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How to Know if She’s the One


You can often hear how long-married and happily married men say that when they met their soulmates, they immediately understood that “she was the one.” For some, the decisive factor was her smile, while for others it was the smell. And some just had a sense of the correctness of everything that is happening. They felt calm and confidently with their loved ones. After examining the real couples, the scientists found out that if a person feels rejected or just insecure when dating someone, then this someone is not the one.

  1. A man is getting better next to a woman

Of course, as in any relationship, you may have difficulties to work on. But being close to “your” person, as a rule, you feel more alive, cheerful, and capable of spontaneous actions. There should be no malice, helplessness, or the feeling that you do not like yourself when you are together.

  1. Common interests are not important

One of the most common misconceptions is the belief that every aspect of your personality should coincide. For example, you should have similar hobbies, love and hate the same things, etc. But, as studies show, compatibility by interests is not the most important thing. It is much more important how you feel when you are together.

  1. Thanks to your loved one, you feel wonderful

If a man feels significant and attractive next to a woman and everything that surrounds her, she seems beautiful to him. Most likely, he will decide that she is his only one.

  1. You feel comfortable

It is possible to become the only one for a man if he feels “at home” when close to his loved one, that is, comfortable and relaxed.

  1. You don’t agree on everything, but your views are mostly the same

There is a high probability that you will not be exact copies of each other, but this is also good. Men and women can learn a lot from the differences that exist between them. But feelings are, after all, the area where compatibility plays the main role. What do you both think of anger, sadness, fear, and joy? How do you express your love? The situation can be complicated if you perceive it absolutely differently.

  1. You do not recall your bachelor life

When a man finds his only one, he thanks fate for the fact that this woman appeared in his life.

  1. You have the same opinion about children

Another crucial point is the issue of children. If you both want to have them or, on the contrary, are not ready yet, that’s good. The main thing is that you do it together and by mutual agreement. This is the key to a happy life with someone who suits you.

People need to build an emotional connection, which is very important in a close relationship. Love needs a sense of emotional connection.

No one has managed to find out exactly and fully define what love is yet. Some people call it a mysterious combination of feelings and sex or a combination of passion and companionship. The main thing in love is the constant search for a protected emotional connection with someone. Thanks to this connection, the partners feel emotionally protected and calm.

We all have a need for emotional contact with other people that mean a lot to us. But the need for emotional contact does not disappear anywhere; it develops into the need for a safe emotional connection with a partner. Not only physical isolation but also emotional isolation is traumatic for a person. Losing connection with a loved one puts our sense of security at risk. Women are often more sensitive to the first signs of emotional alienation. Men, on the other hand, were taught to suppress emotional reactions and emotional needs, and this inclines them to refuse to participate in emotional conflicts. However, under the guise of restraint, the vulnerability and the need for emotional connection are often hidden.


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