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How to Make a Girl Laugh


It has been declared that funny is the new sexy! For girls, there’s something utterly charming about guys with a cool sense of humor. Forget the good looks! A handsome boring bachelor easily loses a race when he is in a competition with a down-to-earth dude who cracks up her girl from time to time. Unfair as it may seem, let’s analyze why this is so.

A funny guy is easy to be with. He isn’t the type who builds walls with bricks that are made up of ego. He doesn’t care about how he looks like, therefore he is nowhere close to being vain. A funny guy seems the kind of person that has so much personality! He is usually humble and approachable and being in his company is just a comfortable feeling.

There’s something easy with the way a funny guy handles tough times. He is just full of optimism and hope. A funny guy always seem to know where to start. When a girl is the silent type, he can easily break the ice and transform the girl into someone talkative because he is such a pleasant fellow. Surely, a girl will not find it hard to fall for a funny guy!

Truth be told, I would take a funny simple guy over a complicated arrogant man anytime! So here are some tips on how to possess that sense of humor that will drive any girl nuts (in a good way, of course!):

Quit trying to impress her

When your sole purpose in talking to her is to make her laugh, you’re doing it the wrong way. It might even put you in a dangerous position of trying too hard. The guy who puts too much effort in delivering his jokes is definitely overdoing it. I know that you wish to make her laugh. But it won’t happen when you keep on waiting for her applause every time you deliver something that you thought is funny.

The best kind of humor comes naturally. If you come to think of it, the instance that you laughed the most is not something rehearsed and pre-arranged. It is something unexpected, something incidental that happened because someone said the right words at the right time. So talk to her and grab the chance to make her laugh when the situation arises. If it doesn’t, don’t push it and wait for a better timing instead.

Know what particularly cracks her up

Different girls find different things funny. One joke may send a girl shedding tears of happiness while another one may just return a straight unamused face. To make your girl laugh, know the things that she appreciates the most. In other words, customize your jokes and find her weak spot! It maybe witty puns, or stories that have punchlines somewhere. Or it can be as simple as making some funny faces.

To learn this, try a couple of different jokes on her and be extra aware about how she responds to those. You can also ask her about the sitcoms that she likes best and figure out why she likes those exactly. It can be sarcasm, or nerdy jabs, who knows! When you finally figure out what works on her, you will have an idea on how to string your situation to come up with something hilarious.

Don’t do it by putting others down

No matter how convinced you are that putting others down will crack her up, do NOT do it. You might think that shaming your friend will be quite amusing but by ridiculing others and making them your laughing stock, you are projecting yourself not as the funny guy but the mean guy instead.

Pulling yourself up while putting others down will all backfire and you will certainly be tagged as the rude one. It might seem funny to you but it never is for the butt of the joke. So don’t make her laugh in the expense of other people. There are numerous other ways to make her laugh but putting others down should never be in any of those ways.

Don’t be afraid to look like an idiot

Because when you make her laugh, she’ll never see you that way. You can pull up a funny face or you can even perform your special silly dance. A dauntless guy who doesn’t have the littlest care about what he looks like is sexy as hell! If there’s something girls don’t appreciate, it’s a guy that is too vain, even vainer than they are! So when you show her that you don’t mind looking like an idiot once in awhile if it makes her laugh, you will never fail to make the impression that you wish to establish.

Also, funny people are perceived as smart ones. It is actually a tough job to be funny. It is difficult to transform ordinary phrases to catchy humorous ones and it’s hard to think of the perfect thing to say that will send everyone into a fit of laughter. But the funny ones seem to do it very effortlessly. Do not be afraid of looking like an idiot because in reality, girls put funny guys into a higher esteem. Just don’t be the annoying clown!



Do harmless pranks on her

When a girl says that she likes surprises, she didn’t exactly mean pull pranks on her! But performing harmless practical jokes on her is fun for the both of you and will surely give you two some good laugh afterwards. Of course she will pretend like she’s mad! But you know that it will come to pass and that the prank will be a story that she can go back to and reminisce with hard laughter again. Remember to keep the pranks harmless though! You are trying to make her laugh, not scare her out!

Take note of the funny moments that will make for quite a tale

Surely, there will be instances in your day that gave you some good laugh. Do not be afraid to tell her these even through chat or SMS when you’re not together. She will not laugh for an hour, that’s for sure (or maybe she will, what do you got to lose?). But the very least that you’ll have is a tiny smile on her face that you are responsible for. This will intensify her branding you as the funny guy because you just know how to brighten up someone’s day by simply sharing the things that you’ve laughed on.

Careful on sarcasm

Getting back with a sarcastic remark once in awhile is funny. But sarcasm should have a fragile warning that it is not to be abused. When she is trying to be serious and is trying to have a conversation with you, do not answer her with mockery as it may come out as disrespect although you didn’t mean it that way. Timing is everything!

A funny person knows when and how to be serious too. He just doesn’t take each chance he gets but understands when enough is enough. Sarcasm should be handled with care and shouldn’t be overdosed in any way. Choose your chance and be careful, or you might end up as the annoying fool that everyone avoids!

Learn from the funny ones

Watching and reading something funny makes you a funny one too in the long run! By taking the time to watch funny videos, you will subconsciously learn the tips on doing the trick. Sometimes, it’s not about the words or jokes alone. More commonly, it’s about the delivery – the expressions and gestures that you make when you say the joke. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s about HOW you say it rather than WHAT you say. It wouldn’t be such a cliché if it wasn’t true! So take notes and practice. Learn the art of making things light and making her laugh!

Change the way you view the world

No one becomes a comedian overnight. Being a funny person actually requires a lifestyle change. You cannot be gloomy and grumpy when you’re trying to be funny. You have to look at things light-heartedly and find the funny side to everything. Once you start doing this, you will become more spontaneous and witty. And making someone laugh, whether you mean it or not, will soon be a part of your everyday life.

Exude confidence

Jokes are never effective when you are unsure of yourself. Girls sense that you are uncomfortable with what you’re doing and so they find it hard to laugh at something you said in fear that you will become offended. They will sense that you are holding back so they will stay at the safe side of not laughing at you.

When you deliver a joke, deliver it with sureness! Confidence also comes in handy when your joke isn’t that funny. When you’re confident, you’ll just wave the remarks off and wait for the next perfect timing. No biggie! When you are confident, you own your jokes and that makes it more convincing and funny.

Just be yourself

Do not imitate someone you’re not when you are trying to impress a girl. Do not lose yourself in the process while trying to make her laugh. Guys who have been successfully categorized as the funny ones didn’t do it by mimicking others or plagiarizing other’s punchlines. They are naturals who make use of the situations they are in. They are cheerful and positive, and never close to being annoying. They let their creativity just come out in the open! The goal is never to be someone you’re not. The goal is to be yourself while adding a dash of humor to it. When you are just being yourself, she sees the real you and she will have no problem getting comfortable with you.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. On the other hand, it seems like the surefire way to a girl’s heart is through her funny bone. When you make a girl laugh, she will immediately associate you with having a good time. You will easily be the fun-to-be-with guy whose presence she regularly craves for.

A girl’s smile can mean a lot of things but the simplest of all those reasons is that she likes being with you. As I have previously said, no one transforms into a funny comedian overnight. It takes a lot of practice and getting used to.

You might say a punchline that really sounded so funny when you thought of it but no one appreciated and even understood it upon delivery. That’s okay! Don’t be disheartened. Expect to get a lot of straight faces in the beginning. But just continue trying to make her laugh and I’m pretty sure that soon you’ll be successful and being funny will become your second nature!


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