one in the next. You have to have the will and consistency. Just try to follow the tips that we have shared and watch your relationship transform into a more fruitful and healthier one, one day at a time.


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