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How to Get a Girl to Like You Again


Girls are pretty complicated creatures. We have a habit of losing interest or allowing silly little things to skew if we like someone or not. It really only takes one little thing to completely change our feelings for someone in that moment. The good news, however, is that it really only takes one little thing to change it back.

It can be heartbreaking to gain a girl’s trust and get her to like you only to end up screwing it up. She loses interest and you’re left wondering what you did and how you can make her like you again. Have no fear! I’m here to help you out and let you know that there are ways for you to get a girl to like you again.

It might not be easy and it might not happen overnight, but with the right tips and determination, you can definitely make her like you again. Here’s everything you can do to ensure her feelings for you grow.


  1. Figure Out What Happened

There are tons of different reasons why a girl would stop liking you and most of them have to do with something you did or said. Make it your mission to figure out just what happened to make her stop liking you. Talk to her friends or even ask her yourself. It might be a little hard to hear, but learning what the problem is can help you fix it. Think back over everything you did and said and try to think if there’s anything she could have taken in the wrong way. Often times when it’s early in a relationship or fling, things can be taken in the wrong way and it’s all just a misunderstanding.


  1. Address the Issue With Her

Go talk to her yourself! If you know what happened to make her not like you anymore and it’s something you can fix, then do it. Addressing the problem as soon as possible can help salvage all of those feelings she has for you. Your best bet is to approach her directly and let her know that you’re sorry or that what she heard was actually a misunderstanding. Most of the time, she’ll realize she was overreacting and will be willing to give you another shot. Just be patient and don’t tell her that she was wrong to be mad or upset about something. Acknowledge that whatever it is obviously affected her in a big way and then talk through it without blaming her for anything.


  1. Let Her Have Space

If you immediately bombard her with questions and asking her to like you again, she’ll run away as fast as possible. Behavior like that can cause her to feel overwhelmed and a little freaked out. She needs some space to figure out her own feelings before she can truly even like you again. If he’s unsure of how she feels, giving her a little space while you work from a distance can help her realize just how she feels about you. Girls take a lot longer to digest their feelings than guys do, so give her a little more time that you think she would actually need.


  1. Make Sure She Knows You’re Interested

Even when you’re giving her space, you always want to make sure she knows that you still like her. If you just stop talking to her and leave her alone completely, she’ll automatically think you’re not longer interested either and give up on the idea completely. So send her smiles and wave at her when you enter the room. Doing these little things shows her that you still notice her and like her. When a girl loses feelings for someone – even if it’s just a little – knowing that someone else is no longer interested will make her drop them completely. So show her that you do have feelings for her and she’ll be more willing to let those old feelings back in.


  1. Impress Her From a Distance

You don’t have to be talking to her in order to get her to like you. You can be at a distance while she has her space and does her thinking and still impress her at the same time. If you do nice things for other people when she’s around, it’ll give you major brownie points. All you really have to do is be very open about doing nice things and being a good person and she’ll be able to see that and know how great of a person you really are. That’s something that can make almost anyone like you – especially a girl who used to like you already. Just don’t go around throwing stuff in her face. If it’s obvious what you’re doing, she’ll actually be completely turned off and feel justified in losing feelings for you.


  1. Be Confident No Matter What

Obviously, knowing that a girl has stopped liking you can be a major hit to your self-esteem. However, it’s always important to maintain confidence throughout. The reason for this is that girls love confidence. If you immediately start acting sad and depressed, she’s going to be turned away from that. If you show your confidence even in the shaky times, she’ll know you can handle the bad times with ease and security – which is a very attractive trait in someone. Walk in the room with a smile on your face and feel great about who you are. Remembering that just because one person stopped liking you doesn’t mean every girl who likes you will eventually stop.


  1. Make Her Miss You

Girls who feel the absence of someone they used to like will definitely start having feelings for them. Make sure she knows how great it was with you and how she now doesn’t have that anymore. When a girl realizes what she had when it was gone, it’ll spark those feelings again. Show her that you can have fun without her. Laugh a lot around her with other people and look like you’re having a good time no matter what you’re doing. If she misses being a part of that fun, she’ll start liking you again. She’ll feel like she’s missing something crucial and enjoyable in her life and if you make her realize that one thing is you, she’ll start liking you again in no time.


