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How To Hug A Guy


Men and women do a lot of different things with each other to show how much they care. One of those things, among many others, is touching. Touching is one of the most intimate things that you can do with someone else. Especially when showing them just how much you love, appreciate and care about them. One of the ways that humans touch each other to show those types of things is by hugging one another. Hugs are one of the most affectionate things we do to show emotion. Friends hug, family hugs and lovers hug. We hug our kids goodnight to show that we love them and we also hug someone when they are feeling distressed to calm them down. We hug when we are excited about something, to show our support. We also hug when we are trying to get intimate with our partner’s.

There are many different reasons for hugging and there are many different types of hugs that we give to each other. So when it comes down to it we can be a little uncertain of how to hug someone in each and every situation. Especially if that someone is a guy that we might just have a few feelings for. Or even if it is a guy that we don’t have any feelings for and we simply see as just a friend! This is where it gets confusing. How do we hug the guy we like and how do we a hug a guy that we do not feel anything for?

We might find ourselves confused when it comes down to figuring out which hug is appropriate for which situation. What hugs give away too much and what hugs are too conservative?

Don’t worry yourself too much! This is exactly why we are here. To help you figure out exactly how to hug a guy!

how to hug a guy

How To Hug A Guy You Like

Hugging a guy you like can be a tricky situation. You don’t want to scare him off. Especially if you are not sure how he feels about you at this point! You don’t want to come on too strongly and freak him out by any means. Instead you want to keep things pretty subtle. You want to let him know that you like him, but you don’t want to give too much away.

It is also important to consider why you are giving him a hug. What is the situation that calls for a hug? Are you hugging him for a reason or are you hugging him with no intention? Our advice on that situation: Don’t go around hugging your crush without a reason. He might enjoy it, but honestly it will probably just leave him confused more than anything.

So think hard, what are you hugging him for?

You might think to yourself, ‘Well what are some good reasons to hug a guy you like?

We’re glad you asked! There are several good reasons to wrap your arms around that man you have been crushin’ on.

Reasons To Hug Your Crush

Keep in mind you can use these reasons on a friend, too, but it’s more likely you would do them with someone that you have deeper feelings for.

when a guy hugs you

Reason #1: He/You Are Feeling Down- When someone is feeling ultra down the thing that they probably find themselves needing the most is a hug. This is a sensitive and kind hug. This is not usually a hug that is given when you are just friends, because you don’t want your friend to get the wrong idea. When you hug a friend that is down they might start developing feelings for you, because you were intimately there for them in a time of need. It’s best to just give a friend a half hug or a pat on the back to let them know you are there for them and you feel for them.

However, when it comes to your crush you should always make an effort to be there for them emotionally as well as intimately when they are feeling down in the dirt. This lets them know that you really care about what they are currently going through and that you aren’t afraid of establishing a connection on a physical level. This hug should be done by wrapping your arms around their neck and pulling them into you. Then keep the hug tight. When people are upset science tells us that holding them tight will help relieve some of those negative feelings. It brings ultimate comfort. Let them go when they are ready to be done, but do not do so until they signify they are through with the hug. This is about making them feel better. So let them take their time.

how to hug a girl

Reason #2: He/You Was Hurt- This could go either way. You or he could be hurt emotionally or physically. This hug should be done with a crush more than a friend. Because being there physically for a friend when they are emotionally hurting might also give them the wrong idea. However, you might consider giving them a hug if they were physically hurt. That is just common courtesy. How should this hug be given? It should be a genuine and strong hug. You can wrap your arms around his waist to signify intimacy. The length of the hug should be up to you. Keep it under  one minute.  Any longer and it might turn into a sappy, slightly romantic hug. Keep the hug tight, but not too tight. You want it too be soothing and not overwhelming.

Reason #3: He/You Were Unsafe- Of course this is something that friends and more than friends do alike. However, you should give a really sincere hug to your crush if he was in an unsafe or dangerous situation and you should ask him for one if you were in the same situation. He will always remember when you were there for him after such a trying time. This will ensure that the two of you connect of a much deeper level. This can be a long hug. As long as it takes to let them know that you are glad they are okay. Make eye contact to show sympathy prior to this hug. Then wrap your arms around his waist and pull him into you. Keep your head burrowed in his chest.

Reason #4: He/You Got Good News- A great time to hug someone that you like to let them sort of know that you like them is when they receive good news. When he gets good news you want to show your support for that. You want to act as if you are just as excited and happy for him as he is. This should be a quicker hug! Lingering too long might make it awkward. To make this type of hug successful you will want to wrap your arms around his neck and squeeze quickly. Then release!

Reason #5: He/You Got Bad News- Keep in mind that you can use these reasons with a crush, too, but they are usually less intimate and often done with friends.

Reasons To Hug A Friend: how to hug a guy friend

Reason #1: He/You Won Something- Of course you want to support a friend who has done something awesome! Maybe he won a prize, made a deadline on time or even won a fight. You will want to congratulate him, right? But the key to making sure he doesn’t find this hug romantic is keeping is as short lived as possible. Keep your hand away from his torso or his waist. Wrap them swiftly around his neck, squeeze and let go. Make it quick. It lets him know you are happy for him without making it too intimate.

how to hug a boy

Reason #2: There Was A Death: Any time there is a death, you will feel the urge to hug the person who is facing this sorrow. Which is a great way to express your sympathy. Of course, first you will want to make sure that they are in the mood for a hug. Sometimes death can make us resistant to affection for awhile. So ensure he is okay with the hug. This hug can last a while without seeming romantic due to the context. So feel free to let them let the hug go on as long as they need. You will still want to keep your arms away from any intimate areas. You may even want to just wrap one arm around their shoulders and draw them into you as a form of comfort.

Reason #3: He/You Are Crying: Now you don’t want them to get the wrong idea by making this hug too sentimental. So it’s up to you if you really want to hug them when they are upset in this manner. The best way to successfully hug someone who is crying is by first grabbing them by the shoulders and saying something nice to them, as well as asking them if they are okay. Then draw them into a half hug. This can be done from the side or from the front. Then squeeze tightly to help them feel a little more calm.

Now you have all the information you need to hug a guy you like and all the info you need to hug a guy you see as just a friend! Hopefully you know all you need to know about hugging at this point. Good luck on your hug-ventures.


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