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How to Keep a Guy Interested


If there’s one thing that you have to focus on after getting a guy’s attention, it’s making sure you keep it. Sure, you may have worked really hard to make sure he’s interested in you, but the work doesn’t just stop there. You always have to be working toward keeping a guy interested if you want him to be all yours.

The mistake a lot of people make in the dating world is giving up when they’ve finally “caught” the person they were after. Not only is this completely unreasonable, it’s also a great way to make sure you lose someone for good.

In order to turn things into a relationship that is happy and healthy, you have to keep a guy’s interest long after you’ve made him yours. If you need some help in that department, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Always Put in Effort

There are far too many girls who think they only have to try until the guy is interested and then scratch their head in wonder when he leaves. The truth is that you should always be putting in effort in order to keep a guy interested. Make sure you do what you did in the beginning all the time and he won’t want to leave.


  1. Be Unpredictable

Spontaneity is a HUGE reason many people stay interested in someone else. If you really want a guy to stay with you and take notice all the time, don’t be a predictable person. Keep him on his toes and he’ll be waiting around wondering what you’ll do next.


  1. Don’t Change

Why is it that girls often act a certain way in the beginning of a relationship and then completely change who they are? This will make a guy lose interest the fastest. Stay the same and be true to who you are! Another thing you should NEVER do is pretend to like certain things only for the guy to be interested because you can’t keep up that charade forever and will eventually change.


  1. Make His Friends Like You

Guys hold a lot of value in the opinions of their friends and if they don’t like you or think you’re boring, he will most likely start to see you in the same light. So make his friends love you! Obviously, do so by being true to yourself but don’t feel intimidated by them. Make jokes, laugh with them, and bring them brownies and they’ll love you.

  1. Look Amazing Often

This is pretty much a given, but it’s surprising how many girls actually give up with their appearance the second they catch a guy’s attention. While he obviously should like you for you no matter what you look like, guys are still visual people and want to see their girl looking as good as she can. So yes, you can skip the makeup and amazing clothes every once in a while, but still try to impress him with your looks.


  1. Show Him Your Humorous Side

Don’t be so uptight all the time. Guys want girls that can laugh with them and make a few jokes every now and then. We all know that you joke around with your girlfriends, so why not show your man the same sense of humor? Let him see just how funny you are and he’ll be sure to stay interested for a long time.


  1. Smell Great

Nobody wants to be around someone who smells gross all the time. Although you may not smell necessarily bad, smelling good is a great way to keep a guy interested. When he walks up to you and can just smell nothing but good, he’ll want to keep coming around and will look forward to that initial meeting and run in.


  1. Let Loose and Have Fun

Just like you should always let your personality shine, you should also let loose and have fun every now and then. Sure, girls are supposed to be well put together and be proper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go have fun with him every now and then. Show him your fun side and he won’t want you to leave.


  1. Initiate Stuff in the Bedroom

Now, sex isn’t everything, but if you’re the one to initiate it sometimes, he’ll be overjoyed and extremely interested. You don’t have to act coy or play hard to get forever. Once in a while it’s a nice change of pace when you step up your game and show him just how much you want him. He definitely won’t lose interest if you do this.

  1. Show Interest in His Hobbies

The two of you won’t always be interested in the same things, but by showing how much his hobbies mean to you, he’ll be really interested in you. By acknowledging that you want to try and get to know his hobbies and interests more, you’re showing him just how much he means to you and that will be enough to keep his attention for a long time.


  1. Be Laid Back

Guys do not like drama queens. They actually dread being around them for fear that they will stir up drama with them and cause a lot of fights. So stay out of drama and don’t freak out over every little thing. More than likely, most of the stuff you usually get mad about really isn’t something to be concerned with. So play it cool and if you have issues with him, talk about them in a calm manner.


  1. Don’t Depend on Him For Money, Etc.

This is not only really annoying for guys, but he’ll lose interest really fast if he feels you’re only into him because he’s supporting you. You have to be your own person and have your own money. Never look to him for support with money, housing, or things that he most definitely shouldn’t need to support you with just yet. Be more independent financially and he’ll stay interested.


