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How To Make A Guy Jealous And Bring Him Into Your Hands


It’s not the best way to play the dating game, but sometimes it is totally necessary to go to every length and make someone jealous. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to step up your game to get him interested in you. Especially, if they are getting away with making you jealous! Now, it’s their turn to know what it feels like. All you  need to do is follow these 10 foolproof steps to make a guy jealous! Try it, we guarantee he’ll be following you around like a puppy by step 10.

1.  We know it’s hard, but distance yourself-

It’s true that the more attention you give to a guy, the less he wants you and the more he will pull away from you. If you make it too easy for him, he may start to become nonchalant towards you. Guys love playing the oh-so-fun game of cat and mouse. He wants you to be hard to get. It makes it seem more like a challenge; and we all know how competitive men can be. Sadly, this is how most of them. Not always, but a lot of the time this is the case. Is it annoying? Yes, very much so. But to be fair we all know you want the things you can’t have. Or it appears that you can’t have, anyway. The more something becomes unattainable, the more you want it, right? So, you’re probably curious as to how to go about distancing yourself the proper fashion. The very first rule would be to never, ever text him first. It’s going to be difficult, we know, but you are stronger than this! That’s a promise. Just keep reminding yourself it will be worth it in the end. Secondly, don’t approach him first just as you aren’t texting him first. Make him come to you. The third guideline to follow is the keep your conversations short. Obviously not forever, but at least until you get him very interested in you. You’re going to have to fight urges to tell him everything, because you want him to get to know you, but we have faith you will prevail. Keep it as vague as possible. However, you can flash the pearly whites while batting your eyelashes for now.

2. Always, ALWAYS dress to impress-

Even if your outfit game is on point at all times, you have to step it up! We all know that when two people end things or decide not to pursuit them, one always comes out looking hotter than before! Now, the science on this is foggy, but it is true! So, you need to vamp yourself up to the max. This is one of the greatest tactics used when making someone jealous and it has a pretty good success rate. You want to do a good enough job to make him physically pained when he sees what he is missing out on (a.k.a you). Once he sees you looking your absolute best a few times, he will be itching to put you on his arm a.s.a.p. Not only will you look great, this will also make you feel empowered. Everyone knows the best you dress, the best you feel. You may even find yourself getting hit on and noticed more by men, this will also make your crush insanely jealous. So bring your inner supermodel out. Try a new haircut or color, buy the new outfit you’ve always wanted or wear your most expensive makeup everyday!

3. Men, men, men! Start talking about them-

This may seem awkward, but you may have to start discussing men to your desired man. Why? Because, if there is anything that makes a guy ultimately jealous it is this! You are going to want to keep it subtle and remember not to exaggerate. If you do that, he will assume you are only saying this stuff to make him jealous. You need to be as vigilant as possible. It’s the only way this tactic will work. When the two of you are having a conversation, gently bring up a date you’ve been on or that you are planning on going on soon. Name drop guys you have dated and discuss the fun times you had together. Do that while giggling and reminiscing. Go ahead and talk about the men you find attractive on tv or who are musicians. Then you can move on to the digital world and comment/like other guys posts. Doing these things will make him green with envy!

4. Speaking of social media, use it to your advantage-

And we mean use it to your advantage every possible way you can! This will only work if you have your crush on the platforms you are using. You can do so much on social media and making someone jealous is one of them! Who knew?

On Snapchat: Snapchat is more of an everyday thing, so usually he will be checking it daily or even every time you post something. Make sure you put up cute selfies every morning, so you are the first thing he looks at during the day. You will also want to put romantic quotes or song lyrics up to make him think that you have a love interest at the time. Never send him a direct snap, unless it is one that you are also putting on your story. Try posting super charged sexy photos with your friends and especially with your guy friends!

On Instagram: The goal on Insta is to make him think that you are having a blast in your life without him. Post all the parties you go to, your group hangs, etc. Make him believe that never in your life would you pine for some silly boy. You are a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need any man! Let him know it loud and clear.

