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How to Kiss a Friend


Sometimes, you have those urges to want to kiss your friend. It’s normal, we’re only human. Of course, this usually isn’t the best idea. It can really muster up unnecessary issues between your relationship, especially if you don’t think it’s a mutual feeling.  However, if you’re thinking about testing the waters and feel that your friendship has a hidden sexual tone under it, then there’s a way you can go about it. 

For some people, they’ll be completely shocked and surprised – maybe they’ll even stop talking to you for a while. But if you’re not worried about that but more worried on how to kiss your friend, well, then this article is the right one for you. There are really only a couple situations which you can use to kiss your friend, if you do it at other times it’ll come off as awkward.

So, here are some ways you can kiss your friend and hopefully, have a positive outcome. If not, at least you know where you stand with your friend. So here are some of the do’s and dont’s for how to kiss your friend.

Do not kiss your friend when they’re sleeping

This is a huge no-no. You cannot kiss someone who isn’t conscious. Sure, they look beautiful while sleeping but they’re not conscious. If you kiss them while they’re sleeping, this is harassment and is highly inappropriate. They need to be able to either say yes or no. If you’re in a situation where they cannot say yes or no, don’t do it. It’ll absolutely ruin your friendship and make that person not trust you when they’re in vulnerable situations.

The classic truth or dare

Everyone loves playing truth or dare regardless of your age. It’s just a fun and innocent game. I mean, this game is basically the easiest way to go about kissing your friend without having to plan anything. Plus, because it’s a game, the kiss will not be taken seriously. Of course, you may not end up kissing your friend but rather someone else will kiss them. This is just a risk that you’ll have to take. Or if you’re lucky, you’ll end up kissing your friend on multiple rounds of truth or dare – it really just depends on how lucky you are.

Do not kiss them if they’re grieving

Of course, your friend will be touchy-feely with you, possibly hugging you and wanting physical contact, but this isn’t the time to kiss them. Grieving does allow you two to bond and becomes closer emotionally, however, they’re grieving, not looking to hook up with anyone. If your friend makes the first move, you can kiss them back, however, you need to ask them if this is what they really want. If you have feelings for them, this could make the relationship slightly messy as they may not feel the same way, however, just want to feel close to someone. In these situations, it’s best not to do anything. If they ask you to be their shoulder to cry on, then be there for them as a friend, not with an alternative motive.

Kiss them during a celebration

If it’s their birthday or New Year’s Eve, you can, if it’s an appropriate atmosphere, kiss your friend. Perhaps give them a birthday kiss, of course, if they consent to it. But these moments are usually light-hearted and positive, so it won’t carry a burden on the relationship that you two have. Plus, these kisses are not in an intimate situation where they’re going to feel like it means something more. If so, you need to sit down and talk to them about your relationship and what the kiss meant.

Bring it up in conversation via text

This is the safest way to kiss your friend. Of course, this is going to take a while. See if there’s any sexual connection with them. Flirt with them via text and see how they respond. If they’re flirting with you. If they are, you can continue flirting with them and keep the chemistry developing. But, this will take time to develop, so don’t expect something to happen overnight. However, as the sexual chemistry grows between you two, they’ll be a moment where you’ll know it’s the right time to kiss. They’ll feel it, you’ll feel it and you’ll both know it’s right. This is the safest bet to know if your friend wants to kiss you. Maybe nothing will happen after, however, you’ll know for sure that they’re into you more than just a friend.

Do not kiss them when they’re being touchy

When you have friendships with people, it’s normal for people to be touchy feely. They feel comfortable around you and therefore they want to physically touch you. In some moments, you may think that they’re being flirty, but they could just feel comfortable and trustworthy around you. If you’re thinking about kissing them, you need to really look at the situations and make sure that the vibes are right. Just because they’re cuddling you, doesn’t mean that they’re interested in you. This could really jeopardize your friendships.

Ask them

If you want to kiss them, why don’t you ask them up front? You can use these other methods, but the best thing to do is ask them straight up, “Can I kiss you?” They’ll tell you either yes or no. If yes, go ahead and kiss them. If no, ask them why and talk about it. Maybe they do like you but they have issues with the idea of it. Or maybe they don’t feel the same way – point is, if you’re up front with them, they’ll be up front with you.

When you’re at a party

When the both of you are out either at a party or at a club, the vibes are usually always positive. You’re in a good mood, they’re in a good mood, the music is bumping, people are happy – it’s a great atmosphere for people to connect. If you’re on the dance floor with them, getting close, if you feel a vibe, then you can try to kiss them. That is if the sexual chemistry is there. If your friend isn’t dancing with you, they’re just hanging out – there’s no point to try to kiss them, the energy and sexual chemistry aren’t there.

Do not kiss them when they’re hung over or sick

Who wants to kiss when they feel like they’re dying in bed? Exactly?The only thing this person wants to do is sleep and never drink again. If you’re trying to get into their pants, it’s just gross. They’re in a weak moment, you’re there to hang out with them and make them feel better. If you don’t respect your friend and how they feel, then you don’t deserve to kiss them.

Do not kiss them when they’re drunk

If you’re drunk and they’re drunk, you may try to kiss them and if they will either go with it or say no.If this is a mutual moment in the night where you both have been drinking but both feel like kissing each other, great. However, if you’re getting your partner drunk only to try to kiss them, then that’s not cool.  Really, you’re no different than someone who date rapes another person. Having this thought to make someone vulnerable, in this situation drunk, is very wrong. You’re trying to make them vulnerable to benefit yourself and what’s even worse is that this person is allegedly your friend. So, if this was your plan, you need to reevaluate who you are as a person and get some help.

Kissing a friend isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you don’t think they’re into on a sexual level, it’s probably not a good idea to kiss them. If you feel though, that there’s sexual tension between you two, you can test the waters and see where this can go. Of course, you need to make sure that if you do try to kiss them, if they say no, then back off. Don’t try to force yourself on them. If you kiss them and they say no, that’s the end of it. Perhaps they’ll be able to move past this situation, however, it may also ruin your relationship.


    • Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, George!

  1. Let me try breaking this down in the perspective of the person being kissed.
    For me, the friend has to be female, if she wants to kiss me. If I was grieving, I would not want to be kissed, or if I was drunk or sick, I would not to be kissed either. Those two scenarios make sense.
    However, she does not have to ask my permission if she wants to kiss me. I am very lenient in that sense. In general, I do not mind at all being touched.
    Finally, yes, at parties and during celebrations, she can absolutely kiss me, if she wants.


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