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How To Get Him To Chase You


Tired of chasing him? That’s okay, you don’t have to any longer! There are many things that you can do to get him to chase you! Trust us, it’s much better this way and so much more fulfilling. Check out the following dos and don’ts to help you get him chasing you in no time:

The Dos:

Take Space Away From Him

Of course you are going to have the very strong urge to be all up in his business, all of the time. But we suggest that you take a step away from him for a short period of time. This way he will realize that you are not messing around. He might take you more seriously if he feels as if he is losing you. This will peak his interest in you much more than if you were constantly all over him. That can be annoying to some guys. And some guys truly like to be the chaser, not the one that is being chased.

Feign Disinterest

Just like you are going to want to take some time away from him and give him space, you are going to also want to pretend that you are losing interest in him. These two things definitely go hand in hand with one another. Men like to go after things that they think they cannot have. Of course, you know that you are very much interested in him. However, you want him to think that you are actually losing interest in him. This will make him want to go after you much more than if you were acting overtly into him. Don’t be cruel about it. If he starts showing more interest in you, it’s totally okay to start acting like you are getting more interested in him. This will give him the idea that he is the one pushing you to like him. Only we know that you have always liked him from the beginning!

Get Into His Likes

Once you have him on the hook a little bit, after you have feigned your disinterest and taken space, now is the time to act like you are starting to become more intrigued by him and the things that he likes. The more that he warms up to you, the more that you should start to warm up to him in return. You want to make him think that he is the one making you slowly gain interest in him. He will also be excited to get you into the things that he likes. It will make him feel as if he is doing all the work, but it will be fun for him at the same time.

Do Your Own Thing

But you don’t want to be overly interested in his life at the same time. Only show it a little bit at a time. You want to still go out and live your life. So that way when he gets around to texting you, you can actually say that you are busy. He’s going to want you more knowing that you are not sitting around waiting for him every hour of the day. Let him know that you are with friends and that you will text him later when you are no longer busy. You don’t want him to think that he is a priority in your life just yet. That’s reserved for actual boyfriends. He will catch on that you are independant and that will only draw him to you more, whilst making him want to chase you.

Close Yourself Off A Tiny Bit

Whatever you do, do not be an open book. Guys tend to be more intrigued by a woman of mystery. It will make him want to go after you solely so that he can get to know you more and more as time goes on. He wants to be the one to uncover all your secrets. You don’t want to just lay everything out on the table for him. That leaves no fun in the chase for him.

Seduce Him

One of the best ways to get him chasing after you is by subtly seducing him in every way that you can. Of course, you don’t want him to know that you are actively trying to seduce him. Be very low key about it. This means that you will need to actively put work into your body language around him without it being too obvious. There a few things you can start off by doing.

  • Use those pearly whites! Smiling is one of the most effective ways to get his eyes focused on you. Not only that, but it gives you the appearance of a positive demeanor. A positive attitude will definitely make you feel more attractive to him than a negative one.
  • Keep your arms down, but your back straight! The last thing that you want to do is appear closed off to him. Crossing your arms is a bad idea. It gives him the idea that you are guarded and not happy to be around to be around. Keeping your posture good is very important as well. It makes you seem like you are confident and it also helps display your chest prominently. Which, let’s face it, guys love.
  • Use eye contact to your advantage! Eye contact is crucial when it comes to getting someone to like you. Avoiding eye contact will only make him think that he has no chance with you whatsoever. And although you want to play hard to get, you don’t want to make it seem totally impossible.

Be Your Best Self

Along with body language, there is another way to subtly seduce him. What is it? Dress to impress, of course! You don’t want to come off as slovenly when you are trying to get a man’s interest in you on high alert. You want to dress as if you are dressing for a king himself. It is what will set you out against any competition. Don’t be afraid to dive into that makeup you bought purely for special occasions. You also might want to think about wearing some heels to elongate those legs. Whatever you have that you use to feel your sexiest is what you are going to want to use in this endeavor.

Be Your True Self

As much as you want to be your full self on the outside, you want to be just as good on the inside, too. You want to be your happy, cute, wonderful, intelligent self that you know you can be! Let him see the real side of you, show him you really are. That is what is going to draw him into you. Be passionate, strong and endearing! Don’t let him see you weak or nervous. Confidence is more than key when you’re trying to grab his attention.

Be There For Him

The last thing that you will want to do when you are trying to get him interested in chasing you is be there for him. Although you want to be a little disinterested, if he really needs you then it is important for you to be there for him on a deeper level. He is going to appreciate you for it in the long run and it’s going to make him more attracted to you.

The Don’ts:

Don’t Live In The Past

This one really only applies to you if the two of you were previously a couple or had some sort of fling. If you had, then go ahead and take this advice. Whatever happened before needs to be left in the past. So if he has done something to make you mad or vice versa, it’s a general rule when you are trying to get him to chase you to leave whatever made you upset behind and move on.

It’s going to give him a good idea as to how forgiving you can be and that will come off as attractive.

Don’t Be Whiny

Nothing is more unattractive than being extremely whiny and negative. No man will want to chase after you if that is all you do when you are around him. Of course we all need to vent sometimes, but when you are in the middle of trying to get him to chase you, don’t do it! Wait until you have him totally on the hook before doing any of that kind of stuff. That’s definitely girlfriend only territory.

Don’t Be Obvious

Men like to be the one chasing the girl, so it’s also vital to remember to not overwhelm him. You want to stay very reserved and let him come after you over time. It’s not going to be quick, we know that, so just have patience. Being too obvious will make you seem extremely desperate.

Don’t Be Petty

You might be upset because he hasn’t started going after you previously. That may just make you feel like a woman scorned. But it’s important to not let it get to you, because it’s only going to turn him off from you if you do that. Being petty is definitely not a way to get him to chase after you. Let whatever is bugging you go and keep thinking positive thoughts. You’ll get through it, we promise! And in the end when he’s following your lead, it’ll be totally worth it, won’t it?

Don’t Come On Too Strong

Coming on too strong will also make you come off as pretty desperate. We know you want to text him immediately or see what he’s up to every hour, but we advise you not to do that. You want to feign disinterest, like we have mentioned to you previously. This will make him want you so much more than if you are constantly all over him!

Don’t Be A Stalker

Let’s just make one thing clear: Being a stalker is not sexy or cute in anyway. He won’t appreciate you doing so and it will drive him away!


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