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How To Get A Guy To Text You First


New relationships are always fun in the beginning because you are always in the honeymoon stage. This is even prior to labeling the relationship as “official”. Both people are very into one another where the communication level is at its peak. This is because each one of them want to know more about each other and being attentive is a way of showing interest.

how to get him to text you

Unfortunately, that is not always the case as time goes by. It is a very difficult situation to handle when you can feel the person you are interested in lose their interest in you. So if the guy you have invested your time in stops texting you first – do not flip. There might be certain reasons as to why a man might stop texting first to you which I will further go into later.

These reason might be come off as stereotypical but in most cases, there are the reason why a man is not responding to you messages.

Why He Is Not Texting You First

As women, we often assume a man is not texting you first because he is not interested in us. Although, that can be a possible reason – there are still other perspectives to look at the situation.

how to get someone to text you first

  • He is busy. There is a saying that goes, “You make time for the things you want in life.” That is true but sometimes, being busy with life and everything that comes along with it makes you lose track of time. Not only does it make you lose track of time, it makes you forget what you were doing. He might be consumed in work, family or anything in general that has made him forget to reply.
  • He does not want to engage in long conversation. You might have had those days where you do not want to be “social”. That goes for ignoring everyone who messages you on your social medias or text messages – you might have even made a call go to voicemail. This could a situation the guy you are talking to is in. Not everyone feels social every day and before assuming he is completely ignoring you – give him some time.
  • He wants to see if you will text him first. Sometimes a guy will test you to see if you will actually text him first. Gender roles are changing in this day and age where the guy does not necessarily have to talk to a girl first all the time. So if you stop receiving that first text message, he wants to see if you notice and if you will actually reach out to him.

How To Get A Guy To Text You First

Lets say you just met a guy in a cafe or anywhere while you were out and about. You both seemed very interested in each other and exchanged contact information. The only issue is that he is not texting you first. Now you are overthinking what you could have done wrong to have strayed him away. Do not fret. These are some tips you can take into consideration for future references so you are not put in that type of situation again.

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  • Look approachable. This might be common sense but it will take you a long way – not only with friendship but especially love relationships. If you happen to meet someone in person, looking approachable will make him seem more comfortable in talking to you. A man’s ego will go down tremendously if someone rejects him in person. Therefore, making sure you look like you will have a conversation will him is important in his strategy to go up to you. By looking approachable, this can mean smiling at him and appearing confident rather than overlooking him.
  • Eye Contact and Smiling. Eye contact is a deadly tool to use when trying to get someone’s attention. But this deadly tool is the best one you can use. Eye contact will initiate the interest spark in two people as that shows you both caught each other looking at one another. If you want a guy to approach you, eye contact is the ideal way to invite him to come and talk to you.
  • Body language. The saying, “actions speak louder than words” was not invented just for the sake of it. Actions literally speak louder than words and one must take that into consideration. You could be interested in a guy but sometimes, our body language does not express that. You might not do it on purpose, you just are not aware of what you are doing. Because of that, if you are trying to get someone’s attention, you must notice how your body language is around them. Just like the first tip, you want to seem approachable so avoid things like crossing your arms.
  • Flirt A BitSo you happen to conquer all the steps of looking approachable and he came over to talk you to! Things are rolling and going great but at this point, you need to let him know you are interested in him for sure. Sometimes we are interested in people but once we talk to them, it all goes down hill. If this is not that case for you, do not feel afraid to flirt a bit with him. This will send the signal that you are not only interested in his looks but also his personality.
  • Exchange contact information. If all goes will with your interaction when meeting one another, chances are that he might ask you for your contact number but if he does not, you can offer him your number (or Facebook if he seems taken aback by having your number – although it should not happen if you are both into each other). It is important that you offer him yours, instead of taking his. That way he will reach out to you if things were going as well as you thought. The best way to make sure he texts you first is at the peak of your conversation and letting him know you have to leave. This will leave him wanting to know more and chances of him contacting you will be high.


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