  1. Jealousy Works, Too

Jealousy is always a great way to spark some of those old feelings. If you want to make her a little jealous so she likes you again, start talking to other girls and being a LITTLE flirty with them. You always want to make sure you never take it too far because if you make her downright mad, it’ll cloud her true feelings for you and she’ll basically just ignore you and try to avoid you. You want to flirt enough for her to take notice and think, “But I want him to flirt with me.” So keep it subtle and you’ll see her feelings creeping back in. Also, stay away from her friends. Flirting with any of her friends will make her lose trust in you AND them, which will result in resentment.


  1. Let Her Come to You

You’ve done your part. You’ve done everything you can to rekindle her old feelings for you and now you have to leave the ball in her cart. If you’ve done all of this, the next thing you can do is initiate contact once. Just once. Text her saying, “Hi! It’s been a little bit, let’s catch up,” and let her do the rest. If everything has worked, her feelings for you have starting to flow through and she’ll be looking forward to that text. If not, then she will most likely ignore it or turn it down. If that’s the case but you’re still convinced you want to be with her, then repeat al of these steps again. Ultimately, it should be HER decision to reach out and start talking regularly again. If that happens, you’ll know her feelings have returned.


  1. Ask Her Out

If she’s contact you and you’ve been talking regularly again, casually ask her out. Don’t make a big deal out of it because that could turn her off. Just casually slip it into conversation or bring up some new movies that are out and say something like, “We should definitely go see that this weekend!” If she seems excited about it, you know you’re in. The key is to take things easy and don’t seem too desperate to get out with her. If she lost her feelings for you once, it means things got too far too quick. Slow it down, take it easy, and keep it casual for as long as you can if you want to make sure her feelings for you will stay.


There’s really no foolproof way to make someone like you. Everyone has their own opinions and likes who they do based on many different factors. If they used to like you, however, you can use these tips to try and get her to like you again.


  1. Ok so I have this issue right, I’ve known this girl for 4 months, we met online, went on a date, it went really we’ll.. then I started to get to know her more, things started going Down hill for her, well they already were when we met, but I didn’t know, major family problems, past reminds and problems with her son 4yrs old.. and the past 4 months she’s opened up to me and I’ve literally been her rock, she’s said that that she’s so grateful for me to be in her life these past weeks, I’ve kept her level and she’s never met a guy like me, now all along I’ve made it very clear I want to date her, but while she’s not ready I’ll talk and help her out, and I have and she acknowledges that, and all along she’s suggested let’s date at this time then she backs out and cancels (also has major anxiety about dating, result of a previous guy) so the past 2 weeks she’s said she’s been pushing me away because she sees me as a freind and I’m too involved, but then asks me to date her, and talks about her troubles and what’s going on, then says she’ll never see me as more than a mate, but her behaviour and actions speak otherwise, we’ve only ever snogged on the first date btw.., so today I’ve left it as “message me when you are ready to date, good luck with such and such, and if shit gets overwhelming I am here to talk” and she replied with a thank you.. I really don’t know what to do though, because she’s literally the best girl I’ve ever met, but she really has such low self worth and and she is going through such a shit time and isn’t ready to date. and I truly believe that she’s pushing me away as she feels like a burden to me I don’t know…. so what do I do, she knows other girls are interested too, but I can’t help but think I need to just tell her exactly how I feel, she knows I like her and want to date but not to the extent that I do, and whenever I’ve tried she’s freaked out.. do I just leave her and hope she comes, she genuinely feels like she’s holding me back I think.. we talk hours on the phone she always leaves smiling or laughing, and my jokes are shit..

    • It sounds like she is going through too much right now to really date anyone. It seems like she is also torn. She has learned to have you as her rock and source of support, and she could completely lose that if you were to date and break up. Plus, she has started thinking of you as a friend. She is obviously attracted to you as more than just a friend, which has left her feeling conflicted. It seems like she has enough problems sorting out the rest of her life, and this is just another thing that she has to figure out. You might want to just tell her what you told me. Let her know that you understand if she is under too much pressure and stress to date, but that it is hard for you to have her in your life when you want to be more than just friends with her. Let her know that you would like to step back as a friend (if that’s what you want at least) because it is too hard to be just a friend when you want more. And let her know that you would love to date her when she reaches a point in her life where she can have a relationship. Hopefully, a bit of space to figure things out is all that she needs to realize that she is better with you in her life.


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