  1. Have Your Own Life

Just like I mentioned above, you should have your own life and be your own person. You should have a life separate from him where you have friends, hobbies, and the like. Never ditch everything just for him because it makes you uninteresting and obviously he won’t stay around very long. If you have your own life, you’re much more interesting in his eyes and he’ll want to get to know more about the things you have going on when you’re not with him.


  1. Have Meaningful Conversations

Shallow and pointless conversations are boring and they will make him lose interest pretty quickly. If you do have conversations, try to find sustenance in them. Talk about important things and world issues that are going on in order to keep his interest in them. If he doesn’t have an opinion on a topic, he won’t really want to keep talking about it.

  1. Make His Family Love You

There’s really nothing more irresistible than a girl who is loved by all his family. It just shows him that you’ll fit right in amongst the lot of them during family activities. Not only that, but the fact that you’re putting forth effort into his family shows him just how much you care and are willing to try. That alone will make him stay interested in you.


  1. Give Him Real Advice

Life is full of struggles and guys are not immune to them. Your guy will go through certain things that’ll have him upset and vulnerable and you should be the one to offer advice and solace during those times of need. Don’t just sit there and tell him what he wants to hear, either. You should give him real, genuine advice he can use to make his problems easier.


  1. Compliment Him Often

Guys have massive egos. That much we’ve always known about them and if you want to keep a guy interested, you have to stroke that ego every chance you get. Now, you don’t want to make it seem like you’re just shooting out any compliment you can think of, though. Use deeper compliments that will mean more to him. Talk about his intelligence and his interesting hobbies and he’ll want to keep you around forever.


  1. Be Happy

Sad and sappy girls just aren’t really something guys find a lot of interest in. They want to be in a good mood and therefore, will be more attracted to happy girls rather than the ones sulking in a corner looking for attention. Put a smile on your face and keep it there for as long as you can if you really want to keep a guy interested in you.


  1. Feel Confident

Confidence is not only really sexy, but it’s also really alluring. Any guy who sees a really confident girl is going to want to know why she’s so confident. He’ll be more drawn to you if you act like you’re the most amazing person there is. Not only that, but confidence also means that you won’t be as likely to get petty and jealous – two things guys often dread in girls.

  1. Be Sassy

Sass is a super fun and flirty way of talking to a guy – so long as you don’t take it a step too far and get mean. Sassiness is really cute and funny and a guy who is being sassed is really likely to be interested in the conversation. So don’t be a girl who is a pushover and is really quiet. Throw in some sass every now and then and watch his attention stay on you.


  1. Learn to Cook His Favorite Meal

You don’t have to be a chef or cook for him all the time, but if you really want him to stay interested it would be your best bet to learn what his favorite meal is, and find a way to cook it for him. You can try over and over again until you get it right and then surprise him on the days he’s had some struggles. He’ll be touched, moved, and will definitely stay interested in someone willing to put forth that kind of effort.


  1. Take Care of Yourself

This is pretty much in every sense of the words. You have to keep yourself groomed, clean, eating well, and exercising regularly. This isn’t just so you look better, though. It’s actually so he can see how much you care for your own health and well-being. He’ll like this about you and he’ll realize that if you take care of yourself, you’ll probably take great care of someone else, too.


  1. Think Like a Guy

I know this may not be the easiest thing to do, but there’s a reason guys put so much value in their friends. They like being able to talk about guy stuff and have a sense of humor with guys. If you learn to think like a guy, he’ll see how well you two can relate and definitely stay interested.


  1. Hold Your Ground

Don’t be a pushover. If you have a belief or opinion of your own, you should always make it known and never be afraid to let it be heard just because someone – especially him – disagrees. If you can stand up for yourself, he’ll realize you’re a tough girl and guys always like tough girls. You’ll have his attention and interest if you hold your own ground.


  1. Make Him Dependent on You

As much as I like to say to be your own people, he should still depend on you for something. If you give him a reason to come back to you all the time, he’ll never lose interest. Whether it’s your cooking, your sense of humor, or just the comfort he finds when he’s with you, giving him something to depend on you for guarantees his interest.


You can do everything in the book in order to keep a guy interested but if he really doesn’t have feelings for you, he won’t stay for long. These are ways to enhance who you truly are so he knows what he has before it’s gone!


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