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How to Find Your Spiritual Guide


Finding direction and purpose in life is not easy. Your spiritual guide is there to help you find your purpose in life and discover why you are here on this earth. The only problem is that you have to actually be ready to listen to your spirit guide and ask them for help. They are always there to help you, but they will only help if you ask for it. Otherwise, they just sit and wait until you are ready to find your life’s mission.

Your spiritual guide was recruited entirely to help your spiritual and personal growth. Often, spiritual guides have already lived a full life on earth and have a host of wisdom to help you find your highest calling. If you want to achieve your life’s purpose, you have to learn how to find your spiritual guide.

1. Ask First

When you need help, your spiritual guide is always there for you. Whether you have to heal after a break up or want to find your passion in life, your spiritual guide wants to help you out. There is no request that is too big or too small to ask for help in. Your first step in learning how to find your spiritual guide is learning to ask for that help.

2. Meditate

When you are constantly surrounded by the chaos of modern life, you cannot listen to your spiritual guide. You have to tune into their frequency and be open to what they say. The easiest way to do this is to turn everything off. Unplug your television, turn off your phone and sit in silent meditation for a while. It is only when you sit in silence that you can hear what the universe is trying to tell you.

3. Use Intuitive Writing

Your spirit guide is already there to help you. You just have to find the right way to hear what they are saying. One of the easiest ways to connect to the higher realms is by using intuitive writing. Set up a sacred space in your home. This is often the place where you choose to meditate or pray. Light a candle and sit down to meditate for a while. Set two different colored pens and a journal in front of you. After meditating for a while, use the first colored pen to write out your question. Then, take the second colored pen and ask your guides to provide the answer. Let the response flow naturally through your hand and onto the page.

4. Use a Spirit Guides Diary

Sometimes, your spirit guide chooses to communicate through your dreams or hunches. A spirit guide diary can help you track any visions or guidance that your spirit guides tell you. You have to listen to your intuition whenever you notice some type of guidance from a higher realm. By writing things down, you are able to process your intuition and figure out what your spirit guides are trying to communicate.

5. Lose Your Attachment

One of the reasons that people can rarely listen to or understand their guide is because they are attached to an outcome. When you are getting over a break up, you want to spirit guide to tell you that you will heal the rift and get back together. You don’t listen to what they are actually saying about how you should heal and move on.

If you want to receive true guidance from a higher realm, you have to let go of what the answer should sound like. If you bring preconceived notions to the table, then you cannot listen to what your spiritual guide actually says or how they want to guide you. You might not even be able to contact your spiritual guide at all. If you are expected a Buddhist monk or an angel, you may be unable to listen if your spiritual guide turns out to be a kindly grandmother. Open your mind and let the universe speak to you.

6. Ask for a Sign

One way to find your spiritual guide is to choose a particular object. This could be a symbol like a red rose, a feather or a smiley face. Whatever it is, decide that this is the sign that your spiritual guides will use. When you suddenly see that sign in your waking life, you will know that it is a sign from your guides.

7. Make a Spirit Guides Box

Another way to communicate with your guides is to set aside a specific box for them. This is where you will put your questions or problems that you need help with. Write out your question on a piece of paper. Then, fold up the piece of paper and put it in the box. Before long, the universe and your guides will provide you with an answer.

8. Make a Sacred Space

There is a reason you tend to be hungry or think about food when you are in the kitchen. Your mind is used to acting in this way when you are in that particular environment. To make it easier to communicate with your spirit guides, you need a space that is ideal for meditating and listening to the communications of the universe. This sacred space could be a corner of a room, or you could set up an entire room for it. It could even be something as simple as a window ledge. You may want to use candles, sitting pillows or inspiring artwork to make your space more sacred. Then, you need to spend some time everyday in this space so that you develop the habit of listening to your guides and reaching out to them for guidance.

9. Sleep on It

It is difficult for your guides to communicate when you are focused on work or distracted by a relationship problem. When you are sleeping, it is much easier for your spirit guides to communicate with you in your dreams. If you have problems remembering your dreams, use a dream journal. Keep it next to your bed so that you can write down the last vestiges of your dream before you are too awake to remember them.


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