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How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology


Some women just chat up a guy and find the right person. Other times, it is harder to catch a guy’s eye and keep it. While it is generally not a good idea to use psychological games or manipulation to win a guy’s heart, you may still want to know how to make a guy chase you using male psychology. If you have been struggling to get a guy’s attention, then there are a few things that you can do to win him over.

how to make him chase you in a relationship

Why Would You Make a Guy Chase You?

In a mature, adult relationship, two people talk to each other for a while, flirt, fall in love and become an official relationship. In this type of relationship, you would never have to learn how to make a guy chase you using male psychology. Unfortunately, not all guys or all relationships are at this mature stage yet. If you have found the perfect guy and he just isn’t mature enough yet to fall for you the normal way, then you might have to make him chase you.

The reason why this approach sometimes works is entirely based in psychology. Did you ever notice that you value things more when you pay for them when you get them for free? Because you invested time and money into something, your mind rationalizes your actions and thinks that the object is worth more because you worked more for it. The same type of concept is true for relationships. When someone has to work to win your heart, they might value it more.

Having to chase you makes the guy think that he has to win you over. He works harder to land you, so he values his achievement more. Plus, it can help catch his eye. If you seem like an easy option, he misses out on the thrill of the chase or a challenge.

Be careful with this method though. No one likes to feel like they are being led on. If you are trying to make a guy chase you, then make sure that you actually want him to catch him. It would be incredibly cruel to lead him on and turn him down later. Only make a guy chase you if you actually want to date him at some point.

How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

how to make him chase after you again

Your first step is to get him interested in you in some way. No one wants to chase after someone that they are not interested in. If he is not interested in you on some level, none of the psychology behind chasing will ever work. Somehow, you have to get his attention. Make sure that you he is aware that you would like to get to know him better, but don’t make yourself too available. If you get a chance to talk to him, play up some of your more interesting, unique qualities. Flirt a bit, but then back off. Initially, you just want to catch his eye and then let his mind go to work.

In reality, guys are not nearly as complicated as many ladies think. Once you are married, you will realize that most guys do well on a diet of sleep, sex and food. Barring any complications, most guys will be relatively this simple life. He might seem mysterious at first, but he is a fairly understandable creature once you get to know him.

Some guys will seem extremely confident and assertive when you first get to know them. Other guys are uncertain and shy around women. Either way, you have to figure out how to get your guy to pursue you. There are some issues along the way to watch out for, so be prepared for anything.

A Little Mystery Goes a Long Way

Think about how you feel about different guys in your life. There is a reason you probably aren’t going after your best guy friend. He might be kind and attractive, but you already understand him completely. There is just no mystery involved in being with him. Guys are the same way. A little mystery can make him intrigued by you and interested in. Be careful about revealing all of your secrets right away. Make your secrets like an onion. As he gets to know you, he gently peels back layer by layer as he learns all of your secret mysteries.

In addition to making you seem more mysterious, this approach keeps you from scaring him away. Being open and honest is great once you are in a committed relationship. If you try to share all of your secrets on the first date, he will think that you want to push him into a commitment. Depending on his personality, this could definitely push him away. Don’t overwhelm him with all of your feelings, secrets and questions about where the relationship is going on.

Confidence Is Sexy

You have heard it before because it is entirely true. Men are attracted to confident women. Confidence shows that you know your worth and have something to offer. If you are not confident in yourself, then why would a guy be confident that you have anything to offer him in a relationship? Confidence is attractive. It shows a guy that you are comfortable with who you are and know what you want.

Wait on Sex

This is true for a number of reasons. First, no one values something that happens easily to them. If you sleep together right away, then he loses the thrill of the chase. Even if he is a modern man who believes in total gender equality, a part of his subconscious will still value something more if he has to work for it. In addition, having sex right away can make him think that you lack confidence. He might be worried that you do not know your own worth and be unwilling to date you because of it. And if he is a player, the last thing that you want to do is sleep with him right away. A player only wants to sleep with as many lovely women as possible, so he is not going to put in the effort for a few extra dates when easier options are out there. Be sexually suggestive, flirtatious and attractive, but hold off on sex for at least a few dates.

Don’t Chase Him

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If your goal is to learn how to make a guy chase you using male psychology, the last thing that you should do is chase him. While it might make him feel flattered, it will not make him chase you. Why would you chase someone if they are already chasing you? There obviously isn’t any thrill in the chase if you know that the person already wants to get caught.

Focus on Your Appearance

Let’s be honest: appearance matters. While a guy will only stay with you or marry you if you are smart and have an amazing personality, he can’t see your personality when he walks into the bar. Instead, he sees how amazing you look. The first thing that attracts any man or woman is the person’s looks. After that, they talk to the person and see if they have a good personality or smarts. Initially though, it is all about the way the person looks.

If you want your crush to notice you, you have to look your best. Spend some time and energy on looking good. For bonus points, add an amazing perfume to the mix. The power of scent is incredible in attracting someone, so the right perfume will attract his attention and leave him mesmerized by you.

Make Him Aware of Potential Competition

You do not want to make him jealous deliberately. This is a mind manipulation trick that will only ensure a relationship plagued by jealousy and manipulation. At the same time, you do want him to be aware that there is some competition. People are naturally competitive with other people around them. Plus, having another admirer makes you seem more desirable. You don’t want to lead on the other guys, but you do want your crush to feel like he is not the only possible option for you. If he feels like he is your only option, he might move on to someone else.

Learn to Flirt

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Flirting is one of the first ways that you can show a man that you are interested. Subtle flirting can go a long way toward winning his heart. When you see him as you walk past, turn back toward him so that he sees you looking at him again. If he is particularly observant, this double-look may be all you need to show that you are interested on some level. If he is a bit dense when it comes to mannerisms, then you might have to flirt a bit more. Gently touch his arm, laugh softly at his jokes, play with your hair and be totally attentive. All of these simple flirtation techniques will make him get the hint that you could be interested.

Be Happy With Yourself

No one is attracted to someone who is always a downer. People want to feel happy, so they seek out friends who make them feel good about themselves. Dates are the same way. If you are always a Debbie Downer, then he is not going to be interested in hanging around you. When you are happy with who you are, it lights up your personality and everyone around you notices it.

Once you have done all of the things on this list, be patient. If he is interested, he will make the next move. Talking to him and flirting with him can get him to be interested in you initially. Once you know that he is aware that you could be interested in him, wait and see what happens!


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