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How to Get a Boyfriend Effortlessly


Getting a boyfriend isn’t usually something that we refer to as “effortless”. However, it’s really not as hard as people make it out to be. Sure, you may think you have to dress up really nice and act a certain way, but it’s not as difficult or as complicated as all of that.

In fact, it’s fairly simple. Guys aren’t super needy people who expect a perfect ten out of ten. They just want to get along with the girl and be attracted to her – something that’s not hard to accomplish. For that reason, we have some tips on how to get a boyfriend effortlessly.

If you’re looking for love, we can help you find it. Although there isn’t always an “effortless” way to get a boyfriend – because all relationships require effort from both parties – there are easy ways to pick up a guy and make him yours. Here are the best.

  1. Be yourself.

I know this is super cheesy and you’ve probably read this advice a hundred times, but it’s for a reason. You have to just be yourself. That’s usually pretty hard to do when you’re nervous and really into someone, but just remember it. Don’t try to be someone else for the sake of some guy because first of all, he’ll be able to see right through it and secondly, if he doesn’t see through it, he’ll just fall for someone he thinks you are. And you won’t be able to maintain that fake persona.

  1. Let your personality shine.

That being said, you have to show him your true personality. We all know you have a goofy, funny side that you save for your close friends. You need to let him see that. You have to be able to let him know who you truly are and what your personality is like. Because at the end of the day, a man will fall for your personality more than your looks.

  1. Have confidence to spare.

Confidence is sexy and attractive as hell. Guys will notice a girl who’s confident way more than a girl who is better looking. When you ooze confidence and act like you’re the best thing in the room, he will believe it. And believe me when I say he’ll definitely want it. If you lack confidence, work on building it up and you’ll find that boyfriends come easily.

  1. Play hard to get.

Men love a good chase. They like the challenge of “winning” over a girl. So if you’re always going up to guys and being really clingy and making yourself theirs easily, doing this will definitely help. Give them something to chase after. Don’t be so available. Make sure they know you have a life and aren’t willing to bend your plans to fit theirs. Make it a challenge and you’ll get a boyfriend effortlessly.

  1. Look great.

It’s no secret that guys are visual people. They like to be physically attracted to their partner more so than women need to be physically attracted to theirs. That being said, being well groomed and looking great definitely helps. Put on a flattering outfit and just try and look your best. When a guy notices that you’re dressed really well, he’ll be drawn to you. The trick here is to be modest, while also showing a little skin. You also want to dress in something you find comfortable and something that makes you feel confident.

  1. Get your flirt on.

Flirting is essential to getting a boyfriend. Guys love to flirt and have an easy banter going with a girl. Therefore, you have to be able to flirt in order to get a boyfriend. Not only is flirting an easy way to show someone you’re interested, but he’ll love that you can easily be open and flirty with him. It’ll give him a way to make you his.

  1. Be kind and nurturing.

If there’s one thing pretty much all guys have in common, it’s that they are attracted to kind and nurturing women. This has a lot to do with psychology more than something you do specifically. Men tend to like women who remind them of their mothers. This means they enjoy girls who have nurturing, motherly qualities about them. So show guys your kind side and they’ll be more likely to make you their girlfriend.

  1. Make sure he knows you’re interested.

How can a guy become your boyfriend if he has no idea you’re actually interested in him? The truth is, you have to put yourself out there a little bit. This is where you actually do have to put in a little bit of effort. Show him you like him and you can even just tell him that you do and it’ll be enough to get him thinking about you in a romantic way.

  1. Walk away in the heat of the moment.

This is a secret that will definitely get you a boyfriend. When the flirting has become hot and heavy and you think you’ve hooked him, walk away. Let him chase after you. Doing this will make him want you even more and he’ll be the one putting in the effort to get you.

  1. Smile – a lot.

It’s a widely known fact that guys are more attracted to girls who smile a lot. The truth is, if you’re really smiley and act like you’re happy all the time, you’ll look fun to be around. And it’ll make guys want to get in on that fun so they’ll be more likely to become your boyfriend to have a slice of that happiness.

What Not to do

Now you know what you should do, but what about what you should avoid doing? These are things many girls do that guys hate. Avoid doing them at all costs.

  1. Being clingy.

Guys hate girls who are clingy. If you’re calling him all the time and never leaving him alone, he’ll be really turned off. He won’t want to be your boyfriend if you’re never going to leave him alone. So ease off a bit and wait for him to contact you if you want to get a boyfriend effortlessly.

  1. Coming on too strong.

Another thing guys tend to dislike is if you come on way too strong. By that, I mean if you’re all over him and showering him in compliments and praise. Sure, it may seem like a nice thing to do, but he’ll get annoyed very quickly. It won’t seem genuine and it won’t be enough of a challenge for him. Guys don’t want easy girlfriends.

  1. Not acting like yourself.

You have to be yourself. It can be difficult when you’re shy or nervous around a guy, but you can’t take on a whole new persona. They’ll be able to tell and it’s really unattractive. That being said, make sure you’re showing him who you truly are on a regular basis and make sure if he falls for you, he does so because he truly likes you for you.

Getting a boyfriend effortlessly is possible. If you’re the type who always goes above and beyond and is still single, it may be because you’re trying too hard. These tips can help fix that.


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