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How to Give a Sensual Massage to a Woman


Many men don’t know how to massage a woman which is a skill that can come in handy when the time is needed. Most women would love to receive a sensual massage, however, their men don’t know the right techniques. Sure, they could go to a spa but why would they if they have you? A massage not only feels good but it is a great activity for bonding and foreplay.

Now there is an endless amount of massage techniques that you could learn, but knowing 80 different techniques isn’t important. What’s important is that you know the basics, from there, you can develop your skills. It isn’t important on what you know, what’s important is how you apply it. So, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know in order to give your girlfriend or wife the best massage she’ll ever have. Once you know the basics, then you’ll be able to master your massaging skills.

Your massage basics: knowing the essentials

Knowing the basics is crucial in order for you to massage your partner properly. So, follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track.

Set the mood

The most important part of the massage is making sure that you set the mood. Where will you be massaging her? If it’s in your bedroom, make sure you clean up. Your goal is to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. If your room is cluttered and dirty, well, she won’t be able to relax.

Keep the lights dimmed down to create a peaceful and sensual atmosphere. If you want, light a couple candles, however, make sure they aren’t heavily scented. If she has an allergy to heavy scents, your experience will be anything but calm and relaxing. So, keep that in mind when you’re picking candles.

Choose a proper surface

You may not even think about it but the surface that you massage your girlfriend/wife on will make a huge difference. What you don’t want is to have them laying down on a soft and plush surface. You don’t want them sinking into the bed, so, opt for a firm surface. You most likely do not have a professional massaging table which is fine, you don’t need one. So, either use your bed, table or floor.  You can also have her sit on a chair if you’re giving her a hand, scalp or neck massage. So, you have many options when it comes to where you can massage her.

Music or no music

It’s really up to you whether or not you want music or not. Many people enjoy listening to music while they have a massage because it calms them. But, if you’re choosing to play music, you need to ensure that it sets the mood. What does this mean? No lyrics, no heavy music – keep it to ambient sounds.

You can start with ambient music and then slowly change it to something for sexy depending on your goal. If this is a part of foreplay then you’ll need to change the energy through music. If you’re only wanting her to enjoy the massage without sex as a possibility then ambient music is good.

Use the right oil

You cannot give a massage without any oil. I mean, you can but it won’t be as relaxing for her. Massage oil allows your hands to move smoothly and easily up and down her back which is what you want.

This will be your main tool when massaging her but know that you have a variety of oils to choose from. Here are some of the oils that you can use:

Hemp oil, Argan oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Borage oil, Rosehip oil, etc. These are just a few of the natural oils that you can use to massage her. You can easily find these oils in any grocery store, so, they’re convenient. You can also purchase massage oils from spas and skin care stores which do the same thing. The massage oils from spas and skin care shops are usually a blend of oils which may give off a more pleasant and relaxing scent.

Typically, almond oil is one of the most commonly used oils used for massages since it’s not overly oily, however, allows your hands to move smoothly against the skin. Plus, it doesn’t get absorbed into the skin quickly, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it on her.

The types of massage techniques

Now that you know the essentials for an amazing massage, it’s time that you know about the techniques. These techniques are the main ones used in massage and are essential. Let’s take a closer look.


Compression is one of the techniques that you’ll learn easily. It’s a popular technique in massage. What you’ll do is essentially press your hands down onto one area. This causes the area to increase blood flow and relax the muscles.

If you’ll be doing Shiatsu, this is a good technique to use in order to warm up the muscles and promote blood flow. Then, you can continue onto a deeper massage technique. You can use compression on any part of the body.


This is one of the most commonly used techniques in massage. This is a technique where you’ll need oil, so make sure you use a decent amount before stroking her back. The technique means you’ll be performing long strokes with your hands along her body. Keep your fingers closed and your thumbs parallel. With your hands, glide them down her back or thighs. It can be extremely stimulating for her body – don’t rush, just enjoy feeling your hands glide down her body.


Shiatsu is the essential massage technique that’s used in Japanese massage. It’s very easy to learn and with a couple practice massages, you’ll get the hang of it. Have you ever had someone massage a knot out of your back? Well, this is basically the Shiatsu technique.

What you’ll need to do is place your hands flat on the area where you’ll be massaging. At the same time, you’ll apply pressure onto the area and move your fingers in a clockwise or counter-clock wise motion. Try to find areas that are extremely tense so that you can remove the knot through this technique. However, make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure to the point where it hurts.

Once you become fairly experienced with the Shiatsu technique, you can use your elbow as well to alleviate more pressure.


A little friction never hurt anybody especially when it comes to a massage. Friction is a slightly more advanced technique, so, you should try it out after you’ve gotten the other techniques down.

You won’t need oil to use this technique, hence the name of this technique – friction. You essentially build up friction using your hands against her body. This is usually used to massage feet and hands. Through friction, you’ll stroke a small area using pressure and focus. I recommend you don’t try this right away, take your time and if you choose to give it a shot, be gentle or else it could be a painful experience for her.


Think of how you make a loaf of bread. Kneading is an amazing technique for getting really deep into her muscles. You should do this on parts of her body which mean fleshy such as the ass. You can do it on other parts of her body, however, make sure you don’t knead too hard.

So, in order to knead, you’ll want to grab the flesh, starting with your palms and then your fingers. You’ll want to pull the flesh upwards, lifting it up. Make sure you don’t grab it roughly, keep it gentle. If she wants more pressure, she’ll tell you.

Mix up the massage techniques

Now that you know these essential techniques, you need to mix it up during the massage. It’ll not only make the massage more stimulating, but it’ll also keep it exciting for you as well. If you’re only doing one technique, it can become a little boring for both people. So, keep things interesting by mixing up techniques and trying different ones out. Start off with compression, switch to Shiastu and then try out kneading.

Make it naughty

If you want to end the massage on a naughty note, you can massage her intimate areas such as her breasts, vagina, and ass. While doing this, start to kiss her. If she’s turned on, you’ll notice her becoming aroused and from there you can move forward. Keep massaging her as she becomes aroused and then slowly start to transition from massaging her to foreplay. From there, you can probably figure out the rest.

Massaging your girlfriend/wife is a great way to not only bond but build the sexual tension. Make sure you set the mood with lighting, candles, and music. From there, choose the right oil for you and learn the basic techniques that I showed you above. Once you have these ingredients down, you’ll be able to give her a jaw-dropping massage that she won’t resist. Be careful, once you master giving a massage, she’ll always want one! So, now that you know what you need, it’s time for you to get everything ready and invite her over for a sexy massage.