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How To Make A Girl Jealous


Jealousy is such a powerful emotion and if used right, can be quite the powerful tool as well when it comes to women. Getting this emotion out of a woman is the ultimate key to seduction. It will make her want you even more! This is the secret to getting her obsessed with you. Try any of the following 10 ways to make a girl jealous and watch her soon drool all over you!

1. Find other girls to hang around for awhile-

This is listed as number one for a very good reason. It takes a lot to make a strong woman jealous, but this one certainly does the trick quickly. Make plans with friends that are girls or find a girl to take out to the movies. She may be mad that you are suddenly doing this, but it will get her to tighten her grips on you as fast as she possibly can. She doesn’t want to share you with anyone else, what woman does? Nor does she want to feel as if you are now bonding with another female. Come on, that has to sting her a little bit. But, hey, whatever works to get her jealousy going, right?  Don’t overdo it by actually becoming physically intimate with another girl as this might push her away completely. Doing something that crosses a boundary may get her actually thinking of leaving you instead of her finding herself more attracted to you. That’s not the goal you are trying to accomplish in this, we assume. However, if anything will snap a woman into caring about you, it’s seeing you with other ladies. Don’t be afraid to mention your dates or when you are thinking/talking to/seeing another girl! Go ahead and rant about a new connection! Like the girl you may (or are just pretending to) have chatted with at the supermarket the other day.

2. Have a blast without her-

Let her know that you don’t always need her by your side to have the best times of your life! Go hang out with all your friends, hit up the bars or go on a quick trip! Don’t even invite her, just make her aware that you are doing it. She will suddenly realize that you might not wait around for her to start living your life to it’s fullest. This will have her very interested in you, very quickly. Make sure when you do these things you make her aware of them! Brag about what an awesome time you are having. Make her wish she was there with you!

3. Ignore her a little bit-

As in don’t answer her first call. Try to avoid responding to texts from her too quickly. You are going to want to make her text you first and then make her work for a response. You can even go as far as to tell her that you are too busy to talk, even if you are just being lazy at home watching Netflix. She needs to feel a little ignored in order for her to bring out those true feelings of jealousy. She’ll be wondering what is so important that you can’t spend a few minutes talking to her. Make sure that you eventually get back to her, just not immediately. If you ignore her altogether, she may lose interest. Sometimes girls don’t hang around guys who ignore them all the time. They don’t want to waste their time with someone who can’t make time for them ever. So just be sure to, even if it’s at the end of the day, hit the redial on your phone and give her a ring.

4. Keep the conversation flowing, but slowing-

This means that to make her jealous you will want to keep what you say to her kind of vague for the time being. Don’t show too much interest in what she’s saying and don’t give away too much in what you say in return. She will start to wonder if something is up and it will peak her jealousy. Once in awhile have a great convo with her, but then slow it down and make her work for the rest of it. When she tells you something, don’t act like you care too much. Once in awhile only send her a one worded text. Not all the time, but often. It will make her suddenly start putiing more effort into her side of the conversation because she wants to get you interested in what she is saying.

5. Defend someone who isn’t her-

Taking another woman’s side in an argument or in any situation at all will definitely get her going! She won’t be able to stand that you didn’t decide to be on her side. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Women are always, right”? That is a phrase made by women because we like to believe that we are always the right ones! So she will be upset, to say the least. But it will definitely make her jealous. It’s almost as jealousy provoking as hanging out with another girl that isn’t her. This may not be best to do if you are in a long term relationship all the time. Doing it too much can lead her to feel like you never agree with her on anything and that you two aren’t compatible. But doing it every once in awhile is a perfect tactic! Feel free to use it more often if the two of you barely know each other. In that case, she may want to let you get to know her more because she wants you to side with her in the next debate. It’s foolproof.