Facebook: Here comes the platform where you can skip the pics and go right to the words! By words we mean start commenting on other dude’s statuses and pics. Use lots of heart eyes emojis or winky faces, even in your statuses. It will make him feel like you are flirty! But, don’t over do it. Keep the comments you make on stuff more neutral than anything, minus the cute emojis, by keeping the talk PG rated. So if you comment on another guy’s photo say something along the lines of, “Hey great pic! Love the shirt. *winky face*.” Avoid saying, “Hey sexy, lookin’ good!” Catch the drift?

On all platforms: Make him work for a response. Only reply to every other comment he makes on your posts or picture. When he direct messages you match his response time +15 minutes. So if he responds to you after 15 minutes, you should respond after 30. Never open the messages right away! It’s even best to wait for him to send a second message first.

5. Get busy… No not like that, get your mind out of the gutter-

Be too busy for him! When he calls, let it go to voicemail or even get so bold as to ignore it. Then text him a little while later and say that you were busy doing something. It doesn’t really matter what you say you were doing. Actually, the less important the better. So he knows that he comes second to whatever you’re doing. When he texts you want to wait an even longer time to respond. You can tell him to try texting or calling again later, when you might be less busy.

6. Find a new best friend, a male one-

This is the perfect opportunity to use your social media tactic, too. Make friends with a guy and start hanging with him a little more, especially around your crush. Don’t be afraid to flirt a little with your male friend in front of him. Don’t get too handsy or too sexual, because it might turn your crush off entirely. The goal is to make him jealous, not make him think that you are now taken by someone else. As much as we want them to, some men won’t fight too hard if they think you are happy with the other guy.  He will be crawling to you in no time, men don’t like seeing other men with women they want. He may even come up while you two are together just so he can separate you from your new BFF. If anything he will want to put an end to this if he really likes you, because it will ultimately make him feel insecure.

7. Talk about your ex fondly-

This will make him want to punch your ex, but it will work to make him jealous! Always talk about times that you have had with your ex in the past. The dates that you went on, the things he took you to do, etc. Nothing makes a guy more jealous than thinking their game isn’t at their best. They’ll want to try a little harder so they don’t feel like you want to go back to the dude it didn’t work out with. Well, it only works if he wants a relationship with you. This is a little less likely to work with someone that you just met and barely know. Using this on someone like that may lead him to think that you’re hung up on your ex. Number seven is definitely best used in long term relationships or with guys that you have known for quite some time. Like, longer than a year, at least.

8. Barely texting, while subtly sexting-

When he texts you make sure that he is the one doing it first. Always have him initiate conversation. Just until you make him jealous enough. When he does text you wait AT LEAST 30 minutes before responding to him. Then start matching his response time So if he texts you after 15 minutes,wait at least fifteen minutes more to reply. When you do text, however, once in awhile drop a very flirty text! But, then when he flirts back ignore it! Trust us, this works.

9. Go off on adventures without him-

And be happy while doing so! Show him that you can experience things without him. Go on a road-trip with your friends, go out and vacation on the beach or go to that toga party! Whatever you are doing, he’s going to wonder why you didn’t want to do these things with him and realize that he needs to step up his game. He will start wanting you to have fun with him. Nothing makes a guy more jealous than you having a blast without him by your side!

10. In the battlefield, pick someone else’s side over his-

Even if it’s just once or twice. What we mean is that when it comes down to one of those weird stand offs between your bestie and your boy, pick your bestie’s side. Men get extremely jealous when you choose sides with your friends instead of him, even when it is over something super silly. He wants you to side with him. Try not doing this over something extremely serious. That could cause him to lose interest entirely. Obviously, he does know that the two of you have been friends for a long time, but he’s going to be butthurt anyways because he doesn’t want to hear that you think he is wrong about something.


  1. Many girls are scared to ask a guy out first due to the fear of rejection or being laughed at. But there are many ways to ask your guy out on a date without even making him realize. Like if both of you have a mutual hobby like cycling or singing then you can ask him to join you. This works so good that he will agree. This way you can get to meet him more and get to know each other.
    If the guy you like is a friend then you must be really sure about your feelings because getting into relationship with a friend can either be beautiful or messy.
    You are a strong and independent woman and there is nothing wrong in asking a guy out first. Surprise him by making your move first.

    • Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. We always appreciate when members of our community share their insights and experiences. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Shifu!


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