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How To Get A Guy’s Attention In Any Circumstances


Okay, so I am just going to put it out there, guys are easily distractible creatures. Either they are entirely focused on something so much so that you can’t get their attention, or their head is turning in so many different ways that you can’t get them to focus. Not multi-taskers by nature, it isn’t always simple to get a man’s attention.

There are certain things, however, that they will drop anything for. Much like Pavlov’s dogs, they are used to certain triggers that turn their heads. A combination of evolution and learned behaviors, men, are pretty predictable, and, once you know what it is, that catches their eye, catching it becomes a lot less difficult.

The one thing that women use that will definitely not work when it comes to getting a guy’s attention is something called “nagging”. All too often, we work under the false impression that they either didn’t hear us or that they didn’t understand what we said or wanted. That leads us to continue to beat a dead horse by bringing it up over and over or talking way too loudly. Those two behaviors do nothing but instantly tune them out.

If you can’t seem to get him to focus try these 10 tactics

So, what is it that will get any man’s attention? It depends on where you are in a relationship. If you don’t know him more than a stranger, you tactics are going to be different from if you have been married for years. Decipher where you are to know which method to use to get all eyes on you. In some instances, you can use the same tactics; it just depends on the result you are looking for.

#1 Images – Guys are very visual creatures. Sometimes what you say gets lost in the translation or completely overlooked. If you want to get a man’s attention, use images that have bright or shiny colors. Sometimes things have to be visual instead of verbal to be acknowledged.

If you want to gain his attention, send funny pictures of things you see or sexy pictures of yourself. That will instantly get him thinking about you and probably will keep him interested until he sees you again. If you can’t seem to get him to look at you by saying things, don’t speak louder, send him pictures, diagrams, or even images of what you want, what he wants, or even just things to catch his eye.

#2 Use praise – Guys are little balls of insecurity. Even the toughest of them all, have a need to be seen in a positive light, especially by the woman that he is interested in or loves. If you want to get his attention in any circumstance, then try using complimentary tones.

Saying things like “since you are so much better at moving my car out of the driveway, would you mind moving it real quick”, is a request combined with a compliment. It is easy to see why he would be way more receptive to your request than if you just said: “Hey can you move my car?”. Guys are whores for a compliment, so, to get them to focus on you give them a little pat on the back as encouragement.

#3 Dress inappropriately – There is no better way to get a guy’s attention than to dress sexy. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t into tight clothes or negligees. Chances are, he is, and, if you want to get his attention, then you have to dress in something that will catch his eye. Whether you want to date him or are married to him and want him to pay you a little extra attention, putting on something to get his sexual juices flowing will have him distracted from any game television and back to looking at your private parts.

#4 Say it with a smile – Not only does a guy not want to be nagged, but they also want to see their woman happy. Ever heard the phrase “you can catch more bees with honey than you can vinegar”? The same is true for a guy. A simple smile can have him looking your way. Guys are attracted to girls who are light-hearted and appreciative. So, if you want to get his attention, smile and be friendly. It will work much better than standing in front of him with your hands on your hips!

#5 Be in his line of vision – Sometimes it is just about creating a distraction. If a guy is into something, he has a very limited capacity to see anything else. If you are at a bar and want to get a guy’s attention, make sure to walk in front of him or to block the television that is catching his eye. If he gets a good look at you and isn’t annoyed at missing whatever was so great on tv, then you have caught his attention.

#6 Accidentally “touch” him – Since men aren’t that verbal, they respond very quickly to the sense of touch. If you want to get his attention, then you can mistakenly brush up against him. Or, if you know him, grab his arm lightly. Touching him will bring out emotions in him that will distract him from any task, especially if you feel him in the right erogenous zones. Brushing up against his inner thigh, touching his face or hair, or even just brushing up against his hips while on the way to the bathroom will get his attention quicker than you can imagine.

#7 Play the damsel in distress – All guys want to do is be the protector and savior, even if, sometimes they don’t know it. If you want to get their attention, then put yourself in a situation where you need their help. Whether it is telling them in the workplace that you simply can’t work out a problem, or at home that you can’t lift something all by your little self, making them feel accomplished, strong, or smart, while also needing to be saved, will get their attention no matter what they are up to. A guy will always storm the tower for the girl he loves or is even just attracted to.

#8 Don’t give him the time of day – The guy who seems to be completely uninterested in you or is too into something else, might really just be playing hard to get and looking for a challenge. For the type of guy that likes to be in control and isn’t looking for someone needy, pretending that you don’t need him at all, not looking in his direction, or doing things all on your own, might be the best way to get his attention.
When he suddenly notices that you aren’t blowing up his phone, aren’t home on a Friday night begging him to go out, but have gone out yourself, or doesn’t catch you looking at him when he takes a glance your way, will get his attention. Sometimes your inability to not get his attention comes from the fact that he doesn’t find you a challenge and wants the thrill of the hunt. To get his attention, let him hunt you down again.

#9 Start being unavailable – Going once more, if you find that the guy in your life is giving you the brush off or taking you for granted, the best way to get his attention is to be completely unavailable. If he can’t get you on text, you won’t pick up the phone, or you aren’t hanging out at your regular spot, he will start to wonder what is going on and begin to miss you.

If he is taking you for granted, show him that he can’t have someone he won’t show any interest in. The best way to handle someone who isn’t giving you the proper attention, worst case scenario, if you start to move on and he doesn’t follow you, then you can find the attention from someone else who will give it to you and appreciate you more.

There is nothing worse than trying to get a guy’s attention. Although slightly predictable, the way to get their attention depends on where you are at in your relationship or if you even have one at all.

To get his attention and see if he is interested, it might take you inserting yourself into his life. If you already have him in your life but aren’t the priority that you think you should be, you either have to make yourself unavailable or switch whatever tactics you are using, because they obviously aren’t working.

A guy wants to be with someone who is happy and makes them feel likewise. Harping on how they aren’t ever around, or that they don’t pay you enough attention will only push them farther away. To know how to get their attention in any situation, you first have to know what situation you find yourself in, define what the goal is, and make sure they are worthy of your efforts.

Although it might seem like impossible, once you find out what makes a guy tick and why he is behaving the way that he is, you can get his attention with ease using the right tactic.


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