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How To Get A Girlfriend in High School


High school is just as awkward as middle school. It is a period of growth and trying to figure out who you are. Not only that, it is a time where love and romance comes into play so it is quite stressful. You have to balance school, extra curriculum, your social life, college business (if you are a junior or senior in high school) and now a girlfriend. how to flirt with a girl in high school

Guys are put pressure to have a girlfriend in high school but do not take it too personal. The best thing you can do is pursue a girl when you are ready. But if you happen to know a girl and are intrigued by her being, then why not try to catch her attention and make her your girlfriend?

Aside from her catching your attention, you must do the same in order for her to notice you. It is not only about your looks but your strategy in trying to get to know her so here are some tips you can use to steal her heart.

how to talk to a girl in high school

How To Get A Girlfriend in High School

As mentioned, looks can only take you so far in the dating world. Many people can think you are super attractive but if your looks are the only thing you bring to the table then you will not be attracting many girls. So here are a few tips on how to get a girlfriend in high school.

  • Become more social. It is easier to meet more girls, and other people in general, if you break out your shell and become more social. This is a great period in anyone’s life to associate with the people they want to be around since it is still a growing stage. With that, if you decided to stick with a certain “crowd” – you will be around girls that draw your interest. That makes it much easier to start conversations. But if you notice a girl from another “crowd”, you should still try to start a conversation with her. There is nothing wrong with making new friends and growing your social circle.
  • Be confident. There is a difference in acting confident and actually being confident and in this case, you want to be it. This can be challenging because high school is a phase where students are not at their peak confidence due to many things, which might be their physical appearance or who they want to be. With all that being said, the way to be confident is to do things that are true to what you feel. That may consist of dressing the way that makes you feel the best and doing things that bring you the most joy. If you do these things, you will do them confidently because it is what feels right to you.
  • Standing out from the crowd. An important thing to always know in high school is, just because everyone is doing it does not mean it is cool or the right thing to do. If you want to catch the attention of a girl, you must stand out from the crowd. Now this does not mean to do anything but what suits your morals as well. You do not need to dress in an outfit that you think is ridiculous but in other ways that will show her who you are. You can do this by showing her your funny personality but casually telling jokes in your conversation. You can also show her how charming you are by holding a casual conversation about her interests. She will definitely be impressed by how interested you are about learning about her interests instead of constantly rambling about yourself. The important thing to remember when standing out from the crowd is to avoid doing it in a negatively way.

  • Hang out with her in school. Before you decide to take things to the next level, hanging out with her in a common space will make things easier on your part. This is because it is a mutual space where you get to hang with other friends and you become a friend before anything else. Aside from that, you are able to show her more of who you are which will make her life you as a person in general. Becoming her friend will give you social permission to walk with her down the halls or stop by her locker if she is there to have a chat.
  • Catch her at school events. If you know a school event is happening, you should ask her if she is going. That way, you can possible go together (if it is a dance) or maybe just meet up to hang out (if it is a school sport event). Although, you do not necessarily have to ask her to these event. If she happens to be at an event, the best way to approach her is asking how she liked it. That will show her that you care about her opinion and you can always get a sense of her taste in certain events.
  • Asking for her number. The most nerve wracking part of wanting to pursue a girl is actually asking for her number her. The best way to approach her is to do it confidently and not to over-think the situation. This is the moment where you want to get some sort of number or exchange social medias in order to take things a bit further. If you both have been casually talking, it will make things easier as you both are now friends – but just in school. When you approach her, just take it with ease as if you are going to talk to her like any other day. If you have been constantly talking to her and showing your awesome personality, she will have no issue in giving you her number.
  • Meet each other outside of school. After getting to know her and her getting to know a bit of who you are, one of the big moments is asking her to hang out outside of school. This is a great way to hang out one-on-one and focusing on one another rather than being with a large group of people. You can ask her to hang at a mall, place to eat or to catch a movie. You might not call it a date but girls know that you probably like her if you are asking to hang out. Due to this social rule, if she says “yes” then there is a high chance that she is interested in you as well.
  • Ask her to be your girlfriend. After all the hanging out (hopefully one-on-one as well) and talking consistently, feeling towards one another will grow and it will be evident. You will flirt a little here and there and always want to know what is happening either through text, call or just being together all the time. You can bring her to a romantic spot (maybe the first place you had a date) or after your first kiss, you can ask her if she would want to be your girlfriend. There is no specific moment, time or place that tells guys when and where to ask a girl. Just make sure it feel right and that she is feeling the same about you.


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