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How to Know If You Like Someone (If You Are a Girl)


Some people meet a guy and automatically know if they have feelings for them. In some cases, it isn’t always easy to tell. The butterflies in your stomach could just be because he is attractive or because he makes you nervous. Thinking about him all the time could just be due to what happens when you are together. Even though you theoretically know your own emotions, it isn’t always easy to figure out exactly how you feel.

Worse still, there are some things that can trick you into thinking that you are feeling something more than just friendship. Even your dreams can be turning against you. It is easy to have real feelings for someone after you dream that you liked them. While you could like them, you could have also just developed these feelings because of your dreams.

In other cases, you may think that you do not like the person at all. You never consciously think about them, but you notice odd things like butterflies in your stomach or feeling nervous around them. At some point, you start to wonder if you have secretly started to like that guy without ever realizing it.

1. You Dress Nicer When He Is Around

One of the easy signs that you like someone is that you dress nicer. You probably do not realize that you are doing it. You may pick a lacier shirt than normal or spend a little extra time making sure that your make up is just right. If you stop to think about it, you realize that you always try to look a little nicer when someone else is around you. Most people only spend extra time on their looks if they are around someone who they want to impress. If you do this constantly around that special guy, then you could have feelings for him and just not realize it.

2. Everything Seems to Remind You of Him

You are taking a walk with your dog when you see the guy’s favorite ice cream shop. Later, you see a book at the library that seems like something he would like. It seems like you are constantly finding funny memes or small details that remind you of him. If this is the case, then there might be something to your feelings. Your subconscious mind is focused on him for a reason, and one of those reasons could be how you feel. You keep having these little reminders because you think about that guy a lot and a part of you may want to be with him.

3. You Value His Opinion

The only reason you value someone’s opinion is because you value them. At a basic level, you may just respect that friend or co-worker and want them to think well of you. In some cases, you may want them to think well of you because of another reason. If you can’t think of another reason why you care about what that person thinks, then there may be more to your feelings than you think.

4. You Mimic His Phrases or Movements

You have heard the phrase that mimicry is the best form of flattery. That phrase is true. When you are around someone a lot or admire them, you unconsciously start to pick up on their mannerisms. This type of mirroring is done subconsciously and shows how you feel about the person. While it does not necessarily mean that you like him romantically, it does mean that you like him as a person and admire him.

5. You Answer His Texts Immediately

When he calls you or texts you, you drop everything to check your messages. While your best friend might not get a call back until the next day, you respond immediately to his text message. This is a very simple way to see if you like him or not. If you immediately respond to any message or call from him, then you might be interested in having more than just a friendship with him.

6. You Know Everything About Him

When you care about someone, you are more likely to remember the things they say or notice small details. While no one else notices how he takes his coffee, you remember that he likes just one creamer and two sugars. If someone told you to write his biography, you would be able to do it without having to do any research. You know all of his family, his favorite hobbies and everything he likes. Before long, you know more about him before you know about your closest family members. The only reason you remember all of this information is because you care. If you did not care, you would not remember any of these little details.

7. You Feel Nervous Whenever You Are Around Him

Whenever you see him, you immediately get butterflies in your stomach. You aren’t sure if you are just nervous around him in general or if there is something about your feelings that is making you nervous. When you have butterflies in your stomach, it is because your body is releasing adrenaline and putting you in fight-or-flight mode. In most cases, these butterflies are a sign that you are interested in him. If you weren’t interested, you would feel completely normal whenever you are around him.

8. You Fidget Constantly

Fidgeting goes along with the last sign. If you are nervous around someone, then you may fidget to release some of your nerves. You may fidget with your hairs, play with your thumbs or play with a pencil on your desk. All of these signs are indications that you are nervous about being around that person for some reason.

9. You Get Annoyed With Them

There are several reasons why the person you care about may annoy you frequently. To start with, you subconsciously want to date them, so you hold them to a higher standard without meaning to. While the same phrase or habit would be overlooked in anyone else, you hold that guy to a higher standard because you like him. In addition, you may be annoyed with him when he flirts with other women around you. This is an extremely obvious sign that you like him. You would not care if someone you disliked flirted with another lady, but you will care if you like him.

10. You Have Secret Nicknames and Lingo

When you are close to someone, you may have a nickname for them. Inside jokes and secret language are all just a part of your relationship. In some cases, you just have these nicknames because you are friends with him. In other cases, this is because you have close feelings for him and want to make sure that you are closer to him than anyone else. These secret nicknames help you to feel like you have that kind of special relationship with him that you are looking for.

11. You Laugh at His Jokes

Obviously, this is only a sign that you might like him if his jokes are not funny. If he is actually a humorous person, then you would naturally want to laugh at his jokes. When he makes lame jokes that no one laughs at, it definitely means something if you keep chuckling. In research studies, scientists have found that you are more likely to find people to be funnier than they actually are if you have intimate or romantic feelings for that person.

12. You Are Always on His Facebook Page

You know that you are interested if you are intentionally checking out his Facebook page. It is a little harder to tell for sure if you are unintentionally on his social media sites. You may have just been scrolling through your news feed, but then something seemed to stand out to you. You ended up on his website because of the one post, but it isn’t just coincidence that you keep noticing his posts and going to his social media page.

13. He Knows a Lot About You

You are not the only one who might be developing feelings. If he is starting to care about you, he will notice personal details about you that no one else notices.

14. You Talk to Him Constantly

You talk to him when you get to work. When you see a funny meme, you send it to him. Later on, you ask if he wants to get a drink at happy hour with you. It may seem like you are just good friends, but then you start to notice the pattern. If you are talking to him all the time and he is the first person you reach out to with good news, then you may care for him more than you would a normal friend.

15. You Tease Him All the Time

When you were a child, other children would pick on, hit or tease the girl or boy they liked. While you might be an adult now, you may not have outgrown this habit completely. If you like him subconsciously, you may find yourself teasing him more than you would anyone else.


  1. Only a few of these fit the one I am wondering but they all fit the one I know I like love even but the other guy I only meet a little bit ago so I’m gonna let my feeling develop more

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