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How to Compliment a Girl


If you’ve ever be overcome with affection for a girl, but are unsure how to compliment her on all the things you adore about her, this may be of great help to you. Figuring out the best way to pay a girl a compliment can be daunting, especially if she’s particularly stunning. When complimenting a girl, it’s important to know the appropriate ways to do so. Some baseline rules are: be sincere, be genuine and be appropriate. You should offer compliments that come from the heart, not a one-liner you got off the internet.

One of the most important things to remember is that the context should fit the compliment. For example, you don’t want to tell a random girl walking down the street that you like the way she looks in those jeans. That is neither sincere, genuine nor appropriate. Even if you might like the way she looks, that comment is only going to make her feel uncomfortable.

Stick to giving compliments to girls that you have already gotten to know and who are potential relationship partners. There are plenty of different ways to compliment a girl and make her feel good about herself, without also making her feel uncomfortable.

1. Compliment her on her beauty

If you’re on a first date with a girl, or hanging out with a potential partner, compliment her on how she looks. Of course, you’ll want to be sincere. A blanket statement like “You look beautiful” is a good start, but showing that you care and are paying attention to her can go a long way, so be specific. What about her is beautiful? Is her hair looking perfectly curled? Are her eyes especially blue? Does the dress she’s wearing look stunning?

When you’re on a date now is the perfect time to compliment a girl on how she looks, because it will be much more appreciated in the correct context. When complimenting her beauty, the best things to focus on are her eyes, her lips, the way she smells, her hair and her voice. These are both personal, but not overly sexual. Don’t compliment a girl in a sexual way on the first date.

2. Look at her often

When you’re on your date, make sure to be looking at her as often as possible. Meet her eyes, look at her when she speaks. Not only will you be showing active engagement in what she has to say, but you’ll also be giving a silent compliment. After all, how could you possibly look away from someone that you find so beautiful and engaging?

Make sure that when you do this, you’re also actively engaging with her. Acknowledge what she’s saying and actively listen. If you happen to just stare your date down the whole evening without also adding to the conversation, she might not take it as a compliment. Now, of course, context is key: this is a sincere and appropriate compliment when on a date, but a stranger on the bus probably won’t appreciate unsolicited staring.

3. Write to her

Complimenting a woman with your words is a tried and true form of flattery that has lasted for hundreds of years. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a wordsmith, allow your feelings for her to flow through you into your pen and write her a love letter or a poem.

While she might enjoy getting a handwritten letter from you, if you’re a little too nervous, sending her an email or a text about how much you enjoy your time together will also suffice. Whatever you choose, make sure your words are genuine and encompass how you feel. She’ll love a text after a good date detailing how much fun you had with her – she may even save it in her phone as a memento to the perfect first date.

4. Compliment her skills

Women are more than just their looks, and only complimenting a her on how she presents herself will start to feel hollow. Compliment her on her skills, as well. Is she a good writer? Or perhaps she’s an artist? Maybe she’s worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder. Whatever it is that makes her special and unique, make sure to pay attention to those things as well.

When you compliment a woman on the things that make her proud, she’ll know that you’re really listening and seeing her as a whole human being. If a girl feels like you’re only able to compliment her on her looks, it may seem like that’s all you care about, so make sure to get to know her well enough to be able to offer compliments on all the things she’s good at. Even if she whittles soap for a hobby, make sure she knows she’s the best soap whittler you ever met.

5. Compliment her feminine side

Does she have cute quirks, like playing with her hair or covering her mouth when she laughs? Or perhaps she’s very delicate, kind and nurturing? Or maybe she always blushes when you tell her how beautiful she is. Compliment her for those things as well. After all, she’s a complete, multidimensional person!

And all sides of her deserve compliments. Girls will feel much more appreciated and adored when you’re able to find things about them to compliment that go beyond how beautiful you find her. You’ll also be able to make compliments on the things about her that make her especially beautiful without altogether focusing on her physical appearance.

6. Be chivalrous

When you’re on your date, pay special attention to the things that she needs. Pull her chair out for her, hold open the doors, offer to fetch something for her. Actions speak louder than words, and by showing off your chivalry, she’ll feel taken care off and adored. When you do this, you’re making sure your date has the perfect time and she won’t be able to help feeling endeared to you.

This is, of course, different than acting as if your date is helpless. Offer to do these things for her, but let her exercise her independence. You want her to feel adored, not smothered. At the end of the date, you can even make her feel like a giddy teenager again by walking her to her door. Who knows – you might even get a goodnight kiss.

Remember, the best kind of compliments don’t feel rehearsed or planned. A girl will be much more likely to appreciate a compliment when it’s spontaneous and truthful. When you look at your date, try putting how you feel when you first see her into words. If you’re awestruck by her beauty or the color of her eyes, go ahead and tell her!

Your compliments should flow naturally with the conversation, and now dominate them. Every girl likes to be complimented, but no girl likes to be over flooded with compliments so that it’s the only thing you’re saying. Don’t forget, a date is where you’re getting to know one another. Complimenting a girl is meant to make her feel good about herself and make it easier for her to open up to you. If you pepper the conversation with sincere compliment, she’ll feel much more appreciated and loved.


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