6. Being a gentlemen to another girl-

Want to get her burning with the deepest envy known to women? If you answered yes, follow these directions: Start opening doors as many other attractive girls that you can. Proceed this trick by always sending an ‘did you get home okay?’ text to a friend that’s a girl. Things that also work in this scenario are you going out and buying another woman a present or doing some sort of chivalrous thing for another chick. This is one of the best ways to make a girl jealous. This is more effective than just talking about or hanging out with a girl, because you are actually making an effort to do the things that you should really only do for your girlfriend/ the girl you like. Girls automatically believe these behaviors are programmed into guys for when they specifically think someone is very attractive.

7. Flirt with her friends, yep you read that right-

It seems like a daring move, and it totally is, but it will definitely get her extremely jealous of you. Obviously you don’t want to break up a pair of best friends, but subtly hitting on your girl’s friends or crush’s friends will do the trick. Make sure it’s clean cut. It’s okay to say something like, “Hey Sarah, looking good today!” Or, “Hey, I was wondering about you the other day, how are you?” But you are going to absolutely want to avoid becoming sexual to her friends. It may make her friend like you and it may also make her extremely angry at you. She may possibly leave you or decide not to pursuit you because you made things awkward between her friend and her. So don’t say things like, “Damn, you look hot today.” Or, “I just can’t believe how sexy you are!” Don’t be a jerk, don’t risk it. You can even go as far as to ignore her a little bit when her friends are around. Show a slightly larger interest in one of her friends than her, just for a short amount of time. As much as she wants you to like her friends and get along with them, it will make her jealous that you really want to get to know them.

8. Get very friendly on social media-

If you didn’t find yourself active on social media before, you are going to want to start getting active as soon as you can. A lot of women are very active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. When it comes to Instagram you are going to want to keep your distance. She will be watching her activity log to see if you have recently liked any of her posts. Only like one in every three pictures! Remember it has to be at least a one to three ratio or more. Seriously, this works. She will find herself questioning why you are not liking all of her pictures. It will bring out her insecurities a little bit. Don’t ignore all of her pictures! Or she might think that you just plain are not interested in her. On Snapchat you will want to only respond to her when she snaps you first. Try to wait until the end of the day to look at her whole snap story. If you are looking each time she posts something then she won’t get jealous. When it come down to it, though, Facebook is the best tool for making a woman extremely jealous! On Facebook you will want to be the most active. Start commenting on girls’ statuses quite often. Go ahead and compliment something about each thing you comment on. Use tons of smiley faces and winky faces when you talk to other girls. If you really want to make her jealous, use the tongue sticking out smiley. That’ll really pump her up. You won’t want to just like and comment on things, you need to also post a lot on social media. Tag your friends that are girls in funny memes that remind you of them. Check in to places with your friends all the time and post any pictures of group hangs or solo sesh’s that involve women.

9. Make sure she’s the second to know something important-

It doesn’t matter if it’ something wonderfully good or something tremendously horrible. She will more than likely not enjoy hearing that she was the second to know about the fender bender you had this morning. It may also grind her gears a tiny bit when she hears that you didn’t pick up the phone to call her when you got that increase in your salary last week. Women like to know that they are the first person you think of when you have something important to say. They like to be you one and only comforter and finding out that you told someone else this information first can make her supremely jealous. She’s going to wonder who is more of a priority to talk to over her.

10. Do something that she wanted to do with another friend-

This could totally be done with a friend that is female or male. Either way she is definitely going to get jealous when she finds out that you went to see that movie she’d been telling you about for months. She will be jealous to hear that you bought concert tickets with you friend four months in advance and still haven’t invited her to tag along. There’s no way she won’t start trying to give you all of her attention so that you will want to do that type of stuff with her. It’s pretty diabolical, but if you want to make her really jealous, this is the perfect way to go about doing so.


  1. I mean it works, but if you are flirting with other girls, like her friend, 24-7, she may loose interest, and find another man who actually takes interest in her. When you do this women can’t understand what you are trying to do. They may be confused and think u are not interested. So please, men, please don’t torture a woman like this. If u think they have no interest in you, try to get closer to them, or ask them to hang out.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Mandy!


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