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How to Dream About Someone Specific


When you like someone, you want to think about them all of the time. You may not be able to be with them in real life (yet!), but you can at least have their love and attention in a dream. Some people may also want to learn how to dream about someone specific if they lost a friend or a family member and want to get in touch with them. In some cases, people in long distance relationships can feel closer together by dreaming of each other when they are far apart.

How to Dream About Someone Specific

The ability to control your dream is generally known as a lucid dream. In the first stage, you are able to learn how to recognize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. As you improve, you begin to learn how to control your dreams, what you do, who you see and how you feel. This second stage is extremely enjoyable and one of the reasons that so many people spend a lot of time trying to learn lucid dreaming.

If you have never tried lucid dreaming before, don’t worry. There is a first time for everyone, and it mostly just involves practicing. It can be hard to become good at lucid dreaming, so be patient. There are plenty of resources that can help you learn the basics. Before long, you will be able to dream about someone specific and even control what happens in your dreams.

Use the Power of Your Mind

The human mind is an amazing thing. It has an impressive ability to make connections between unlikely events or people. For some people—me, included–, the mind can be told to wake up at a pre-determined time and actually do it without any alarm clock. Your mind has the potential to decide to see someone in a dream. To develop this potential, you have to decide that you will see this person whenever you want to when you are dreaming. You have to keep telling yourself this firmly while you are awake. Do it at least five times a day so that your mind starts to accept the fact.

After you have you have reached a lucid dreaming state, you must relax your body and mind as much as possible. If you are too stressed out and desperate about making it work, it will not work. Your dream scene is developed by your mind, so a tense mind can get in the way of your dreams unfolding naturally. If you are worried that you cannot get it to work, your subconscious will develop obstacles that keep it from working.

Guide to Dreaming About Someone Specific

Relax and let calmness overwhelm you. You should feel confident and able to try lucid dreaming. Most people will have to make several attempts to get this lucid dreaming down, so do not panic if it takes you several days or weeks of work to get there. When you are able to stabilize your dreams and become lucid, you can use the following techniques to see a particular person. All of these techniques work, but some may work better or worse for you individually, so experiment with all of them.

1. Take My Hand

Once you have reached a lucid dreaming state, you are ready to bring someone specific into your dream. While you are dreaming, close your eyes and reach your hands outward. As you reach your hand outward, say, “Take my hand, (Name).” Do not open your eyes in the dream until you feel their hand. When you have felt their hands in yours, open your eyes and you will find them there.

2. Get Spinning

In your dream, start spinning around in circles for at least 5 to 10 seconds. While you are spinning quickly around, try to imagine the scene that you want to be at. You also need to imagine the specific person that you want to see at that scene. Once you have convinced yourself that you will be able to reach that location and see that person, stop spinning and that scene will suddenly appear.

3. Check Around the Corner

If there is a corner or a door in your dream, you are in luck. You can use these features to see the person that you want to in your dream. All you have to do is tell yourself that the person you want to see is behind the door or around the corner. You can also knock on the door with the expectation that the person will be answering it. You could also just knock and say that you are looking for that person and wait for them to do something.

4. All You Have to Do Is Ask

If there are any other people in your dream, you can use them to help you find the specific person. All you have to do is ask them with the expectation that they will know where they are. If this does not work for you, tell one of the people in your dream that they have to go fetch the person that you are looking for.

4. Build a Scene

Within your dream, close your eyes and build a venue that will have the person you are looking for in it. Once that image is extremely strong in your mind’s eye, open your eyes in the dream to see that scene.

5. Go Find the Person

If you are in an area in your dream where you would normally see that person in real life, then just look around for them. You can also travel in your dream to a place like their home or school that they would normally be at. Travel can take a long time in dreams, and it is easy to get distracted, so you should only use this technique if you are already near that location or can fly their in the dreams. Otherwise, you could use up your dream time or stop being lucid in your dream by the time you reach the right location.

Never Give Up

If you are lucky, you will be able to see that person on one of your first few tries If you see them, stay calm, don’t panic and don’t move too quickly. Greet the person happily and they should respond the same way. You set the tone in your dreams—if you sneak up on them or chase them, it will cause them to run or hide. Be calm and friendly, and they will respond in the same way.

If you re not able to get it right the first time, then don’t panic. Keep trying. Even successful lucid dreamers cannot always see the person that they want to. It takes time, practice and patience to really get the hang of controlling your Dreams. Don’t give up!


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