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How to Get Over a Guy You’re Still in Love With


Not everyone we fall for will love us back. It’s just a harsh reality of life. You can try and try for a really long time only to be faced with the fact that they’re just no into you. It’s something that’s really difficult to deal with and it may even leave you completely heart broken. But you don’t have to sit and cry in your room alone. You can move on from the heartbreak and even get over a guy you still love.

It definitely won’t be the easiest thing to do, but you can do it. The trick here is knowing how. Many people think getting over their love will never happen and they’ll be forced to endure heartache for the rest of their lives but that’s simply not true.

There are a lot of things you can do to work on getting over the person you still love. And that’s where we come in. If you’re struggling with getting past the harsh reality you’re facing, don’t worry. These tips can help you get over a guy you still love in no time.

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  1. Let yourself hurt, and then move on.

It’s okay to be hurt and it’s okay to feel upset about something. Don’t deny yourself the right to cry and be in pain over someone who doesn’t love you back. Getting over a guy you still love doesn’t mean shoving your emotions inside. So let yourself feel the pain and then move on after the crying is done.

  1. Delete all their social media.

The last thing you need when getting over a guy is to see his adorable face pop up while scrolling through Facebook. For that reason, you have to get rid of all his social media and don’t even think about cyber stalking him. Get rid of all of it so you don’t have to see him.

  1. Get rid of pictures of them.

That also goes for any and all pictures you have of him. If your phone is full of pictures of him, seeing those will only prolong your heartache. Therefore, you have to delete them all so you won’t be able to look at all the times you’ve spent together. Reliving these moments will only make it harder for you to let go, so remove any chance of you doing that.

  1. Stay busy with friends.

Being busy and keeping your mind occupied is crucial in getting over someone. By staying busy, you’re not allowing your mind to think of them because it’ll be busy with other things. Go out and be with your friends so you can really get over him.

  1. Find someone else.

Normally I don’t condone rebounds, but in this case, it may help. Just like staying busy can help you forget about the guy you still love, finding a new guy to have fun with can do that too. Not only will you be busy and your mind will be off of that guy, you may find that you like this new guy even better.

  1. Realize that it’s nothing against you.

You can’t take someone not loving you back personally. Yes, it may hurt and you may not feel very confident for a while, but you have to remember that it’s nothing against you. Some people just aren’t meant to be together and you can’t expect every single guy you’re with to fall head over heels in love with you. Just remember that no matter what, you’re still amazing.

  1. Seek advice from friends.

Your friends have probably been in your shoes before. They probably have loads of advice that will make getting over a guy you still love so much easier. So go to them for advice. Ask them if they have any tips you can use. Sometimes, venting to your friends about it is enough to make you feel better.

  1. Find a new hobby.

Nothing can occupy your time like learning a new hobby. Pick up an interest that takes time to learn and even challenges you. When you’re so focused on learning it and getting good at it, you won’t have time to think about the guy you still love and it’ll be easier to get over him.

  1. Focus on bettering yourself.

Another thing you can do is focus on improving yourself as a person. This can be done in a number of different ways. You can join a gym, learn a new language, and even volunteer at different places. When you focus on yourself, your mind has a harder time drifting to the guy you still love.

  1. Remember that your true love is still out there and you’ll never find him by moping around.

This is something many of us forget. We spend so much time thinking about someone who doesn’t love us that we don’t remember the fact that our true love is still out there. So what if that guy didn’t love you back? Someone out there will and it’s your job to make sure you’re available for him. Don’t let your heartache consume you and blind you to someone who will really love you.

What to do When You’re Finally Over Him

Yay! Now you’re over him. What should you do now that your heart doesn’t break every time you hear his name? These are some fun things to do once you realize you’re totally over him.

You may not even realize the moment you truly get over him, but once you do figure it out, you should definitely celebrate. Have your friends over for a night of drinking and movies and enjoy the fact that your heart doesn’t hurt any more. Getting over a guy you still love is no easy feat and if you’ve done it, you earn a celebration. You can even go as far as to throw a party and invite everyone you know.

  1. Get back in the dating game.

If you haven’t already, get back into the dating game. You’re finally over that guy who broke your heart and now it’s time to put your whole heart to use. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and get to know them. The only way you’re going to find someone who loves you back is if you take risks and meet someone new. In order to do this, introduce yourself to guys you find interesting and attractive. There’s no need to stay inside and curse off men for good.

  1. Make peace with your past.

It’s okay to still feel sensitive about the guy who didn’t love you back. You don’t have to be happy about your past in order to be over it. If you’ve accepted the fact that you don’t belong together and you’re happy with your life now, then you’re over him. What you need to do now is accept the fact that it happened so you can work on moving forward. Sometimes it’s not only enough to get over a guy, but to accept your past.

Getting over someone you really love is not something you can do overnight. It’ll take some time and these helpful tips to help you get over him and move on.


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