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How to Get a Girl to Like You when She Has a Boyfriend


Sometimes we can fall head over heels for a girl we see walk by on the street or the girl that sits beside you in Biology. Which isn’t a bad thing, you’re only human, so you can like anyone you want. The problem comes when you find out she has a boyfriend. I know this isn’t the ideal situation for you and though I think you shouldn’t interfere in a relationship, I also understand that sometimes your feelings are just too strong to ignore. So, if you’re in this situation, you’re probably wondering what to do. Well, we’re going to tell you the things to do and not do if you want her to like you.

If she flirts with you, doesn’t mean she likes you

She’s already in a relationship, so, if you like her because she’s flirting with you, that doesn’t mean she likes you. Some women will flirt with other guys in order to boost their ego or fill a void that they feel they’re missing. Does this mean she’s going to dump her current boyfriend for you? No. So, if this is the only thing that’s pushing you to get her, it’s not enough. But, do continue to flirt, it does help to build sexual chemistry which is what you want.

Stealing someone’s girlfriend has consequences

Listen, even if you manage to steal her from her current boyfriend, you have to remember one thing. If she left him that easily, who says she won’t do the same to you. What makes you so special? So, before you steal someone’s girlfriend, do take this into consideration. Now, I get that sometimes you really do like someone a lot and if you’re in love with her, there’s nothing I can do. It would actually be better for her boyfriend if she did leave him if she’s into. No one wants to be with someone who loves another person.

Have her tell you she has a boyfriend

She needs to tell you that she has a boyfriend. Even if you already know, if she doesn’t know you know, you wait until she tells you. This is just something she needs to tell you, you don’t want to get played. How far will she go until she tells you she’s taken? Plus, you want to make sure she understands what you think about her – that you like her more than just a friend. Once she understands that, she’ll either step back or continue to see where this goes. If she doesn’t say anything, ask her.

See if she’s happy with her boyfriend

If you want to win her over, you simply have to look at her current relationship. Is she happy with her boyfriend? If she’s head-over-heels in love, well, chances are she’s not going to leave him for you. However, if you notice that she’s unhappy with her man, that is where you’re going to squeeze yourself in. YOu can also ask her about her boyfriend. Say something like, “you’ve been together for so long, he must make you really happy” or “it must be nice to hang out with your boyfriend all the time.”

Listen to what she tells you

Listen to what she tells you

You need to listen and listen well. If she had a fight with her boyfriend, listen to what happened. You’ll be able to figure out why she’s unhappy and what’s missing in the relationship. This information is extremely valuable to you, why? Because you can fill those missing gaps and show her you’re a better match for her. So, make sure you listen to her when she starts complaining about her boyfriend.

Don’t become the shoulder she cries on

You don’t want to be the friend. And this sounds like it’s going down the road of friendship, so, if you don’t want to be her friend, don’t be the shoulder she runs to. I mean, do listen to her talk about her boyfriend, but if she starts saying, “you’re such a good friend to talk to,” then pull back a bit. You can be buddy-buddy but that’s not what you want in the long-term. You have to have her understand that you’re not looking for another friend, you see her with different eyes than just a friend.

Show you’re different from him

You need to show her that you’re refreshing and something new in comparison to her boyfriend. Maybe they’ve been together for so long that things have now become stale. Now, you don’t have to dress up like a clown to entertain her. Though, she’s probably looking for spontaneity, so, you have to show her adventure and excitement – the things she’s lacking currently. Give her a reason that you’re better than him.

Be persistent

Be persistent

If she’s iffy about her boyfriend, then you have to be persistent. If she’s in love with him, you won’t win. But if she’s unsure, this is your chance to help her make her mind in your benefit. Now, don’t be persistent in a pushy and annoying way. You need to be charming, making her relax and really consider going out with you, for example.

Don’t take on the role as a boyfriend

That is unless she breaks up with her current boyfriend. If she’s still with him, you don’t want to act like you’re her boyfriend. Don’t wine and dine her. She’ll never leave her current relationship if you’re already doing everything for her. You want to be the other guy, the guy that has her curiosity spiked. Don’t try to be in competition with her boyfriend, instead, just show her you’re better than him.

Let her come to you

Now, you be persistent, but allow her to come to you as well. You don’t want to chase her every step of the way. Instead, make the moves but don’t always be available and around. Let her develop feelings for you and need to know more about you. This is when she starts to develop feelings for you. It’s not when you’re around, it’s when you’re not around – that’s when she starts thinking about you.

Don't rush this

Don’t rush this

This isn’t going to happen over a day. This will take weeks, even months. So, be prepared to wait. Feelings don’t develop overnight, you need to work on this and let her see who you are. If you rush things, she’ll notice what you’re doing and she’ll retreat. In addition, if she chooses to leave her boyfriend, she’s going to need to time process what she did and be sad. Just because she left him doesn’t mean she didn’t have feelings for him, so, in general, this is a process.

Hang out with her

Actually spend time with her, just the two of you. Go to the beach, the mall or to a movie. Now, don’t make any moves on her, you want to take it slow and build a relationship with her. This is a process, so, you’re going to have to invest time into this. If she chooses to continue to hang out with you, she obviously enjoys your company. Now, this doesn’t mean she likes you romantically, so, do consider other signs. But if she starts texting you all the time and asking you to hang out, there’s a better chance that she’s really into you.

Flirt with her

If you don’t want her to see you only as a friend, then don’t treat her as a friend. Sure, ask her to hang out and don’t make any moves on her, but you can flirt with her. You have to make her want you to touch her, you have to build the sexual chemistry between you two. This is the best way to get her to like you. Girls want what they can’t have and she’s taken, so this is going to be torture for her. If she’s uncomfortable with you flirting, then pull back a bit. You can slowly begin to flirt again after some time.

You may not have to have the talk

You’re probably wondering when you’re going to tell her how you feel and that you think her boyfriend isn’t good for her. Now, you may not even have to do that. If she’s really into you, she may bring it up on her own, how she feels. This is a great thing if it does happen. She’s doing the work for you. Though, if 6 months pass and she never brings it up, you’re going to have to bring it up. If she tries to play some game and juggle both you and her boyfriend, don’t let yourself get played. Pull yourself out of the situation so she’ll have to choose.

Don’t have sex with her while she’s still in a relationship

I know you want to, but you shouldn’t. She needs to know that you’re not some piece of meat that she can have on the side. She needs to choose. Now, this won’t happen in the beginning, but later on, as it intensifies between you two, she’ll want more. Now, she may restrain herself from doing anything or she may try to do something – regardless, you have to resist. This is the only way to make her choose who she wants to be with. Now, if you can’t resist and you end up having sex with, well, I mean, I can’t judge but it happened. Just remember her boyfriend and how he would feel if he found out. You can still steal her without being a complete asshole.

Now that you know how to get a girl who has a boyfriend, follow these tips. Be careful, if her boyfriend is a bodybuilder, you may get yourself into some unwanted trouble. That, or start lifting weights.


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