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How to Give a Sensual Massage to a Man


Have you ever had a crappy massage? If yes, well, firstly, I give my condolences and secondly, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Crappy massages are like drinking sour milk. It’sunpleasantt and you pray to never have to experience it again. Am I being dramatic? No, it’s the truth. There’s something about a bad massage that makes you feel even worse than you did before having it. You’re more tense, more anxious – there’s nothing relaxing and stimulating about a bad massage. As you can tell, I cannot stand receiving a bad massage. So, this probably means, your partner doesn’t like it either. If you’re planning on giving your boyfriend a massage, you need to do it the right way. That way, when it’s his turn to give you a massage, he has to put in 100% effort. So, here’s what you need to do in order to give your man the massage of a life time.

Prepare beforehand

You need to prepare. I mean, sure, you can have a spontaneous massage, however, it’s always nice when you have all the essentials ready to go. When you’re giving someone a massage, you’re relaxing their mind and body – it’s literally has a full body effect.  This mean, you need to get the basics down. So, now, you’re going to learn everything there is to know on how to give a sensual massage to your man.

First, you have to choose the right place to give them massage. You want to make sure that the environment is relaxing and comfortable. If your underwear is all over the floor, just pick it up. Not only will you clean your room but, it’ll make the atmosphere light and relaxing. A messy room will create a hectic and claustrophobic environment which isn’t massage-friendly. You don’t need to make it look like a professional spa, your goal is just to make it look clean.

Now, if you want to go the extra mile, you can use candles, incense, and music to elevate the atmosphere of your room. Keep the music soft and relaxing, no lyrics – you don’t need him bobbing his head to Taylor Swift. Your goal is to have his attention focusing on his body and your touch, so if something is distracting, remove it.

Your candles or incense shouldn’t be overly scented – remember, your goal is to keep everything light and relaxing. So, no fruit scented candles or incense.

Now, when it comes to the surface your partner will be lying on, this is important. I know you don’t have a professional massage table but that doesn’t mean you still cannot give a good massage. Make sure that the surface they’re lying on is firm such as a mattress or futon. There has to be enough space for his body to lie flat without him having to curl his toes to tuck his arms in.

Massage materials

You have the area already prepped, now, it’s time for you to get the materials. You may think that the materials aren’t that big of a deal, but trust me they make all the difference. You have an endless amount of different oils and tools to use when giving a massage. It really depends on how creative you want to get when it comes to massaging your partner.  You can use a basic oil or you can mix it up with different tools. Your goal at the end is to give him a great massage and well, hopefully, have it turn into foreplay – that is if you want. Whether you choose to give a strictly relaxing massage or one with a sexual undertone, both will do the job of bringing you closer together. The power is in your hands with where this massage will go, so you decide.

If you’re just starting out with massaging, I recommend that you keep it simple. Try to stick to basic oils that are unscented. Oil will keep the skin lubricated, so you can easily run your hands up and down his back. The unscented part, well, he probably doesn’t want to smell like a giant coconut. However, if you’re into scented oils, try to keep it on the light side since oils without scent are less sticky are irritating to sensitive skin. When giving the massage make sure that you tie your hair back, that way you won’t get oil stuck in it and become messy. Now, depending on the style of your massage, relaxing or sexual, you can wear whatever fits the mood.

How to massage your man

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for this part, we all know you’re not a professional masseuse. So, we’re not looking for you to give the best massage in town. This is more about connecting with your partner than actually making sure you’re doing it right.

Firstly, you want to be enjoying yourself while you’re giving him a massage. If you hate giving massages then this isn’t going to be a fun experience for you. In addition, if you had a bad day at work or you’re just generally in a bad mood, neither of you will enjoy this experience. You want to have positive energy during this massage because he will literally be feeling it through your hands.

Before applying the oil, you need to place the bottle in warm water to heat it up. If not, he’ll be in for a shock when you pour cold oil on him. If you forget, don’t worry, just rub the oil in your hands a bit before rubbing him with it.

Now, with the oil on his back, you’ll want to make sure you spread it on his skin by stroking your hands up and down his back. You can apply more pressure, just ask him along the way if it’s too hard or too light. Keep your hands in constant motion, moving them up and down his spine, shoulder blades and waist. Don’t forget that you should use your entire hand to massage this back – thumbs, fingers – knead them into his back. Since he’s a man, he’ll be able to take more pressure, so don’t feel scared to really knead his back. Of course, check in along the way and make sure he’s enjoying it.

9 massage tips

  • Make sure that your boyfriend goes to the bathroom before your massage. There’s nothing worse than a hand full of oil and him saying that he has to use the toilet. Not only will it be slightly uncomfortable, it’ll be a distraction.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just the back. If you find yourself really enjoying the experience, feel free to expand and massage other parts of his body such as his arms, legs, feet or head. These areas are usually forgotten during massages but are highly stimulating.
  • If you have long nails don’t be afraid to use them. Now, don’t dig so deep you draw blood, but many people enjoy the feeling of nails raking on their backs. It helps stimulate the nerve-endings.
  • Use pressure, I cannot emphasize this enough. Don’t be shy to really put some weight on your hands, trust me, he can handle it. Doing deep strokes along his spine and shoulder blades will help relax the muscles. If it’s too strong, he’ll tell you.
  • Switch the massage techniques up. You don’t always have to stick to slow and deep strokes. Use your thumbs, knuckles, fingers – change the speed, change the pressure. You don’t want to fall asleep while massaging him, nor do you want him to pass out, or maybe you do, who knows. The point is, mix it up.
  • When massaging, you want to make sure that the hand strokes move in the direction of the heart. Now, if you don’t do it, it’s fine, however, be blood circulation. So, this massage isn’t only relaxing, it’s beneficial to his health!
  • Though oil is great for skin, you don’t want to keep it on your skin. If he keeps the oil on his skin after nothing major will happen. Though, oil does clog up pores, so, if he’s worried about blemishes, then he should have a shower after the massage.
  • Let him relax after the massage. He may feel horny after but he may not. If not, don’t push him to have sex. Let him relax and fully enjoy the experience. He can take a relaxing bath after, nap it off, watch tv. Whatever it is, let him have his time to have the experience sink in.
  • Don’t do it if you really don’t enjoy it. Though this is for him, it’s also for you too. If you’re really not into massaging him, that’s okay, you don’t have to. Instead, take him for a massage – he’ll still enjoy it. That way, you’re both happy. If you’re not enjoying the moment, he’ll notice and it’ll dampen the experience. So, only do it if you genuinely want to.

Now that you know what you need to do to give an amazing massage, it’s time you got started. First start with the space you’ll be massaging him in. Secondly, make sure you have all the equipment you need and lastly, get the hand strokes down. If this is your first time, don’t be stressed out, massaging is something you learn over time. This just means you’ll need to practice more – he won’t complain about that!